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After updating the program, the request for Corel Painter torrent 2020 becomes more popular. Many people want to use this program without paying for a license. However, it is not a good idea to use Corel Painter torrent.

It can harm your computer and you may have problems with the law. Below, I described the consequences of using Corel Painter illegally and explained how to get it legally and for free.

Why Is Corel Painter Torrent So Demanded?

Corel Painter is a program designed for digital painting and drawing. Using a tablet, you can work in it as easily as with a regular canvas and brush.


This program has an excellent interface. It resembles creating a drawing on the blank page. Corel Painter has all the tools for comfortable work: more than 200 types of brushes, a pencil, oil paints, watercolors, and many others.

However, the big minus is its price of $429. Not everyone can afford it. As a result, Corel Painter torrent is becoming more popular.

Why Should You NOT Use Torrent Files?

Now everything, including technology, is developing very fast. More and more young firms and various programs appear on the market, but giant companies do not lose their authority. Therefore, hackers have more and more work: more programs, more hacks. It is not surprising that the copyright issue is very relevant right now.

corel painter torrent

The US government is promoting a law that protects developers and copyright holders. If you are a Painter torrent user or you’re distributing this program illegally, you will be held criminally liable for this.

Corel Painter Torrent: Disadvantages

Each person receives a salary for the work done. So the program should receive a salary for the work. Namely, the company that created this software, the employees and developers of this company should get some benefits for their work. Purchasing a license is a kind of salary for all the employees since the support of any software is expensive.

No Updates

Having bought the program on the official website, you are automatically entered into the client base and will receive updates. New updates always bring new capabilities. Each upgrading includes new features and the program improves. Using a hacked version of the software, you will not receive updates. Moreover, you will always work in the same Painter crack version with lags and errors.


It Is Punishable

If you use a program that was licensed, but then it became hacked, like Corel Painter torrent, you are violating copyright. For breaking this law you will be punished: a fine of several thousand dollars or be imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Unstable Performance/Failures

Before the software appears on the Internet with a torrent signature, it is cracked by hackers. Hacking a program, they make changes to the source code and often add viruses as this is their money. They don’t think about the comfort of users and accidentally can delete the functions or tools you need.


A good antivirus program is a key to the security of your computer. When downloading unlicensed programs from a torrent, you endanger your device. About 70% of torrent files are infected with viruses. By downloading Corel Painter torrent you are sure to infect your PC with viruses, so make sure your antivirus is working. You can just get simple advertising or you can seriously damage both your computer and your personal data.

How to Get Corel Painter without Torrents?

By installing the program for free as I tell you, you will be confident in your safety. You will get the Corel Painter free download full version with all functionality and constant technical support. The only minus that awaits you is the limited duration. It is only 30 days but by purchasing a license you will use the whole year.

Open the official Corel Painter website and find the “Products” section at the top.


In the section, you will find Painter 2020 (Windows/Mac), click on it. In the window that opens, you will see the Download Trial for Windows/Mac button. Click on it.

Then you should select the version for Windows or Mac and start the download. Everything is ready to use. A trial version for 30 days is installed. The countdown will begin from the moment of the first opening. It is a very good alternative to Painter torrent.

Corel Painter Alternatives

When the trial version expires, you may not want to pay $429 and using the pirated Corel Painter torrent is not an acceptable solution for you. Then I prepared several good and most importantly free alternatives. Look at these options, maybe you will find something that suits you.

1. MyPaint

mypaint logo USE MYPAINT FREE
  • Endless canvas
  • Works on all platforms
  • It is possible to undo recent actions
  • The ability to scale the canvas using the mouse wheel
  • Sharp lines are not smooth enough
  • There is no tool to insert printed text

MyPaint is a raster graphics editor oriented more to beginners. This Corel Painter crack alternative has minimal functionality and a very simple interface. However, its features are enough to do the job efficiently and easily. There is a large selection of brushes and features such as blur, color mixing and erasing. The advantage of the program is an unlimited canvas. It takes away all the frames and gives freedom of action. MyPaint has everything that beginners need.

2. Seashore

seashore logo USE SEASHORE FREE
  • Individual editing of channels and layers
  • Transparency effects and transparency in gradients
  • Anti-Aliases Brushes
  • Graphics Tablet Support
  • Works only on Mac
  • It doesn’t have a wide functionality

Seashore is a free, open-source image editor. It has a simple user interface and uses its own Gimp, XCF file format. It was created for use only on the Mac platform. This Corel Painter torrent alternative does not have much functionality for comfortable work. It works on graphic tablets and is suitable for both experienced artists and beginners in this field.

3. DrawPile

drawpile logo USE DRAWPILE FREE
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Built-in chat
  • Simple animation support
  • Text layers
  • Works on all platforms
  • It doesn't work with complex animations
  • Problems in working with received files

DrawPile is a free drawing program that allows you to share your canvas with other users in real-time. It has a built-in chat that helps you communicate with other users. It works on all platforms, has the ability to record, play and export drawing sessions.

You can work with text and simple animation. It includes all the necessary functions and tools that you will need when working with a drawing. So if you don’t want to use Corel Painter free download full version with crack, this is a good option.


If you are just starting your career and do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive effects, I suggest you check out these free overlays and textures. They will help you create cool photos and amazing backgrounds.


freebies for corel painter freebies for corel painter

If you like to take photos of nature and landscapes in bad weather, then this overlay will suit you like no other. It will add lightning flashes and make the photo look charming and mysterious.

Party Lights

freebies for corel painter freebies for corel painter

New Year and New Year's holidays are the most family days when a large number of photos are taken. With this overlay, you will turn your family photo into a fabulous picture. It makes the colors in the photo saturated and vibrant.

The Milky Way

freebies for corel painter freebies for corel painter

Do you like to photograph nature and beautiful night landscapes and want to convey all this beauty in the photo? Then this overlay is just for you. It will help show all the unique beauty and will make the starry sky as it you see with your own eyes.

Sepia Rain

freebies for corel painter

This texture has an orange color with some highlights. It is perfect for urban landscapes and paintings as the material of this texture is metal.


constanta font for indesign

If you are a fan of rustic style and you are crazy about red little bricks, then this texture is right for you. It can serve as an excellent background for your website with different tools or building materials.

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