8 Best VPNs For Hackers in 2023

8 Best VPNs For Hackers in 2023

VPN for hackers stands for Virtual Private Network that provides computer with an internet connection through a secure Internet server that is connected to a firewall to protect network.

These services provide not only isolated access to the network through chains of VPN servers, but also encryption of transmitted data. Therefore, if you want to hide your activity from the provider and third parties, you have all the functionality of these VPNs at your disposal.

Top 8 VPNs For Hackers

  1. ExpressVPN - Our choice
  2. NordVPN - 5,200 servers located in 59 countries
  3. Surfshark - Powerful security
  4. PrivateVPN - Cheap option
  5. CyberGhost - Dedicated IPs
  6. IPVanish - Fast connections
  7. PureVPN - Accepts Bitcoins
  8. VyprVPN - Zero logs

However, let me warn you that if you want to perform the actual cracking action, such as launching a DoS attack, then there is no VPN that is perfect for that.

Your best bet is to set up your own OpenVPN that you control and doesn't keep any logs.

1. ExpressVPN

Our choice
  • Fast speeds
  • DNS leak protection
  • Bitcoin payment support
  • Works with Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon
  • No ad blocker
  • Exprensive
  • No free trial

Verdict: For years the best VPN for hackers was a tool called ExpressVPN. Websites work by allowing you to create a number of website accounts on different servers, each one used by the same VPN provider. You are able to add multiple website settings to your internet browser and allow the browser to surf different domains with different IP addresses.

This will allow you to surf the internet using different IPs to make it seem as though you are online from a completely different location. By using this method of internet surfing, anyone who knows your IP address can track you down and steal your personal details, including your financial details and credit card details. Websites also allow you to use the browser as a proxy server, allowing you to browse the Internet from a different location.

expressvpn vpn for hackers interface

2. NordVPN

5,200 servers located in 59 countries
  • Double data encryption
  • Zero logs
  • SmartPlay P2S support
  • Kill Switch
  • No PayPal support
  • Torrenting only supported on some servers
  • Only 6 devices

Verdict: This VPN for hackers supports the advanced system of hiding network activity Double VPN, which prevents the possibility of intercepting traffic on the way to the requested resource. By redirecting network information between intermediate servers, the final destination of the data remains hidden from the ISP, even if the address of the intermediary server is determined.

Like other VPNs for Windows, NordVPN lets you bypass website blocking, access streaming Internet content, encrypt traffic, and keep your network anonymous. In addition, the NordVPN developers offer their customers the service of connecting to Internet resources through a dedicated network address, the use of which, unlike a public IP address, reduces the risk of blocking the user by third-party servers and services.

nordvpn vpn for hackers interface

3. Surfshark

Powerful security
  • 1,040 servers
  • Unlimited connections
  • Kill Switch
  • Ad blocker
  • Founded in 2018
  • Limited P2P servers with poor speeds
  • The fastest server isn’t necessarily right

Verdict: Many people who are using this service are happy with their decision and they do it for many different reasons. You can still surf, but you won't have to worry about anyone stealing your identity while surfing. In fact, when you're browsing the internet, you'll have more privacy than you've had in years.

Notable advantages are support for torrent protocols and the absence of restrictions on the volume of traffic. Since torrenting is prohibited in many countries, Surfshark VPN will be convenient for overseas use.

surfshark vpn for hackers interface

4. PrivateVPN

Cheap option
  • Fast speeds
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Unblocks US & UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer
  • Great new app design
  • Only 150 servers
  • No browser VPN extensions
  • No ad blocker

Verdict: This VPN for hackers has its own high-speed servers in many countries. With their help, you can view any sites that are not available in a particular country.

For example, it works with blocked social networks or videos closed for viewing by any country. In addition, PrivateVPN allows you to download torrents without leaving any traces on the Internet.

privatevpn vpn for hackers interface

5. CyberGhost

Dedicated IPs
  • Multi-platform support
  • Decent and stable speeds
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Kill Switch
  • Dodgy data jurisdiction and anonymity
  • Only 7 devices
  • Limited payment options

Verdict: CyberGhost VPN is a service designed to maintain privacy on the Internet. CyberGhost VPN encrypts traffic and spoofs the real IP address, using special secure servers located all over the world.

At the same time, all information passing between the user and the websites is encrypted, and the connection between the computer and CyberGhost VPN is protected by reliable tools that hide user data from outside interference. Protection is provided even when using public wireless WLANs or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.

cyberghost vpn for hackers interface

6. IPVanish

Fast connections
  • Incredible speed
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Self-owned server network
  • 10 devices to connect simultaneously
  • Very short refund period
  • No ad blocker
  • Does not consistently work with Netflix

Verdict: IPVanish is a service provided by the company IPVanish which allows you to surf anonymously in a virtual environment, without having to reveal your true identity to the public. You will never have to worry about being tracked and observed as you are able to surf the web anonymously without having to provide any of your details.

If you want to find out more about IPVanish VPN, you can use the Internet. The reason why you should choose this service is that it has many years of experience in offering the best protection for people who want to surf the internet anonymously.

ipvanish vpn for hackers interface

7. PureVPN

Accepts Bitcoins
  • No data logging policy
  • Works in China
  • User-friendly and pleasant interface
  • Wide geographical reaches
  • Average speeds
  • Only five simultaneous connections
  • No free trial

Verdict: This VPN for hackers allows you to surf the Internet anonymously, and to get on to your desired websites, chat rooms, instant messengers, and other social networking sites. This is exactly what you get when you use the CyberGhost and you can rest assured that your private information will remain safe.

You can take advantage of the free trial to see whether or not you want to continue using this product after you find out how well it works. When connecting to a VPN, you can choose several options: connect to free servers, create an automatic Premium connection, with a choice of a country or from the general list.

purevpn vpn for hackers interface

8. VyprVPN

Zero logs
  • Doesn’t keep logs
  • Excellent speeds with all servers tested
  • Provides strong security features
  • User-friendly applications for many devices
  • Requires full name for registration
  • Relatively small server network
  • No cryptocurrency payment options

Verdict: It is essentially a service that is designed in such a way that it will be able to keep a constant watch over the Internet and protect one's privacy as well. You don't need to worry about any of your personal details being stolen by anyone else; in fact, if you have the software installed on your computer, there is no way that any person can even access it because the software is encrypted.

The other benefit that the VyprVPN for hackers offers to the people is that you will be able to access the Internet with a password. All the passwords are changed at least once a week and you will never be caught without a password.

vyprvpn vpn for hackers interface