ExpressVPN Review 2024: Pros, Cons, and Performance


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  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web, SmartTV, Fire Stick, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Pricing: 30-day money-back guarantee or $12.95/month

Verdict: ExpressVPN is a straightforward, reliable, and fast VPN service that, despite the lack of a free trial version, lets users broadcast streaming platforms in HD or 4K resolution (Netflix) with a 30-day refund guarantee, download torrents, overcome geo-blocks (China), play video games, and preserve anonymity and protection on the Internet with an impressive coverage and traffic speed.

ExpressVPN International Ltd. has decided to remain confidential to ensure the safety of its users. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands to benefit from the guarantees given by the local jurisdiction. The country has full sovereignty over its own data rules, and external governments or agencies can’t force ExpressVPN to share information.

  • Cross-platform
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • Top-grade security and encryption
  • Great for streaming, torrenting, P2P, bypassing geo-blocks
  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Convenient functionality
  • Zero-logs policy
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Higher price compared to the competition
  • Doesn’t support multi-hop connectivity
Feature Description

Supported platforms

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web, SmartTV, Fire Stick, PlayStation, Xbox

Simultaneous devices

Up to 8

Server Locations

105 countries

Tunneling protocols

Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2

Adult site blocker


Ad blocker


No-logs policy


Auto-update feature


Free version

Multi-hop connections

* ExpressVPN Reviews

The latest version of ExpressVPN comes with new features and updates like an improved ad blocker, a revamped adult website blocker, increased server network, and coverage, an updated multi-device regulation that allows establishing up to 8 connections at the same time, and an auto-updater.

Moreover, the developers are currently testing Keys, which is an innovative password management solution. It’s now available to all service users without forcing you to install any additional applications or get another subscription.


expressvpn pricing

ExpressVPN pricing is similar to most competing VPN services, as it provides a variety of subscription plans that allow you to save more money on the monthly fee if you subscribe for a longer period.

It is possible to use this service without hesitation since the company will reimburse the cost within 30 days from the moment of activation without even asking for the reason behind your refund.

There are three main ExpressVPN subscription plans with identical capabilities.

ExpressVPN monthly subscription – $12.95 per month

ExpressVPN semi-annual subscription – $9.99 per month

ExpressVPN annual subscription – $6.67 per month

There is a “refer a friend” incentive program that adds a 30-day money-back guarantee ExpressVPN subscription to you and the referral as registered users. The number of friends you can refer to the service is unrestricted.

Provides Clean and Intuitive Design

interface expressvpn review

If you pit ExpressVPN vs IPVanish, you’ll notice that the former offers an intuitive and convenient UI that is aimed at both new users and more experienced VPN enjoyers.

Such user-friendliness ensures you can navigate the app, find the required server, and enjoy other ExpressVPN services without any issues.

Additionally, the included UI offers real-time data regarding your connection status. You can instantly see if you’re connected to the VPN, and discover the server location and your current IP address. This feature is useful for a variety of purposes while also instilling more confidence in the user.

This VPN service provider is also known for its single-click connection option that streamlines the process of adding a VPN connection and allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with a long list of confusing parameters.

«As someone who’s living and studying in Poland, this service has done wonders for helping me navigate the web. I can easily access previously geo-restricted educational and entertainment content without ever having to worry about my privacy and data leaks. I’m extremely grateful for this tool! » Bartosz, Warsaw ★★★★★ (5/5)

Offers VPN Servers in 105 countries

The developers have increased the range of their server network from 93 to 105 different countries. As such, users can connect to an even wider selection of IP addresses and servers located in rarely covered locations.

Some of the more interesting options include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Morocco, and Trinidad and Tobago.

All recently added countries employ state-of-the-art 10Gbps servers, guaranteeing high speeds and stable connectivity.

«It’s a highly reliable companion that I can turn to wherever I go. I often travel out of France and ExpressVPN has made it a lot more convenient to keep using the services, streaming platforms, and websites that I’m used to when I’m not at home. The fact that the number of supported countries with local servers is getting even bigger, means more choice for me as well.» Aaron, Paris (4.5/5)

Can Connect 8 Devices Simultaneously

expressvpn connection of 8 devices simultaneously

I was happy to see that the developers understand that most users nowadays have several devices, all of which might need to be connected to the web via VPN at the same time. The increased number of maximum connections allows you to rest assured you can use this service on as many gadgets and PCs as you need.

If you need to pair up even more than 8 devices simultaneously, you can buy Aircove, which is a proprietary router that has a built-in VPN and is often praised by the service’s clients.

«ExpressVPN has served me well on multiple occasions. Being a lawyer, I’m constantly juggling multiple devices and not having to turn the VPN on/off every time I switch between them is very convenient. I also appreciate the provided confidentiality and security features since they let me handle all the communication with my clients without any unnecessary stress.» Bjorn, Stockholm (5/5)

Maximum Security and Privacy

expressvpn servers location

This service uses multiple security protocols and automatically selects the best one for the most reliable connection. The advanced OpenVPN UDP Protocol is used by default, but all others are supported as well. The company manages its own 256-bit DNS with zero disclosure on each server, which means that traffic is protected from interception, blocking, and other risks.

The service uses the best security mechanisms and encryption standards: the military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption protocol in combination with the 4096-bit RSA key. 256-bit AES encryption is symmetric. The same key is used to encrypt and decrypt data, which is impossible to reproduce over time.

