12 Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Windows in 2023

12 Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Windows in 2023

Free VPN for Windows is a virtual private network that provides traffic encryption between the client and the server together with an IP address change. With this on, you can freely visit blocked sites or get access to streaming services such as Netflix from any country.

12 Best Free and Cheap VPN for Windows

  1. Surfshark - The best VPN service for streaming
  2. Hotspot Shield – The most reliable VPN service
  3. TunnelBear - The best secure VPN service
  4. CyberGhost - With P2P support on selected servers
  5. ExpressVPN - Supports torrent networks
  6. FastestVPN - Good security record
  7. NordVPN - With ad blocking
  8. Speedify - For connecting a large number of devices
  9. Windscribe - With different operating modes
  10. ZenMate VPN - Built-in kill switch
  11. IPVanish - With stable speed
  12. ProtonVPN - With unlimited data allowance

This list contains only those services which are reliable in terms of high connection speeds, access to streaming services such as Netflix, as well as security while browsing websites and sharing torrent files.

1. Surfshark - Our Choice

The best VPN service for streaming
  • Maximum privacy
  • Unlimited number of devices in one account
  • Productive servers
  • Bypasses the blocks of streaming services
  • Does not have an application for routers

Verdict: Surfshark is the best free VPN Windows software in the world which is proven by its bestseller rank. It provides fully secure channels and doesn’t collect user personal data. In addition, the service guarantees that it will inform a user about the attempts of law enforcement agencies or other organizations to find out his personal data.

Despite the fact that the network is smaller than that of other services, you can still count on it to bypass the restrictions posed by certain websites. This includes an ability to use the territorially-limited international streaming services like Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

  • surfshark interface free vpn for windows

    2. Hotspot Shield

    The most reliable VPN service
    • Servers in 70 countries
    • Automatic selection of the optimal location
    • Reliable traffic encryption technology
    • Simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices
    • No multi-hop connections
    • No option for a dedicated IP

    Verdict: Our first contender for the best free VPN for Windows title has developed its own traffic encryption technology. Their protocol is used in 70% of the largest companies in the world that specialize in security. Alongside this, technologies are still available for ordinary users.

    It allows users to connect up to five devices to the service simultaneously as long as they remain under the daily data limit of 500MB which amounts to roughly 15GB per month. Installing this software is easy, however, upon installation it will offer you some third-party software like an extra panel for your web browser.

    Among the biggest benefits, you can consider the low requirements for the system resources of the computer which means that the utility doesn’t load the processor, which means it can be safely run even on older machines. But be careful because currently many hackers are posting Hotspot Shield crack versions on the network and this may be unsafe for your device.

    • hotspot shield interface free vpn for windows

      3. TunnelBear

      The best secure VPN service
      • • Supports desktop and portable devices
      • The fastest start
      • High security
      • Simultaneous support of 5 devices
      • Inability to connect to torrents
      • Limited to a list of 20 locations

      Verdict: This Canada-created software is the best free VPN for Windows 10 that has been operating since 2011. Its free version is well established among users, primarily due to an accurate privacy policy that details what information is logged.

      The service provider enforces personal data protection. This means that if the connection is interrupted, it blocks the traffic until the connection is restored.

      TunnelBear can be set to continuous operation upon which the application will start at system startup and automatically turn on after a reboot. This eliminates the need to establish a connection manually.

      • tunnelbear interface free vpn for windows

        4. CyberGhost

        With P2P support on selected servers
        • P2P support on selected servers
        • More than 5700 servers worldwide
        • Intuitive interface
        • Support for a large number of platforms
        • Unstable connection speed

        Verdict: This free VPN Windows 10 option from Romania offers up to 7 simultaneous connections from one account through a secure and confidential channel. It has technical support capable of answering program-related questions at any time of the day.

        The desktop client, in addition to the standard features, has plenty of additional ones that include freeing you from ads, trackers, and malware, data compression, automatic forwarding to HTTPS, increased connection speed. By the way, the use of CyberGhost crack is very popular now but I highly recommend that you bypass such programs if you want to get a VPN with stable operation.

        • cyberghost interface free vpn for windows

          5. ExpressVPN

          Supports torrent networks
          • TrustedServer technology
          • Supports torrent networks
          • Simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices
          • Over 3,000 servers in 90countries
          • No free trial

          Verdict: The service is highly-recommendable due to the great design and performance that even earns it the title of the best 30-day money-back guarantee VPN for Windows. Since many want to stream from the websites they are denied access to, Netflix being one, you will be thrilled to know that such action is supported and even functions with the smallest buffering.

          You will be running on advanced encryption protocols that have been recently enforced with the TrustedServer technology. It provides users with random access memory, thereby warranting the absence of stored information about their surfing. Surely, all this can only be guaranteed if you are responsible and install the official software, not an unreliable ExpressVPN crack.

          • expressvpn interface free vpn for windows

            6. FastestVPN

            Good security record
            • Unlocks Netflix & BBC iPlayers
            • Lifetime subscription
            • Well-thought-out interface
            • 10 connections at the same time
            • A limited number of servers
            • Fire TV Stick app is available on third-party platforms

            Verdict: FastestVPN has a limited number of servers, which makes it a less reliable option than NordVPN, CyberGhost, and other similar services. It has 100 servers in 39 countries and 55 different locations. The company has 10 U.S.-based servers. Besides, it has multiple servers in Sweden, Netherlands, and Switzerland. It has only two servers in the UK and Japan. In other countries, it has one server in each.

