Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Firestick in 2024

Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Firestick in 2024

If you need some content that is not available in your country, you may solve this problem using a VPN for Firestick. In such a way, you will stream your favorite shows and movies no matter where you are.

Top 12 Free & Cheap VPNs for Firestick

  1. Surfshark - Super slick VPN service
  2. Windscribe - Best for streaming TV shows and movies
  3. ExpressVPN - Unlimited data usage
  4. NordVPN - Built-in ad blocking
  5. CyberGhost - Easy-to-use VPN for Firestick
  6. AtlasVPN - 10 times faster & highly secure streaming
  7. - Advanced security features
  8. ProtonVPN - Privacy-friendly logging policy
  9. TunnelBear - The fastest VPN
  10. IPVanish - Excellent performing VPN
  11. PrivateVPN - Great customer support
  12. PureVPN - Supported on multiple devices

Amazon Firestick is a cool addition to your TV offering great media streaming experience. It is a plug-and-play gadget providing access to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

However, streaming options differ in various regions and countries. That is why if you want to get unlimited access to the content you like, just use some free VPN for Firestick.

You should pay attention to the server location, security and privacy, bandwidth limit and data cap.

1. Surfshark - Our Choice

Super slick VPN service
  • Fast connections to most servers
  • Powerful servers
  • Bypasses the blocking of streaming services
  • Very appealing price
  • Too simple for advanced users

Verdict: Surfshark is a simple and convenient app to hide your online activities on the net. To begin with, it is a basic tool offering decent Amazon Firestick compatibility.

It offers fast connections no matter what server you use. Moreover, this free VPN for Fire TV allows you to connect unlimited devices after you subscribed to it.

You may easily download the app from the menu of your streaming device and successfully use it. When everything is ready, there is nothing between you and numerous servers offering the best films and shows. Use this Firestick VPN free to enjoy quick and simple navigation on the Internet.

  • surshark vpn for firestick interface

    2. Windscribe

    For streaming TV shows and movies
    • Netflix-compatible
    • No ads or malware
    • Possibility to install on an unlimited number of gadgets
    • Top security for free
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    Verdict: If you mostly watch TV shows and movies, it the best free VPN for Firestick. It offers a 10GB allowance per month.

    It is enough to watch several episodes one by one. Although Windscribe may boast of the servers in 60 locations, only 11 of them are available for free. These are the US, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and some others.

    In case you often stream on Kodi, Windscribe is the best option since it allows torrenting. You may easily use it for other video streaming services and unlock the US library no matter where you are. As it is a free service, prepare yourself for slow performance and buffering.

    As a pleasant bonus, this client comes with a built-in ads and malware blocker (R.O.B.E.R.T). So, while watching your favorite movie, you may be sure that the system will not be infected with viruses. Thanks to AES 256-bit encryption and strict no-logs policy, Windscribe users will enjoy the maximum security.

    • windscribe vpn for firestick interface

      3. ExpressVPN

      Unlimited data usage
      • High speeds
      • Unlimited data usage
      • 2,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries
      • Convenient UI
      • No Free Trial, only money-back guarantee

      Verdict: Taking into account the fact that ExpressVPN has more than 2000 servers in 96 locations, this service may be called one of the best 30-day money-back guarantee VPN for Firestick. It is a globally-distributed client offering fast speeds, great customer support, and 256-bit AES encryption.

      Moreover, it allows up to three simultaneous connections per session. You may easily download the app on the Amazon store.

      If you choose ExpressVPN, you will get unlimited media content streaming no matter where you are. In addition, you can return your money back within 30 days in case you are unsatisfied with the service.

      • expressvpn vpn for firestick interface

        4. NordVPN

        Built-in ad blocking
        • Exceptional speeds
        • Top-notch security
        • All servers are optimized for torrenting
        • More than 5,400 servers in 60+ locations
        • High subscription price

        Verdict: NordVPN is one of the best VPN for Fire TV that provides access almost to every streaming service. It has more than 5000 servers in 63 countries. Thanks to its smart play technology, this platform offers a safe streaming experience without buffering and throttling. NordVPN guarantees fast speeds and allows P2P traffic.

        NordVPN is a native app for Amazon Fire devices providing the best security and privacy. What is more, it features military-grade encryption and strict no-log policy. You can rest assured that your Internet connection will not be infected with malware. The head office is located in Panama, and it is not necessary to retain user data.

        • nordvpn vpn for firestick interface

          5. CyberGhost

          Easy-to-use VPN for Firestick
          • P2P support on chosen servers
          • More than 5700 servers all over the world
          • Excellent performance
          • User-friendly
          • Unstable speed while connecting

          Verdict: CyberGhost app is a free VPN for Fire TV available on Amazon Appstore. This Romanian/German provider also offers installation guides in case any problems arise. We tested this service and can claim that it offers decent performance.

          Moreover, the provider has a great number of servers. In general, this app is very easy to use and even beginners will cope with it. But some difficulties with the interface may still occur.

          The client uses all the necessary protocols, such as the IKEv2 and OpenVPN, with 256-AES encryption, so you shouldn’t worry about the security.

          Although there were some problems with privacy in the past, today, thanks to the no-logs policy, everything seems to be OK. By the way, customers use CyberGhost crack more often now. But I recommend avoiding such programs if you want to get a VPN with a stable performance.

          • cyberghost vpn for firestick interface

            6. AtlasVPN

            10 times faster & highly secure streaming
            • Unlimited connections
            • High-speed streaming
            • Comes with WireGuard
            • Ad blocker
            • Limited network of servers

            Verdict: AtlasVPN is a robust and completely secure Firestick-compatible VPN service that allows viewing favorite movies and series anywhere in the world. VPN has a network of ultra-fast servers, and your connection will be protected from outside interference everywhere.

            To make sure your personal data is not made public while using a VPN, AtlasVPN invented Data Breach Monitor. In the event that a data breach has occurred and your personal data has been divulged, it will notify you.

            It also has a Kill Switch option, which guarantees that your activity on the network will stop if the Internet connection is unexpectedly lost. What’s more, AtlasVPN also blocks trackers that frequently appear while browsing Firestick content. These websites are dangerous because they try to steal your personal data or redirect you to malicious resources.

            atlasvpn free vpn for firestick interface


            Advanced security features
            • Works with torrenting and P2P sharing
            • Advanced security features
            • Qualitative streaming
            • Fast speeds near server locations
            • Only available in 5 locations
            • Doesn’t work for streaming Netflix

            Verdict: Like other VPN clients for Firestick, is available on Amazon Appstore. Visit the store, download the app and install it. With its help, you will hide your online presence when connected to any device.

   works smoothly on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. It is a great service providing online freedom and implementing your desires.

            Although the client pleases users with numerous advantages, there are still some disadvantages. For example, the users have to choose a server location from the available 5 ones. In addition, some restrictions are applied if you use this free VPN for Firestick.

            I recommend getting only an official version of this service but not a crack since it may considerably damage your device.

            • vpn for firestick interface

              8. ProtonVPN

              Privacy-friendly logging policy
              • Ability to use with Fire TV Stick by configuring a router
              • