Color Grading Central

Color Grading Central

Color Grading Central is a company created by Denver Riddle, who is currently involved in the production of films. LUTs and other video color grading plugins of this company are inspired by some of the best Hollywood movies.

color grading central

Color Grading Central LUTs’ effect is stylish, cinematic. In this article, I will describe all the packs of their plugins, talk about a Color Grading course and guide, and offer you 5 FREE LUTs inspired by Color Grading Central filters.

Color Grading Central Academy Review: LUTs

The main activity of this company is the creation of the maximum number of various plugins for video post-production in different video editing programs and best colorizer software. The most popular effects are cinematic LUTs.

The creator of the project is involved in the production of films, so he follows the current trends in the colorization of videos and provides the coolest LUTs options on his website. Check them out below.

Motion Picture Film

lut color grading motion picture Download Professional LUTs

These are great LUTs for Premiere Pro that will create a Hollywood look for your footage even if you have no relevant working experience in that area. Everyone can recognize these looks, inspired by the iconic movies, like Amelia, The Aviator, Blade Runner: 2049 and many others. They can now be applied to your videos.

I must admit this package really appeals to me. It has different styles ranging from classic to contemporary so anyone will find a suitable effect.

I apply these Color Grading Central LUTs as an enhancement to my own travel videos and they do a marvelous job. A nice addition are bonuses for color grading, because LUTs are not covering that to the fullest. Whatever else you might need to become a knowledgeable person in the color-grading art can be found in the Academy, the ultimate source of career advancement.

Cinema Grade Basic

cinematic luts

Price: $69

Many wish to find such LUTs for free somewhere. But the truth is they are of the new kind and hard to get. These work with all the top-rated programs, like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX.

Their peculiar feature is the novel opportunity to do image grading still in the viewer. Furthermore, problems with matching clips or editing multiple of them at once have been sorted out.

If you are wondering how the top colorists perform their job, you will now be guided around their secret workflow and reach the same efficiency through the app. This technology is so cutting-edge you won’t yet find it copied anywhere else.

Each LUT Color Grading has been enforced now, allowing you to see the effects prior to application with the help of the real-time preview. Considering they are 60 to pick from, you will need this function.

  • Learn more about what is a LUT for better understanding of video editing process.

LUT Gallery

luts for premiere gallery

Price: $69

A big change in the format of the look up tables is achieved with the new plug-in. You no longer have to guess the LUTs Color Grading effect before applying it, it can be seen beforehand on preview.

There is a plugin for that for FCPX and an OpenFX soLUTion for DaVinci Resolve. No more clueless scrolling through the look up tables, you’re in full control of the process now.

As a bonus, you get more time for creative activities. Another thing you won’t be able to do is automatic white balance correction. Use a color picker, select an object and your color balance is done. It is a great tool to be combined with LUT Gallery, making everything incredibly quick.

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LUT Utility

color grading central lut utility

Price: $29

The Color Grading Central LUT utility is something so long-awaited that few will resist buying it. Especially if you needed a tool for LOG footage or various film emulations. Those working on FCPX and Motion 5 also receive an incredible opportunity to apply 3D effects.

This is a universal plug-in that can work with “flat” LOG picture profiles from a variety of the most common and professional devices. Find the right LUT for it and you won’t recognize the original.

The thing you will love LUT Utility the most for is its algorithm of emulating film stocks and processes that can do incredible things to videos.

Setup Your Own Grading Suite Complete Guide

color grading central review guide

Price: $49

The work is done and your footage is finishing the upload. Now your on-line viewers will get a chance to say what they think about it. Then you start doubting whether they will actually see it the way you do on your own screen.

While you won’t be able to know whether the Premiere LUTs you chose are equally flattering on the various devices of your viewers, you can learn to do your grading with consideration for that variety.

The questions about ways to do that and the cost will be answered in this collection of video tutorials. As a result, the next time you work on a project, you are confident in your color grading and it hits the targets you set.

The guide from Color Grading Central is supplied with a PDF, which will help you with the information you receive from the videos. It will also refer you to any recommended products you get interested in.

This is something you want to invest in while setting up your first room. No Internet resources give this much understanding of the matter, especially considering the amount of misinformation on them.

