Crystal Coded Designer 2024: Pros and Cons

By Kate Gross 11 days ago, Apps and Software

Crystal Coded

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Verdict: I really enjoyed working with the Crystal Coded team. Teamwork is excellent – every stage of development is under your control because the team consists only of full-time employees whom you can contact any time you need.

Since they always work with a small team of specialists, you always get what you need, which minimizes edits and saves time. I also like that the company focuses primarily on the ideas of the client, trying to bring your vision to life as much as possible.

  • Develops Wix & WordPress websites
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Turnkey solution with graphic design
  • No editing restrictions
  • Sometimes it is difficult to estimate the final cost of services
crystal coded designer website

Crystal Coded is a web design company offering first-class turnkey solutions including Wix design, graphic design, and brand identity development for your online businesses and websites. Rest assured that you will get a feature-rich Wix website with a top-level online presence.

Crystal Coded: Main Features

crystal coded designer logo

Nowadays, there are many branding agencies, so choosing the one that is right for your product or services is not an easy task. Crystal Coded is a great option for small businesses and emerging brands, as the agency specializes in this category.

Graphic and web design experts will work on your project, not hired workers, so you can always contact the team. What’s more, it will provide you with a finished project, designed in a single style and compliance with all elements of the brand identity. You can view the portfolio of completed works on the site to verify the qualifications of the agency’s designers.

The company also provides services of website optimization and can upgrade, improve your existing website design. They will refresh the design of your site or brand-building elements following the latest trends in the world of technology. The team will do everything in their power to take your business to a new, higher digital level.

Professional Wix Website Designer Services for Creatives

crystal coded designer wix website

The Wix platform excels in the flexible creation of attractive and easy-to-use sites that can be easily customized without having to deal with complex hosting and maintenance. This technology is a real boon for photographers, videographers, artists, and other creatives due to its incredible ease of use.

Stunning and well-organized templates make it easy to develop a website that best suits your needs. However, the advantage over just using website builders for photographers on your own is that Crystal Coded designer will set them for you, add a unique, your personal style. What’s more, in the end, you will get a site that is fully optimized for the latest search engine standards.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will get several website pages, including the basic mobile version. Designers will place pictures of the highest quality, so the site can function as a business card, which is extremely important for a photographer. In addition to web design benefits, Wix is a specialized ecommerce website builder, which means that you may develop even an online shop.

Wix Search Engine Optimization for Setting the Online Presence of Brands

crystal coded designer wix search engine optimization

Once you’ve created your site using the Wix online platform, the Crystal Coded team will take care of the keyword rankings so that users come across your site as often as possible on the web. Each specialist boasts rich experience in search engine optimization, which will help you attract more potential customers.

The team offers a full set of search engine optimization – off-page and on-page, as well as local Wix and consulting packages. All this will optimize the growth of traffic on your website, and therefore increase the target audience, as well as raise your ranking in the most popular search engines.

On-Demand WordPress-Based Site Development

crystal coded designer wordpress web development

Crystal Coded Designer started their journey with Wix, but recently the company has become a WordPress developer as well. Their websites look neat, come with clean code, and provide an incredible user experience. With such vivid and exclusive designs, your brand’s crazy success won’t be long in coming.

When it comes to WordPress services, the range is quite large: the team develops extensions, custom designs, integrates themes, and more. They will show you the full potential of WordPress, a selection of dedicated WordPress themes for photographers, and other creatives, discuss the endless benefits of plugins, widgets, and more for your brand.

The advantage of WordPress is that it comes with out-of-the-box search engine optimization tools that help you rank faster, which means your brand will be higher and more likely to appear on upper search results pages.

This online platform is also famous for its cool blogging features, so the team can help with that too if you’re interested. There are many benefits to blogging – by visiting your site once to learn data about your product or service, a customer can stay to read interesting blog articles and come back again to read new posts.

Designing Unique Branding for Photographers

crystal coded designer branding

There are also talented graphic designers among Crystal Coded specialists who can create real visual masterpieces for you to spice up your brand and emphasize its advantages and hallmarks. Most often they offer the development of a logo, business cards, and various printed promotional materials, but they can also create any other types of graphic design that you want to use to promote your services.

Everything that they create can be tailored to the requirements of further printing, placing on certain resources or social networks. You will receive materials completely ready for use, so you do not have to spend time on their optimizing.

If you have long wanted to develop your corporate identity, then this agency is what you need. Try a full package of services that includes designing your brand’s style, highlighting the main colors and shapes, and combining them. Experts take into account the philosophy of your brand to reflect it in your corporate identity. All this stays with you, which means you can always refer to this guide even after you finish working with Crystal Coded Designer.

Crystal Coded Prices

To study the prices of this agency, find its website and select the suitable service. I like that you can see the prices for each type of service, which will allow you to assess which agency’s offer suits you.

The Wix web design services will cost you from $1499 for 5 site pages with responsive design, fundamental search engine optimization features, social network connections, a simple smartphone-friendly website, analytic reports, and several extra services. The final cost will depend on many factors, such as complexity of work, brand specifics, etc.

If we talk about brand-building services, prices are specified for the development of each element individually. For example, the cost of a logo is from $199 to $399. Designing a business card starts from $79 to $149. Printing promo assets designing is $159 per page, taking into account all the required formatting.