CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN 2024

CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN 2024: What to Choose?

ExpressVPN and CyberGhost provide better encryption, open access to closed platforms and offer more than +3000 servers in 90 countries. But which of them is better?

While ExpressVPN is a better in the field of streaming platforms for watching movies and torrents, where privacy and fast connection speeds are the priority, as well as the support for 2P2, CyberGhost VPN is a cheaper alternative and offers intuitive controls on a clear profile-based interface, which is ideal for small businesses or family users.

What Is CyberGhost?

cyberghost logo CyberGhost a fairly young and cheap VPN service that allows you to open access to closed platforms like Netflix in some countries, encrypt the connection to make payments using back on and download files via torrent.
It offers automatic scanning for malware and adblocking. A useful feature I’d like to mention is that the service gives users additional information about the servers before they connect. This includes, for example, their current downloads and whether they are intended for file sharing.
Besides being one of the best free VPN for Firefox, you can also use it in Chrome, Opera browsers and other platforms.
  • cyberghost interface
  • cyberghost interface

    CyberGhost: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon 5500 servers. Although CyberGhost is a young project, today it has more than +5500 servers located in 90 countries, while ExpressVPN has no more than 3000 servers, which gives the former additional points. This allows reducing latency depending on your location.

    icon Support streaming. CyberGhost offers streaming-optimized servers that provide access to numerous streaming platforms around the world, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and more.

    icon Built-in Smart DNS-proxy. This feature allows you to bypass geolocation without encrypting your traffic, so you can compromise between speed and security if necessary.

    icon Integrated adblocker. A blocker has several options, including blocking malicious websites or online tracking, as well as the ability to use compression to reduce data usage.

    icon Support for third-party devices. In addition to providing native apps, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android TV, and Amazon Fire programs, CyberGhost also offers VPN support on other devices, including Raspberry Pi, routers, and network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

    icon Lacks the SSTP protocol. CyberGhost lacks the SSTP protocol, which would provide a mechanism for transmitting PPP traffic through the SSL/TLS channel, which, by the way, is present in ExpressVPN.

    icon Limited streaming speed. Testing the speed of CyberGhost with different servers was on average 49.3 Mbit/s, which is less than half the average speed of ExpressVPN. This can make downloading via torrents very long.

    What Is ExpressVPN?

    expressvpn logo ExpressVPN is an already established project on the market with a huge user base, which belongs to the number of best VPN services.
    Paying for a single ExpressVPN subscription, you will be able to connect up to five devices at once, including both desktop and portable gadgets. Besides, the provider offers impeccable security and responsive customer support. To make the user experience as positive as possible, the developer also offers separate apps for Mac and Windows systems, Linux, Android, and more.
    • expressvpn interface
    • expressvpn interface

      ExpressVPN: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Streaming video in 4K. ExpressVPN provides secure connection speeds, measured on average at 113.3 Mbps. This means that you can easily watch a Netflix movie in 4K, download large files in a short period of time, play online games, chat in video messengers and more without any delay.

      icon Maximum encryption. ExpressVPN uses AES-256 (military-grade encryption) to protect your connections and works with OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. The service also offers kill-switch and IPv6 and DNS leak protection.

      icon Quick Access Panel. When you connect to the VPN, a kind of quick access panel appears at the bottom of the window. It is possible to configure it, using your favorite websites and programs so that you can easily launch them with one click after connecting to the VPN.

      icon 90 servers for connecting to BitTorrent/Netflix. ExpressVPN provides P2P file sharing on any of the servers in its extensive global server network.

      icon Servers on the British Virgin Islands. This feature allows you to enjoy the lack of VPN logging requirements in the country. The provider doesn’t keep any logs about the online activity of the users.

      You can even take advantage of the options to securely pay Bitcoin along with a one-time email address to keep your VPN account completely incognito.

      icon Doesn’t count the number of streaming services. Unlike CyberGhost, ExpressVPN doesn’t conduct any streaming services, so you can’t track the list of visits from your account for the day.

      icon High price. CyberGhost offers a very large discount on a long-term subscription and ExpressVPN price is much higher. In addition, its price tag for the month is too high compared to basic VPNs for Windows.

      CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN: Price

      cyberghost vs expressvpn prices

      Although the price of CyberGhost when signing up for a month is 4 cents higher, namely $12.99, choosing a two-year subscription, calculated per month, your payment will be $ 2.75.

      While ExressVPN offers a monthly plan for $12.95, and a two-year subscription will be $99.96, so choosing the latter your monthly fee is $6.67.

      For long-term subscriptions, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day cash-back policy, while CyberGhost has a more generous offer – 45 days.

      CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN – Who Wins?

      ExpressVPN and CyberGhost are two great VPNs that are so efficient that the final decision often depends on your budget.

      CyberGhost VPN is a cheaper and no less quality alternative that does an excellent job, but slower. You have access to +5500 servers, a built-in adblocker, streaming support, and more.

      ExpressVPN has been a leader for several years, offering the highest connection speeds and the best encryption. You have the opportunity to enjoy streaming videos in 4K, make payments using Bitcoins, and download torrents at a speed of +100 Mbps. These features are really amazing, but get ready to spend more money to get them.