Color Grading Central Academy

One of the main activities of Color Grading Central is training. They have solid courses lasting several months for the main video post-processing programs, as well as additional short courses on the features of color correction. Below, I present you the three most popular courses.

Color Grading Academy For DaVinci Resolve

color grading academy for davinci resolve

Price: $797

Taught by: Denver Riddle

For freelancers or small business owners who are looking into improving their skills, this course from Color Grading academy for Davinci Resolve is just the right thing. Color grading is essential for making footage stand out as well as look appealing.

This carefully-designed 4-week course is aimed at helping the student go through the whole theoretic part of color grading and then seeing it as an art, inseparable from the story they’re telling.

The goal for you is not just to learn but also to generate a style that will increase client flow and sales.

Color Grading Academy For Adobe Premiere

color grading academy for adobe premiere

Price: $797

Taught by: Denver Riddle

No paid or free LUTs will help you become a professional if the program’s operation is not 100% known by you. This is not just a simple tutorial. You are mentored on every step of creating and editing a video in the program so that you know every tool and what it makes to the video.

You are getting a full 6-month course to learn everything. Could you imagine something so thorough and complicated to last less? The company has actually conducted a survey to know what’s more relevant and all members have shared their struggles.

All the basics of working in the program will be covered so that no questions are left. Besides, it would be great if you had some Premiere Pro LUTs to practice.

Color Grading Academy for Final Cut Pro X

color grading central academy for final cut pro

Price: $797

Taught by: Denver Riddle

If you are a filmmaker or video editor who works in this program and manually performs color grading, you might be familiar with the frustration that follows your attempts to reach the desired effect in the video. Or probably feel confused and overpowered looking at the toolbar and noticing how projects of other people look more put-together than yours.

The Color Grading academy reviews for this course say that it has helped with such issues. It lasts 6 months and covers the most popular topics in color grading. In addition, at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate.

Color Grading Central Youtube

Despite the fact that the YouTube channel is not so popular, only 95 thousand people are subscribed to it, here you can find a huge amount of various information on video colorization.

The creator Denver Riddle shares his colorization experience in the video, talks about the most common problems and mistakes. In addition, you can see LUTs reviews and learn some of the features of working in the most popular video post-processing programs.

Free Color Grading Central Alternatives

If you want to recreate such cinematic looks in your footage, get these 5 FREE LUTs. Turn your videos into something completely different in a moment.

LUTs For Premiere Vibrant Colors

download free lut alternativedownload free lut alternative

If you think that shades in your videos look too dull and appear not really interesting, this LUT will help you to create beautiful colors.

Applying it, the parts of your videos with vibrant colors, acquire stunning bright shades. It is perfectly suitable for travel videography too. Refer to this LUT if you want to achieve the effect of Cinema Grade Basic LUTs by Color Grading Central.

Ground Control LUTs Soft Haze

download free lut color grading alternativedownload free lut color grading alternative

This ground control LUT boosts the contrast of the video and adds a perfect color shade for your everyday videography. Use it for dynamic shots to put more life on people and objects.

The main subject stands out and this is just perfect for family and wedding shots. It resembles Motion Picture Film LUTs by Color Grading Central.

Sony LUTs Warm

download free cinematic lutsdownload free cinematic luts

This LUT allows you to add an adventure atmosphere to the shot by creating perfect old style warm effect. It’s frequently used for family movie projects. This effect is similar to LUT Utility by Color Grading Central.

Gopro LUTs Old Movie

download free cinema grade lutsdownload free cinema grade luts

This video filter will change your shot by adding stunning greenish shades to the shadows. It will make the picture very bright and colorful.

Apply it to outdoor shoots and it will be a perfect alternative to Cinema Grade Basic by Color Grading Central.

Teal and Orange LUTs Flower

download free premiere pro lutsdownload free premiere pro luts

This LUT is perfect for those who are not a big fan of yellow shades. This FREE Orange and Teal LUT is perfect for travel shots with a lot of water and seaside landscapes.

The white color will stand out due to adding clarity. Apply it to the videos if you want to achieve the effect of Motion Picture Film LUTs by Color Grading Central.

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