5 Best Mathematical Software in 2023

If you want to cope with any math problem as fast as possible, then you need the best mathematical software. With its help, you can complete tasks effortlessly and deepen your knowledge of the subject.

In this article, you will find options to deal with the material faster, regardless of whether it is algebra and geometry or graphs and matrices.

Top 5 Mathematical Software

  1. Microsoft Mathematics - For 2D and 3D diagrams
  2. Cadabra - For field theory problems
  3. GeoGebra - Built-in calculus tools
  4. Photomath - Mobile app
  5. SpeQ Mathematics - For trigonometry problems

These programs are suitable for learning a wide variety of topics including matrices, graphs, combinations, and permutations. They can interest math students, who want to learn how to draw a cube, triangle, circle, and other geometric shapes.

Besides, such programs allow you to understand difficult mathematical topics such as linear programming, complex numbers, vectors, discrete mathematics, probability, statistics, calculus, algebra, functions and graphs. They also cover basic math operations.

1. Microsoft Mathematics - Our Choice

For 2D and 3D diagrams
  • Has a graphing calculator
  • For Windows, iOS, Android
  • Helps to solve a complex equation
  • None

Verdict: Microsoft Mathematics enables users to solve mechanical, algebraic, calculus and multimeter problems. Developed and maintained internally by Microsoft, it mainly targets students as an educational tool.

The primary objectives of the software are to equip students with fundamental skills and knowledge in using mathematical tools and mathematical expressions. This software contains multiple applications including calculators, solvers and solving techniques.

microsoft mathematics mathematical software interface

2. Cadabra

For field theory problems
  • Open-source
  • Anti-commuting variables tool
  • For complicated algebraic problems
  • Not suitable for Mac

Verdict: The main function of the Cadabra is to calculate with the help of numbers and decimals. It is also considered as an educational gadget and many educational institutions are using it for teaching mathematics to the students. The price of the Cadabra is quite high when compared with the other programs but this tool provides quality education to the children.

The software is quite similar to the calculator but it can also perform some extra functions that the calculator cannot. After entering the figures, the software will generate the corresponding graphs or images similar to what free diagram software can do. The graphical interface helps the users to learn the techniques of working with figures and it also teaches the students the basics of calculation.

cadabra mathematical software interface

3. GeoGebra

Built-in calculus tools
  • Cross-platform
  • Built-in spreadsheet
  • Features for teachers and students
  • Not so user-friendly

Verdict: GeoGebra designed for teaching and learning mathematics and science, from kindergarten to college level. GeoGebra is now available on multiple devices, with different programs for desktop, tablets and even web. Using this mathematical software allows children to understand basic shapes, lines, and transforms that are part of math. Also, this software has a built-in spreadsheet similar to features in the free spreadsheet programs.

A built-in database makes storing lessons and test-taking easy and includes built-in quiz and report systems, which can be shared with other students on Facebook or selected peers via text messages. Students are able to select their preferred courses, set their test dates, create a homework, assign tests and share their findings through the website.

geogebra mathematical software interface

4. Photomath

Mobile app
  • You can scan your math problem
  • Supports quadratic equations
  • History of past solved problems
  • No desktop version

Verdict: Photomath helps children and students learn math very easily and conveniently with features such as sorting by sum, sets and multiplication. It has the ability to solve multiplication tables as well as basic arithmetic procedures. Sorting by sum allows you to sort an array of numbers based on the sum of their values. Sets allow you to group similar objects together and create larger sets.

It also has tutorials for learning based courses in addition to advanced features for learning more about geometric shapes and their properties. It also comes with a calculator feature that is capable of giving fraction sums and performs addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with the touch of a button.

photomath mathematical software interface

5. SpeQ Mathematics

For trigonometry problems
  • Wide range of mathematical functions
  • Constants database
  • Simple interface
  • Bugs

Verdict: The SpeQ Mathematics consists of practice tests, mock tests and essay question papers. It provides practice tests on a variety of topics that students will need to know in order to successfully complete their mathematics class. By using practice tests students will be able to determine where they need extra help and how to best use their existing resources to learn the material. The tests include detailed instructions on how to complete the various problem types, as well as tips for efficient problem solving and memorizing information.

The SpeQ Mathematics Test can also be used to identify strong areas for students to work on. The tests include many multiple-choice questions that will test students' reasoning skills in mathematics. If you want to learn a foreign language, you may also need the language learning software.

speq mathematics mathematical software interface