CorelDRAW vs Adobe Illustrator

CorelDRAW vs Adobe Illustrator: What Software to Choose

Can’t pick between CorelDRAW vs Adobe Illustrator? It’s no wonder as these are two most complex graphic design software to work with vector illustration.

Adobe Illustrator is most often used as a vector graphics editor. It is great for logo design, packaging design, drawing illustrations and maps. CorelDRAW, being a drawing program, is widely used to create documents of various types, from visiting cards to billboards.

What Is CorelDRAW?

coreldraw logo CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editing program that enables users to add effects, for example, borders to pictures, adjust contrast, do color balancing, etc. You can also conveniently work with multiple layers and multiple pages.
  • coreldraw working process
  • coreldraw working process

    CorelDRAW: Strengths and Weaknesses

    + 20 years on the market. Today, CorelDRAW is a full-featured vector and raster graphics editor with regular updates for Windows and Mac. The latest version, which appeared not so long ago, competes on equal terms with Photoshop in functionality. At the same time, CorelDRAW is more beginner-friendly and is easier to figure out.

    + First-class functionality. CorelDRAW encourages its users to “design differently”. It provides incredible graphics customization capabilities, regardless of which graphic content you want to create. The highest quality of CorelDRAW will complement the style you are after. You can customize the toolbar and menu (move or resize it). At the same time, a balance is maintained between manual and automatic control.

    + Ability to work with photos. The new version of CorelDRAW has additional features for working with photos. Not every graphic editor has in tools for processing RAW images in its arsenal, but CorelDRAW does. Also, you can create or improve animated GIF images. Plus, a convenient function for searching for graphics and images will help you find the right picture on the Internet or your computer.

    + Windows 10 and stylus support. If you are the happy owner of a new laptop based on Windows 10, then you can easily install the graphics package. After all, CorelDRAW free fully supports Windows 10. Also, the new version of CorelDRAW gives you more features when working with styluses. You can take full advantage of the new sensor Windows Touch screens.

    + Unusual work with fonts. The new version adds a wonderful ability to filter fonts according to different criteria: only italics, only for a certain language or style, a certain thickness, etc. There is a smart function that allows you to hide duplicates, quickly disable or enable the desired font.

    Each font also has its glyph table. You can enable filters for this table: show only numbers, currency signs or mathematical symbols, etc.

    - Non-Adobe product. Designers often work in Adobe programs, such as Illustrator and InDesign. It's very convenient and easy to transfer files between them so that you don’t have to create the same designs over and over again. These programs are perfectly compatible with each other. Such transfer is not possible in the case of CorelDraw, as the program is not an Adobe one.

    What Is Adobe Illustrator?

    adobe illustrator logo For those who work with vector graphics professionally, the Adobe Illustrator is great. It will help you create interesting logos, typography, unusual drawings, and more. Adobe Illustrator is used in digital graphics and printing, as well as for creating illustrations and such multimedia resources as videos, mobile applications, print documents, etc.
    • adobe illustrator working process
    • adobe illustrator working process

      Adobe Illustrator: Strengths and Weaknesses

      + Scalable interface. The new version of Illustrator introduces an option related to screen resolution that allows you to make display adjustments automatically. It also has an optimal default interface scaling feature based on facts linked to screen resolution. But the greatest thing is the ability to scale the design workspace.

      + Small source file. If we look at such programs as Photoshop or InDesign, which belong to Adobe Illustrator alternative list, we'll see that they generate quite large files – about 100 MB. Adobe Illustrator allows you to create small files (5-15 MB). It means that you can send them as attachments without any problems, or just share.

      + Integration with Adobe Fonts. In the application itself, you will find the desired font type. Designers gain access to more than 14,0000 Adobe fonts, thanks to the direct integration with Adobe Fonts. All these fonts are part of Creative Cloud membership in Illustrator CC.

      You can see the selected fonts in the preview, before applying them. If you decide to add one of them, you can do it with one click. There is no additional charge, only your Creative Cloud Free membership.

      + Trim view. The unique new sneak peek technique allows you to see the artwork in the final layout as if it had already been published. All non-printing items in this case (reviews, grids, etc. on the artboard) are commanded.

      Everything that goes beyond the artboard is hidden in this view. Just imagine how cool it is to immediately see the "printed" version of the design or layout with such a preview function.

      + Extensive number of plugins. A huge number of supported plugins (built-in and custom) is the dream of any designer. Adobe Illustrator provides this. Users can download and use different logos, brushes, and other interesting and necessary effects to Illustrator for working with vector images.

      + Use multiple web pages at the same time. Very often, you have to work on several web pages at once to see the whole design concept. It is crucial for designers. Such an opportunity is provided in Illustrator.

      - Not simple for beginners. If you are just starting to learn the basics of graphic editors, then Illustrator can seem difficult for you. Since most of Adobe software is for professionals, it requires some primary knowledge and skills.

      - No support for pixel art. Illustrator does not require you to work with pixels. This is a benefit. Yet, if you wish to work with pixel graphics, then Illustrator is not suitable for it.

      CorelDRAW vs Adobe Illustrator: Price

      coreldraw vs illustrator comparison pricing

      Use the free trial versions of both programs before buying one of the proposed plans. Just try Adobe Illustrator free trial or CorelDRAW free.

      CorelDRAW vs Adobe Illustrator – Who Wins?

      Comparing CorelDRAW vs Illustrator, I can say that Illustrator has more benefits. However, it does not mean that CorelDRAW isn’t a decent program.

      Each software has unique features that are important to users. The choice of the program depends on the preferences and tasks the users intend to perform.

      If your task is to create DTP publishing projects (logos, packaging, stationery design, illustrations or brochures, etc.), then choose CorelDraw. This program is perfect for all types of lay-outing associated work. If your goal is to be a high-class graphic designer, then accept Illustrator.


      In either of these two programs, you can create superior banners and logos. Use the following freebies to turn your projects into masterpieces.

      Wood Texture

      freebie wood for coreldraw vs adobe illustrator

      Use this texture to create a wood background with any color in your picture. It will look great in postcards or illustrations, and for any printing products.

      Flowers Brush

      freebie flowers for coreldraw vs adobe illustrator

      This brush will allow you to enhance the plants or flowers you have painted. Great for use when creating printing products (cards, brochures, etc.).

      Melanna Font

      freebie melanna for coreldraw vs adobe illustrator freebie melanna for coreldraw vs adobe illustrator

      With this elegant free font, you can make your image unique. Thick letters combined with small curves will give the desired effect to the quote or title.

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