11 Best VPNs for DDoS Protection

11 Best VPNs for DDoS Protection in 2024


Having the best VPN for DDoS protection is essential for gaming as many cheating gamers attack Internet connection (DDoS) of their opponents to take them out of the game at the most important moments. That’s why you need to protect your real IP address and a VPN is the most effective and affordable way to protect your IP.

Top 11 VPNs for DDoS Protection

  1. ExpressVPN - Broad range of routers
  2. Surfshark - Cheap game purchase
  3. VyprVPN - NAT Firewall
  4. NordVPN - Ultra-fast gaming servers
  5. IPVanish - DPI protection
  6. CyberGhost - Intuitive interface
  7. BulletVPN - P2P file-sharing
  8. PureVPN - Kill switch feature
  9. ZenMate - Military-grade technology
  10. SurfEasy VPN - Bank-grade encryption
  11. PrivateVPN - Easy to use

This list contains only services that have strong encryption, leak protection and fast and reliable speeds for online gaming. All these services are the best VPNs for gaming as they mask your real IP address and protect you from DDoS attacks by eliminating messages trying to block you from playing.

1. ExpressVPN – Our Choice

Broad range of routers
  • Fast and stable speed
  • Easy to install
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reliable safety specifications
  • None

Verdict: ExpressVPN doesn’t register your real IP address. It supports a wide variety of routers so that you can route all your internet traffic over the VPN. You can install ExpressVPN on different devices, including a browser extension, or even straight into your router to cover all of your Internet access in one go.

This is the best VPN for DDoS protection as it comes with an in-built speed test tool that will recommend the best locations and servers depending on the speed. It takes several minutes to launch it, but it’s worth it as in this way, you can avoid making mistakes when choosing a server.

Express VPN doesn’t have DDoS protection per se, but in most cases, IP masking will be enough to protect you from DDoS attacks, hacks, etc. Keep this in mind while choosing between NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

expressvpn for ddos protection interface

2. Surfshark

Cheap game purchase
  • Excellent protection against DDoS attacks
  • Amazing speed
  • Prevents ISP regulation
  • Hides your IP in Discord and other chats
  • Doesn’t have an app for routers

Verdict: Surfshark is the best VPN for DDoS protection which enables you to play without worrying about a sudden decrease in speed or several seconds of latency that allows other gamers to kill you before you spot them.

Sometimes games are cheaper in the US or abroad. Countries like the UK are known for higher prices, while countries like Brazil and the Philippines offer games up to 30% cheaper. With Surfshark, you can buy games at a cheaper price.

Many games offer exclusive content for some countries. With the new IP address, you will be able to get exclusive access as if you’re from this county. For some games, it’s 12 hours earlier!

surfshark vpn for ddos protection interface

3. VyprVPN

NAT Firewall
  • Good safety features
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Chameleon protocol for higher speed
  • Access to games before the launch in your country
  • The trial version is 3 days only

Verdict: VyprVPN owns its servers, which definitely helps to achieve great performance. Due to server clusters being located very close to the main game servers, this VPN service offers faster speeds, lower ping and the best gaming performance without DDoS attacks.

VyprVPN has a NAT firewall that allows you to block unwanted inbound traffic. Its own Chameleon protocol is aimed at boosting your speed and bypassing the bandwidth restrictions imposed by your ISP.

With this VPN service, you can play new games earlier by connecting to servers in countries with earlier launch dates and access the latest video games online hours or even days before they launch in your country.

vyprvpn for ddos protection interface

4. NordVPN

Ultra-fast gaming servers
  • Zero-logging
  • Fast ping test
  • More than 1000 servers in 61 countries
  • The IP address for your own game server
  • Unstable speed from time to time

Verdict: Nord VPN, the most popular VPN for Netflix, supports a wide variety of routers with detailed setup instructions. A router-based VPN protects all your internet traffic and counts as one connection. With it you can have up to 6 simultaneous connections.

It has more than 1000 servers in 61 countries, which allows you to connect to any game server you like. Also, the excellent ping test built into the VPN will help you determine the fastest server at any moment.

Nord VPN includes DDoS protection and an additional dedicated IP address for you to run your own game server. P2P is allowed, and you can easily access streaming websites from NordVPN’s streaming servers.

nordvpn for ddos protection interface

5. IPVanish

DPI protection
  • More than 1500 anonymous servers
  • Advanced security and privacy features
  • The possibility to connect 10 devices simultaneously
  • Zero-logging
  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee

Verdict: IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN services, which provides great privacy and security. With every subscription, you get hack-resistant encryption, powerful protection against leaks and DDoS attacks and a zero-logging policy.

IPVanish is the best VPN for DDoS protection as it also offers amazing speed, which is very important for online gaming. It offers a great server list, and you can sort your servers by pinging the fastest at the moment. IPVanish has 400 servers in the US and more than 1500 services in 60 countries in total, which makes it a truly appealing option in IPVanish vs ExpressVPN stand-off.