            FastestVPN has a cross-platform app that you can use on Windows and macOS computers as well as iOS and Android devices. Besides, it has an app for Fire TV.

            In addition, you can use this VPN for your router and enjoy full protection on 20+ platforms.

            When watching videos on streaming platforms or playing games, you can be sure that your bandwidth will be unlimited and you won’t notice any issues with speed. The best FastestVPN servers support 10Gbps or higher speed. It will allow you to avoid issues with bandwidth throttling and remove the risk of buffering and high ping.

            • fastestvpn free vpn for windows interface

              7. NordVPN

              With ad blocking
              • Refusal to store any personal information
              • Excellent performance
              • Servers in 60 countries
              • Supports up to 6 simultaneous connections
              • Monthly subscription price

              Verdict: This reliable provider opens connectivity to an unlimited number of devices within one account. NordVPN free service is based in Panama where there is no Internet censorship or tight control by the government.

              The SmartPlay function of the application is capable of determining a server from which you can access any blocked site, the list of them counting 400 entries worldwide, and will switch you to it automatically.

              To establish a secure and confidential connection, Nord VPN uses a number of technologies, including blocking ads and malicious sites, as well as double encryption. No one can see exactly which sites you visit, even the Internet provider will only be allowed to see the fact that a VPN was being used.

              • nordvpn interface free vpn for windows

                8. Speedify

                For connecting a large number of devices
                • Unique connection technology
                • Free trial period of 30 days
                • Use of advanced encryption technologies
                • Refusal to maintain logs with personal information
                • Not suitable for bypassing locks on Netflix
                • Possible blocking of access from the provider

                Verdict: Another applicant for the best free VPNs for Windows label appeared in 2014 in the USA and quickly gained a user base. The main feature is the Channel Bonding function opening the possibility of connecting an unrestricted number of devices simultaneously. To increase the speed, VPN clients can use Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth.

                Speedify offers a high level of protection. You can use 256-bit AES encryption or upgrade to the more powerful ChaCha20 algorithm on devices that support it. Channel Bonding technology itself is also protected against unauthorized access and identity theft.

                • speedify interface free vpn for windows

                  9. Windscribe

                  With different operating modes
                  • Large number of devices in one account
                  • Built-in firewall
                  • Independent choice of protection protocol
                  • Ability to create an individual tariff plan
                  • Advertising in the free version
                  • Traffic restrictions in the free version

                  Verdict: Another good option among the free VPN services for Windows, which gives you a generous monthly 10GB bandwidth complemented by the ability to select between 10 different locations that include all the countries of high interest.

                  Windscribe not only encrypts traffic but also blocks ads and spam using built-in protection tools. The VPN provider promises not to collect or give out information about sites that users visit. For a successful connection, the software developers offer three operating modes using different ports. This allows you to bypass the restrictions that connection providers can set.

                  • windscribe interface free vpn for windows

                    10. ZenMate VPN

                    Built-in kill switch
                    • Simple to use
                    • Multi-platform
                    • Incorporated kill switch
                    • Vast network of servers
                    • Feeble tech support
                    • Doubtful privacy and logging

                    Verdict: Another decent free VPN for Windows operating with the OpenVPN standard gives you a satisfactory selection of nearly 200 servers located over 30 different world locations. You can make use of the P2P traffic but be aware that no special mode for torrenting will be provided.

                    The demanded emergency disconnection is provided as well, eliminating any risk of exposure during connectivity issues. It must be noted that the latter used to be a frequent occurrence but the developers introduced the necessary improvements that made the software more stable.

                    Those users, who expect to be able to have their questions answered by the tech support in a chat would be disappointed, as there is no such possibility. The specialists still answer quickly through the ticket system and are very helpful.

                    • zenmate vpn interface free vpn for windows

                      11. IPVanish

                      With stable speed
                      • Good availability
                      • Impenetrable security
                      • Allows streaming in 8K
                      • Counts over 1200 servers
                      • No optimized servers
                      • Poor client application

                      Verdict: Calling a software the best free VPN takes a combination of strong protection together with high connectivity speed and this program gives you both. There are a dozen hundred servers at your disposal, reliable protection mechanisms with 256-bit encryption, and a great block bypass system.

                      The abrupt disconnections from a free VPN server are treated securely with a DNS/IPv6 leakage protection cover you on all fronts. Another big worry is the stability of the connection which you will find superb and quite deprived of floating speed and disconnections. With Netflix being exceedingly popular, users also recently received improved servers for its access. But I strongly recommend you only use the official version and not download IPVanish crack

                      • ipvanish interface free vpn for windows

                        12. ProtonVPN

                        With unlimited data allowance
                        • User-friendly interface
                        • No data limitations
                        • Great privacy
                        • Widely compatible
                        • Few server locations

                        Verdict: If your biggest priority is the absence of a data limitation, here is the best free VPN for Windows and all other OS options. This is exactly what you need for streaming some geo-blocked content of interest. There is no forced logging in either, which increases your privacy, and this absence of limitations comes with a very welcome but uncommon ad-free policy.

                        The free access gives you a selection of three random servers with different locations you can browse through. However, there are no logs or restrictions on the amount of traffic, which is even more important for most users. No wonder so many people google "How to get ProtonVPN free of charge?"

                        • protonvpn interface free vpn for windows
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