Perfect Forward Secrecy support adds another layer of protection by automatically assigning the users a new secret key every time they connect and then replacing it every 60 minutes while the session remains open.

«I’ve been working as a photographer in New York for 10 years and I need a reliable VPN to protect my data. The security functionality provided by ExpressVPN not only ensures all my original photos and client information remain secure and private, but it also doesn’t hinder the internet speed, ensuring I can conveniently upload and share my work without having to waste a lot of time waiting around.» Thomas, New York (4.5/5)

Blocks Access to Explicit Content

expressvpn no access to explicit content

This add-on was recently added and unites all the rest of the service's security features, which include blocking ads, trackers, malicious sites and adult content. Another point to be highlighted is that the developers update their block-lists quite often to ensure that their customers stay secure from the newest threats.

To turn on this tool, select Options > Settings > Advanced Protection, then enable the toggles.

Personal Data Leaks Are Kept to a Minimum

This VPN for multiple devices has recently introduced innovative TrustedServer technology that uses RAM instead of hard drives to back up the software. Thus, it minimizes the risk of vulnerabilities and wrong configurations. Moreover, this means that all the session data gets cleared out completely each time you restart.

ExpressVPN offers your privacy to be guaranteed by a very strict policy of no registration, no traffic destination or metadata, DNS queries, IP addresses, browsing history, or any other related information.

The service collects minimal info – applications/their version that were active on VPN connection dates, a server used, and the amount of data for the day.

Hides Intrusive Display Ads when Browsing the Web

expressvpn hides display ads

This fantastic addition gets rid of the majority of ads and doesn’t even load them onto the webpage. However, I recommend pairing this ad blocker with additional protection tools like Threat Manager to ensure you're not only avoiding ads but also preventing trackers from stealing your data and sharing them with advertisers.

Bypassing Geoblocks, Streaming, Torrenting and P2P

torrenting exspressvpn review

This service is capable of unblocking geographical restrictions to access previously unavailable Netflix content and broadcast the most well-known streaming channels such as Hulu, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, ESPN, DAZN, Showtime, and SkyGO.

It will reliably unblock YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and other mainstream sites censored by authoritarian state regimes, schools, and workplaces.

This VPN for Netflix boasts unrestricted bandwidth without limiting the amount of data, which enables torrent and P2P exchange on any of its servers. It’s possible to connect to any server on the network instead of a dedicated torrent server and use it to protect the users’ P2P activity.

Speed and Ping: Pick Optimal Ones

speed test exspressvpn review

If you pit NordVPN vs ExpressVPN, you’ll notice that the latter ExpressVPN pleases users with a Smart Location feature that lets them connect to the proposed server with a simple click of a button. It measures latency, speed, and distance, so the users always get the fastest server possible.

The service can maintain high speeds while playing a resource-intensive MMO game, without latency and buffering.

Express VPN reviews state that the service uses its own leak and speed tests. With many independent checks (not native integrated tools), packet loss results ranged from 0% to 0.3%. As for the speeds of this VPN provider, they are lightning fast with an average loss of 3%.

They are ensured robust and reliable service from any place on Earth, no matter which server they connect to, neither where their server is hosted.

«i swear this vpn does wonders ensuring my online gaming isn't affected by disconnections or speed drops. nothing is more frustrating than losing a multiplayer game because of the connection issues caused by some vpn servers i’ve used. well this provider has a higher price tag compared to those services but i think it's definitely worth the price if you are a gamer like me. » Maya, Barcelona (4/5)

Premium Functions Are Featured

split tunneling exspressvpn review

Split Tunneling is a premium capability of this VPN for torrenting that lets the user choose to encrypt only part of the traffic through certain browsers. It is possible to browse locally and via VPN simultaneously.

It is enough to decide which applications will operate with the VPN. To remove or add the application is easy – just one click by a “plus” sign.

Kill Switch ensures the security of the user’s IP address and traffic, even if their VPN connection is interrupted. ExpressVPN calls this feature a network lock, designed to block traffic in case the connection is compromised, keeping the user’s data and IP address concealed.

Great news for you: the Kill Switch of the application is activated automatically, not with your hands.

Adds Auto-Updates for the Latest Features

The ExpressVPN app for PC has automatic updates enabled by default. You’ll never have to worry about having to download and install the updates manually, as you’re guaranteed to always use the latest, most feature-rich version of the service available.

From my experience, automated updates are useful, especially in a country where there are internet restrictions that may hinder someone from easily getting access to the official website to download the latest version manually.

Also, it’s very handy if you are one of those forgetful students or do not want to waste your time following the development cycle of this service.

Excellent Customer Support Available

The ExpressVPN customer service receives a lot of praise for providing prompt, relevant, round-the-clock assistance. The support staff is always ready to help with any issues you might have regarding setup, troubleshooting, or overall performance.

You can also take advantage of a detailed knowledge base if you prefer to find solutions to minor issues yourself.


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Final Thoughts

ExpressVPN is a dependable, cutting-edge VPN service for home and business use that ensures you can enjoy a secure, non-traceable web browsing experience. It provides an expansive server network that covers more than 100 countries, high connection speeds, a zero log policy, and top-tier encryption for all your VPN needs.

Even though this option isn’t perfect due to its high cost and the absence of a free trial version, the strengths of this VPN provider far outweigh the negatives. The decision of whether you want to go with this service depends on your personal needs and budget, but ExpressVPN’s reputation as a top-tier provider is well deserved.