DropEvent App Review 2022: Pros & Cons


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  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free or from $49/event

Verdict: What I like about DropEvent is that it has a streamlined interface. Thanks to it, this app is quite intuitive and can be used even by people with little to no experience. Using this app, you can organize photos taken during specific events without asking your guests to install any apps or register.

In this DropEvent app review, I will explain how you can invite other people to upload their pictures using a link, email, or QR code. You can use this platform both for organizing single and multiple events. It allows you to collect pictures taken by many people. All your photos will be organized by events, which will make them easier to manage. Nobody will be able to delete them or download them without your permission.

  • Allows uploading an unlimited number of high-resolution images
  • Enables users to send photos by email
  • Don’t require users to sign up
  • Budget prices
  • A free trial version
  • No metadata
dropevent app interface

When using the DropEvent app, there is no need to create separate albums as you can organize your photos by events. It means that many people can upload photos taken during one event to the same gallery. You can also automatically send photos to any email.

There is no need for all the guests invited to your event to sign up for this platform. They can upload photos after getting a link. This service has a streamlined interface. Besides, the prices on its packages are quite affordable. They depend on the number of events you need to organize.

DropEvent App — Main Features

dropevent app logo

DropEvent is an online-based service created for those who need to create galleries for photos taken by groups of people at various events. You can use this convenient cloud storage for photos to invite your friends, colleagues, and relatives to share their photos taken during weddings, school proms, sports events, birthdays, etc. Using this platform, you can share pictures without downloading them to your device. There is no need to install apps or use social media accounts either.

Get Started in 3 Steps

Even if you have never used similar services before, you will easily figure out how to create a gallery with the help of the DropEvent app. It has convenient tools for uploading, sharing, and organizing photos.

To get started, create an event. You need to sign up to be able to do it but other people will be able to upload photos without creating accounts. This service allows you to customize the description of each event by indicating its date, location, and time.

Then you can invite guests by sending them a custom link, email, or QR code. It will allow them to upload their photos. There is no need to use your personal email to share photos. Other people can upload any number of photos to your gallery using the email or link you sent them. Besides, they can browse through the gallery and download any pictures they like in the original quality.

You can also ask your guests to upload their photos but prevent them from being viewed or downloaded. To do it, you need to configure the settings on the Edit Event screen.

If you aren’t sure about paying for one of the packages, you can test out all the features of this platform for free. For instance, when using the trial version, you can upload pictures to the gallery. They will be deleted in 5 minutes.

Customizable Slideshows to Highlight Special Moments

dropevent app slideshow

After creating a gallery, you can either share it online by using a custom link or use the pictures from it to create a slideshow. To do the latter, you just need to select this tool in the top toolbar and the app will automatically do the rest.

If you want to change the settings of your slideshow, sign in and select the Edit Event option. Then, you can organize your pictures in any way you like. For slideshows, it’s better to select the random order.

Keeps an Original Quality of Your Photos

The DropEvent app preserves all the images in their original resolution. When looking through the collection of photos from your gallery, other people can download the photos they like to their devices. You can either store your photos online or print high-quality images. Besides, you can order a flash drive with your pics that will be sent to your address. 

Unlimited Storage for All Needs

Another advantage of this service is that it lets you work with any number of photos. However, the number of events will be limited. Using this unlimited photo storage, you can create a gallery and ask your family members to upload photos to it. There is no need to sign up or install the app to get access to your gallery.

Password Protected Gallery

When using DropEvent, you can be sure that nobody will be able to access your gallery without your permission. You can manage all the events from one account. Besides, it allows you to approve all the pictures added to your gallery. It ensures that no inappropriate content will be uploaded. You can also protect your pictures from unauthorized downloading.

For extra protection, you can password-protect your photos. It’s impossible to incidentally share your pictures publicly. Besides, you can manually configure access rights for every event.

No Apps or Downloads Needed

What makes the DropEvent app different from other similar services is that you don’t need to create an account or log in with your password when uploading your photos. You can use a newly generated email link, your email, or QR code to access a collection of photos. When uploading photos, you don’t need to worry that their resolution will be affected. Your information will be fully protected from third parties. DropEvent was created as a secure solution for organizing and sharing pictures.

DropEvent App Prices

You can test out the main features of the DropEvent app without paying a dime. However, to use it regularly, you need to purchase one of the available packages. The Single Event package costs $49. It will be perfect for those who need to organize photos taken during family and community events. You can upload any number of pictures you need. The gallery will be available for 45 days. You will also be able to view your photos as a slideshow.

If you need to plan several events and work together with your team, use the Unlimited Events plan which costs $89/month. It includes all the options available for the previous plan and allows you to organize photos taken during multiple events. You can automatically archive past events, select event organizers, etc.

Those companies that need to use more features can contact the representatives of DropEvent and ask them for a custom plan with a specific set of features. The price will depend on the options that you need to use.

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