5 Best Video LED Lights: Ranked & Reviews

Top-rated LED video lights to make your content look slick and professional.

top led video lights

Are you interested in getting the best video LED light the movie production market has to offer? Regardless of whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or an enthusiast trying to find the best lighting for YouTube, you’re bound to find a suitable option here, as this article covers products the prices for which range from $35 to $2000.

Top 5 LED Light Panels for Video

  1. SmallRig RC 220B - The best video LED light
  2. Rotolight NEO 3 - For professionals
  3. Neewer 5600K - Reasonable price
  4. Amaran 100d - Bowens mount support
  5. Elgato Key Light - Thin build

This overview goes over the best LED lights for video creation that range from camera-mounted portable LEDs to HMI lighting to LED panel and LED tube setups, ensuring you have you’re your possible needs covered and can produce videos of the highest quality.

1. SmallRig RC 220B – Our Choice

The best video LED light
smallrig rc 220b video led light

Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K | Max power: 84500 LUX at 1m | CRI: 95+

  • ✚ Strong light source
  • ✚ Highly convenient
  • ✚ Lost of customization parameters
  • ✚ 2 power supply modes
  • Stand needs to be purchased separately
  • Isn’t waterproof

The RC 220B offers multiple color models for interior, exterior, and mixed lighting conditions, as this video lighting kit represents an equally fantastic option for on-location and studio recording. It packs enough power to be employed as a key light while enabling you to conveniently tweak the fixture’s brightness to receive the exact setting you need.

smallrig rc 220b lifestyle

Using this kit is simple and convenient, as it incorporates the newest achievements in COB light technology to deliver accurate colors and evenly-lit scenes.

2. Rotolight NEO 3

For professionals
rotolight neo 3 video led light

Color temperature: 3000-10000K | Max power: 5443 LUX at 3 m | CRI: 96+ 

  • ✚ Small and lightweight
  • ✚ Permanent and flash lighting modes
  • ✚ Broad selection of lighting effects
  • ✚ Bluetooth support
  • Comparatively high price
  • Wireless flash trigger has to be purchased separately

This model is the new and improved version of the NEO 2, introducing an array of cutting-edge features while allowing you to take advantage of various filmmaking techniques. Both aforementioned LED video lights offer flash and constant lighting modes but this model is also supplied with a broad range of color settings (RGBWW) that you can set in either mode.

The NEO 3 s available in multiple configurations and kits, allowing you to get the exact lighting setup you need for your project.

rotolight neo 3 lifestyle

This light is also supplied with a wide selection of digital color filters and special effects, which you can access using the user-friendly, convenient color touchscreen menu.

3. Neewer 5600K

Reasonable price
neewer 5600k video led light

Color temperature: 5600K | Max power: 84500 LUX at 1m | CRI: 95+ 

  • ✚ USB-powered
  • ✚ Includes 4 color filters
  • ✚ Convenient setup
  • ✚ 180° angle articulation
  • Not suited for professional use
  • Color temperature is unchangeable

If you look for camera gear and lights regularly, then you probably know of Neewer already, since it’s known for producing some of the best LED light panels for video recording that are used by various reputable videography companies.

This particular model is USB-powered and can be paired with all 5V, and 2A USB wall chargers for uninterrupted usage.

neewer 5600k lifestyle

This video light lets you set the brightness in the 10%-100% range, making it easy to get the exact lighting you need. Sadly, you can’t tweak the color temperature, as this model has a fixed value of 5600K.

4. Amaran 100d

Bowens mount support
amaran 100d video led light

Color temperature: 5600K | Max power: 4300 LUX at 1m | CRI: 95+

  • ✚ Integrated umbrella holder
  • ✚ Sidus Link application controls
  • ✚ Small lamp head with integrated controls
  • ✚ 0-100% brightness adjustments
  • Color temperature can’t be adjusted
  • Isn’t supplied with a case
  • Weights aren’t integrated into the fixture

Amaran 100d is a multifunctional daylight LED light for photography and videography that is suitable for nearly all types of projects thanks to its great CRI rating and pleasing color temperature that allows you to produce a natural light, which can be seamlessly blended with outdoor sunlight.

amaran 100d lifestyle

You can adjust this model’s light effects and brightness remotely with the help of the Sidus Link mobile application. The Amaran 100d is supplied with an integrated 100V-200V power supply, but you can also install batteries (bought separately) if you’re in a pinch.

5. Elgato Key Light

Thin build
elgato key light video led light

Color temperature: 2900K – 7000K | Max power: 2500 LUX at 1m | CRI: 92+

  • ✚ Broad range of color temperature and brightness settings
  • ✚ Customizable hue and brightness
  • ✚ Mobile application and wired controller controls
  • ✚ Low heat
  • Doesn’t come with a mount
  • High price
  • Poor choice for desk setups

This might be the best video LED light if you value the ability to control the lighting gear remotely, as Elgato’s Key Light application is perfect for making convenient brightness and color adjustments on the fly.

Alternatively, you can employ your Stream Deck controller for the same purpose while also using it to control all your other Elgato gear.

This model lets you set the color temperature in the 2900K-7000K range as well as choose one of a multitude of colors to ensure you effortlessly create the perfect mood for all your video ideas for YouTube.

elgato key lifestyle

The product’s steel body and opal glass face ensure you receive a dependable, glare-free light that allows you to produce premium-grade content. Additionally, this Elgato model can be clamped straight to your desk, which is a great feature if you plan to use it for online meetings, streaming, or YouTube video recording.

smallrig rc 220b
SmallRig RC 220B
  • Produces terrific lighting
  • 2 power supply modes
  • Simple installation
rotolight neo 3
Rotolight NEO 3
  • Great portability
  • Broad selection of lighting effects
  • Bluetooth support
neewer 5600k
Neewer 5600K
  • 180° angle rotation
  • Optional color filters
  • USB-powered

How to Choose a Good Video LED Light?

If you want to produce top-tier video content, you have to invest in high-quality gear. To ensure you're buying the best LED lights for video recording possible, pay attention to the following aspects:

Portability. The portability of filming equipment rental options is a valid factor for most film production and content creation needs including travel videos, feature-length movies, wedding videos, reviews, etc.

If you know the irritation caused by trying to pack a bulky gear set into a car boot, then you don’t need convincing that slimmer products are generally the way to go.

Brightness adjustments. The ability to tweak the brightness setting of the light is an essential inclusion for anyone who takes video production seriously. Regardless of whether you’re recording footage indoors or outside, you can’t expect a single brightness setting to be suitable for all possible situations.

color temperature of led lights

Color temperature. When it comes to LED video lights, there are typically 2 color temperature settings that you can switch between. Ordinarily, the lower value (of around 3300K) produces a warm, somewhat yellow light. Meanwhile, a higher color temperature of about 5500K results in a mainly white-and-blueish light.

CRI. CRI refers to the Color Rendering Index and can have a value in the 1-100 range. A studio lighting kit with a CRI rating over 90 will produce a light that resembles natural daylight, which is ideal for most options. As such, it’s recommended to pick a LED light with the largest CRI rating whenever possible.