Does Us Netflix Work In Canada

Does Us Netflix Work In Canada

Does US Netflix work in Canada? If this question has popped up in your mind, you definitely tried to access American TV shows in Canada. This article will reveal the secret of how you watch geo-restricted content and enjoy the entire Netflix catalog.

There are two ways to do it. You can move your PC to the USA (which sounds rather strange) or just change your IP address.

How to watch American Netflix?

  1. Sign up for a VPN account
  2. Download and install a VPN client on your device
  3. Set up a new VPN connection with the San Francisco server (or any other in the USA)
  4. Log in your Netflix account
  5. Watch US Netflix in Canada!

Netflix Canada isn’t as good as its US counterpart. Nevertheless, in recent years, it has been considerably improved. Canadian Netflix produces a rich array of excellent shows. Actually, Netflix Canada occupies the third place by the sheer number of shows in the world (5,500). Although the US boasts two hundred more shows than Canada, it has only the second place worldwide. Netflix Japan, with more than 6,000 TV shows, tops the list.

The possibility to pick the regional Netflix catalog is a strong advantage. US Netflix has one of the most extensive content libraries that include popular Hollywood movies and TV series. Fortunately, there are effective ways to bypass restrictive American Netflix networks. Read on to discover all of them.

Top 5 Services for Watching USA Netflix in Canada

A VPN works by routing the Internet connection on your device through your chosen VPN server. If you are in Canada, you can bypass US Netflix blocks just by connecting to the VPN server located in the USA. This allows you to use the Netflix app or website without any restrictions.

Not all VPN providers can unblock Netflix. However, there are some services that let you enjoy your favorite American Netflix shows without any hassles.

1. NordVPN

  • Supports the AES-256 encryption protocol
  • High-speed servers
  • Numerous well-optimized servers
  • Monitoring requires improvement
  • Expensive

While offering more than 5,000 servers across 60 countries, NordVPN delivers impressive speeds. The provider runs 300+ servers in Canada and even more in the USA, which allows you to find the best one for watching US Netflix in Canada. If it happens that NordVPN not working with Netflix, you can always contact the tech support.

Once you activate NordVPN, it will run as a background service. The software changes your IP address and thus hides your location. Aside from overcoming geo-restrictions of US Netflix, you can create an American Netflix account. You can also use NordVPN as a VPN for BBC iPlayer or for watching Hulu.

nordvpn interface

2. Surfshark

  • Unblocks numerous streaming websites
  • Cheapest option on this list
  • Over 1000 servers
  • Slower than NordVPN
  • Has less services than NordVPN
  • Not a good pick for China

Surfshark is designed to bypass geo-blocks of the majority of streaming platforms. To access American Netflix, just activate this tool and select a US server. Surfshark even advertises itself as a reliable VPN for Netflix. Keep in mind that you should have a stable Internet connection to watch your favorite shows in high-definition without buffering.

The strongest advantage of this provider is the ability to install Surfshark on an unlimited number of devices. You can use one account for your entire home network. The software is compatible with numerous devices, so feel free to install it on your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet whatever operating system they run on.

surfshark interface

3. VyprVPN

  • Excellent business VPN
  • Numerous servers
  • Exclusive features for business owners
  • Moderate speeds
  • Uses virtual servers
  • Expensive

VyprVPN is a trustworthy VPN for streaming. Just activate it on your device and access such streaming resources as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, etc. A huge part of the servers is located in the USA, so it is a decent option to create a US Netflix account.

With this American Netflix VPN, you can’t expect lightning-fast performance. Also, you should spend more money to get a static IP address. It is possible to assign the unique IP number as your company’s address. VyprVPN gives you access to your own dedicated server and dedicated IP, which makes it a perfect business tool.

vyprvpn interface

4. ExpressVPN

  • Bypasses restrictions of the most popular streaming platforms
  • High speeds
  • Strong privacy and security measures
  • Costs a bit more compared to similar products

ExpressVPN is a real finding when it comes to watching American Netflix movies. You can use it either on your desktop computer or any mobile device running iOS or Android. If the server doesn’t work, feel free to approach customer support via live chat to have your problem fixed easily.

You can use either east coast or west coast servers to unblock American Netflix. ExpressVPN delivers high speeds so that you can enjoy your favorite shows in the best quality without interruption. You can use this VPN provider to get around blocks of Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

The service has top-tier encryption, solid data loss prevention, and a kill switch feature. Also, it doesn't keep logs. Using a single plan, it is possible to install ExpressVPN on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

expressvpn interface

5. CyberGhost

  • User-friendly apps suitable for beginners
  • Excellent service for the money
  • Speedy and reliable provider
  • Doesn’t offer advanced features

Regardless of whether you are using a mobile or desktop version, you can try CyberGhost as an effective tool for watching US Netflix in Canada. There is no need to visit the site or contact customer support to determine which services you can use. Instead, you can choose the streaming services that CyberGhost can unblock right in the app.

The provider allows you to select a server to access a certain website, meaning that its unblocking capabilities aren’t based on location only. CyberGhost demonstrates high speeds, so you don’t need to deal with buffering while streaming videos. You can also give instant feedback on whether a particular server can unblock Netflix using simple thumbs up, thumbs down buttons.

cyberghost interface


  • Does US Netflix work in Canada?

Regardless of your location, you can enjoy the local Netflix catalog using your Netflix account. However, if you want to access Canadian Netflix from the USA, you need to use a VPN service. If you launch the application on your mobile device or type “” in your browser, you will be automatically redirected to the local version of the platform. However, you will probably notice that the current version of Netflix lacks the content you used to see on a home page.

  • Why does US Netflix block its content for Canadian users?

The TV shows and movies you watch on Netflix are released by movie production companies. Netflix has license agreements with content providers that allow them to use this platform for streaming their movies and TV series. These agreements determine territorial licensing or which location the particular content is allowed to be streamed in.

This is why the TV shows you watch in the USA are blocked in the closest Canadian border. Netflix must impose these restrictions in order not to have problems with the entertainment industry attorneys.

  • Is it legal to use a VPN service in Canada?

Canadian government didn’t enact any laws to prohibit the use of VPNs. VPN services are widespread for legitimate purposes. You can even create a VPN account from wherever you are. The use of VPN to unblock Netflix has always been a burning issue. Although Netflix doesn’t support the use of VPNs, it won’t terminate your user contract if you access the libraries that aren’t available in your country.

  • So, is it illegal to access US Netflix from Canada?

There are no laws that ban the access to Netflix content via a VPN. Although Netflix displays a warning telling you to disable your VPN, it won’t block you. You don’t commit a crime if you use a VPN to access the American Netflix content library.