6 Best No Log VPNs in 2022

6 Best No Log VPNs in 2022

If you want to be completely sure that your online activities are kept secure and invisible to other users, you definitely need to find the best no log VPN. If a VPN provider claims that they follow a zero-log policy, this means that all your online footprints leave anonymous. No one will ever know what sites you’ve visited, how much time you spent there, what content you downloaded and what info you looked for.

Top 6 No Log VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN - Our choice
  2. NordVPN - P2P-optimized servers
  3. CyberGhost - Streaming-focused
  4. Surfshark - Built-in ad, tracker, malware blocking
  5. ZenMate - Strict no-logs policy
  6. Windscribe - Torrent-friendly

It has become a common practice among VPN providers to respect their clients’ privacy while they are searching the web. It really sounds strange if a VPN service keeps tracking what you are doing on the Internet, so very few VPNs still do that. The best no log VPN providers are very serious about that, so they even cooperate with independent organizations that audit them and ensure your information is absolutely covered.

1. ExpressVPN

Our choice
  • Cross-platform
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • Top-grade security
  • For streaming, torrenting, P2P, breaking geoblocks
  • Only 5 simultaneous connections

Verdict: ExpressVPN no log policy is one of the most secure ways to secure your private network. With a no log policy, you can rest assured that your personal information, system settings and activities are protected from unauthorized access.

You can also keep logs from all activity on your account whenever you want by logging into your control panel at anytime with your free user name and password. The most important thing about Express VPN no log policy is that your privacy and activity are completely safe even when you are using other users from around the world to access the internet.

expressvpn interface

2. NordVPN

P2P-optimized servers
  • Strong privacy
  • Large server network
  • Great for streaming services
  • Low prices and good refund policy
  • No dedicated router app

Verdict: NordVPN is an innovative VPN for Windows that offers users with a high level of security and privacy. The system works as a virtual private network that gives users the capability of creating a completely private system.

With the use of this system, you can be assured of a secure VPN that provides you with a great degree of protection while you surf online. This is made possible by the use of two different methods which are utilized by NordVPN. One of these methods is the encryption of all data while it is being sent through the VPN network.

nordvpn interface

3. CyberGhost

  • Privacy and security totally guaranteed
  • A lot of servers worldwide
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Customer support issues
  • No free trial version available

Verdict: CyberGhost no logs VPN is a specialist in creating custom-made and fully functional Private Network connections via the use of PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols. The company is especially well known for the fact that it offers complete privacy and security when connecting to the Internet, even from areas that are considered to be "unsecure".

A huge number of users are currently relying on the CyberGhost VPN no log solution to safeguard their data from being compromised by third parties, while at the same time surfing the Internet with greater confidence.

cyberghost no log vpn interface

4. Surfshark

Built-in ad, tracker, malware blocking
  • Affordable
  • Fantastic speeds
  • Great security
  • Unlimited connections
  • Some servers slower than others
  • Dated interface

Verdict: Surfshark no log VPN is an excellent way to go if you are concerned about the privacy and security of your surfing. Many times, you may not even realize that some information you get on the internet is actually public information. In addition to that, there are many sites that use this information without your permission, which is why you need a no log VPN.

This company creates a virtual network that completely hides your IP address, which keeps everything you do and see while surfing anonymous. Even though you are surfing the internet, no one is aware of your activity on the computer. They use a special type of encryption to prevent anyone from discovering your information.

surfshark no log vpn interface

5. ZenMate

Strict no-logs policy
  • Excellent security
  • Servers in 74 countries
  • Good for torrents and Netflix
  • Works with all devices
  • Configuration options
  • Interface is confusing

Verdict: ZenMate no log VPN is a free anonymous proxy service that will allow you to surf the internet while keeping an anonymous IP address. This way you can surf the net without revealing your real IP or location, which is an important feature to many internet users who are concerned about the safety of their personal information while online.

Overall, ZenMate is still a very good service that I would highly recommend. It's free and provides you with a fast anonymous proxy that will keep your information private and secure. I would only caution you to make sure that you have a high-speed connection if you plan on using this with your computer.

zenmate no log vpn interface

6. Windscribe

  • Instant setup on popular devices
  • Solid encryption
  • Numerous advanced security features
  • Allows torrenting
  • Based in Canada (Five-Eyes nation)
  • Needs to improve customer support

Verdict: Windscribe is a piece of software that enables you to tunnel your private network (wireless) through the Internet, no log type of VPN. The concept is quite similar to that of a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, Windscribe does not need any hotspot and it also works in a remote location as well.

It uses an open source protocol called OLS that has similarities with the OpenLDAP library. You can use it by installing the application on a computer that supports it or download the software and install it on your own computer. Just like other VPN solutions, this solution also allows you to connect to a public WAN (Internet Connection) by forwarding the request to a proxy server (that stores the connection on its server) which will forward it to the destination server.

windscribe no log vpn interface