This service has a strict zero-logging policy that keeps your identity a secret. This is beneficial if you want to access a game that was launched not in your country.

ipvanish vpn for ddos protection interface

6. CyberGhost

Intuitive interface
  • A huge network of high-speed servers
  • Zero-logging
  • 7 simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • Excellent speed
  • Lack of specific features for DDoS protection

Verdict: CyberGhost VPN, which is one of the best VPNs for home, offers stable speeds on game-optimized servers and allows you to sort them by location and ping. The desktop version is very intuitive. It is targeted at non-technicians and supports multiple platforms, including routers.

CyberGhost VPN boasts a decent network of 1250 servers in more than 60 countries. The provider allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections per account and provides an extensive list of privacy protection features.

CyberGhost supports routers, has good network coverage and provides high speeds for gaming while limiting DDoS attacks. It provides access to regionally restricted games.

cyberghost vpn for ddos protection interface

7. BulletVPN

P2P file-sharing
  • Supports Ultra HD
  • The possibility to connect 6 devices simultaneously
  • Free Smart DNS included
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Logs session data

Verdict: Bullet VPN is a quite new Estonian provider that offers great speeds, simple router setup instructions and a virtual router feature built into its PC/Mac desktop app. BulletVPN provides a network of servers all over the world. It’s easy to set up and use.

Bullet VPN also supports HD streaming and P2P file sharing, successfully bypassing the VPN firewalls of most streaming giants.

This VPN service supports multiple protocols, Smart DNS, and allows up to three simultaneous connections per license. It guarantees protection from leaks, although there is no protection against DDoS.

bulletvpn for ddos protection interface

8. PureVPN

Kill switch feature
  • Split tunneling
  • Zero-logging
  • P2P is allowed on most servers
  • Plain user interface
  • You need to set up the kill switch

Verdict: PureVPN is the best VPN for DDoS protection in Hong Kong that has more than 750 self-managed servers in 141 countries. You can run it on five devices simultaneously and set it up on your mobile, desktop devices and routers.

Speed drops can make online entertainment a hassle, but PureVPN easily bypasses all speed limits. It keeps almost no logs (bandwidth and connection timestamps are logged), which allows using P2P.

The infrastructure of PureVPN is protected by a NAT firewall, and the kill switch helps prevent unencrypted data leaks when there are issues with the Internet connection. This VPN has earned the trust of many users, who believe it is a winner in PureVPN vs ExpressVPN competition.

purevpn for ddos protection interface

9. ZenMate

Military-grade technology
  • More than 1000 VPN servers
  • Easy to set up
  • Free browser extension
  • Great protection
  • Complicated for beginners

Verdict: ZenMate is a virtual private network software. When you launch ZenMate VPN, you connect to a secure server from a remote location, and all your data is encrypted using military-grade technology. In this way, you can hide your IP address and stay anonymous when playing online.

ZenMate offers more than 1000 VPN servers optimized for working with low ping and without latency. That’s why it’s the best VPN for DDoS protection, gaming, streaming and torrenting.

ZenMate provides many advanced security features for protection against cybercrime, DDoS attacks and IP leaks.

zenmate vpn for ddos protection interface

10. SurfEasy VPN

Bank-grade encryption
  • More than 1500 servers in 30 countries
  • Doesn’t register your IP address
  • Blocks ad trackers
  • Specialized customer support
  • No more than 5 devices

Verdict: As a part of the Norwegian Opera software, SurfEasy offers a unique private browser that you can take with you on a USB stick. It’s password-protected and contains all of your personal browsing data. Thus, you can use any host computer without missing out on personalized and secure browsing experience.

SurfEasy is the best VPN for DDoS protection as it offers high-standard safety features. It uses bank-grade encryption to ensure your information is protected with the latest technology. It doesn’t use any logs related to your online activity, browsing or downloading.

surfeasy vpn for ddos protection interface

11. PrivateVPN

Easy to use
  • The possibility to connect 6 devices simultaneously
  • Protection against IPv6 leaks
  • Active technical support
  • Fast internet connection
  • The server is occasionally slow

Verdict: PrivateVPN allows for up to six simultaneous connections and supports a wide range of routers. Also, their customer support can install a VPN to your device remotely via TeamViewer without additional cost. PrivateVPN was created to serve the torrenting community and now provides excellent speed and security.

With this VPN service, you can connect to the Internet in just 60 seconds, no matter if you’re doing it on a computer, smartphone, tablet or router. PrivateVPN allows you to play online without coding or complicated setup. All you need to do is to download it and connect to it.

PrivateVPN has IPv6 leak protection to keep your identity safe even if you suddenly disconnect from the VPN.

privatevpn for ddos protection interface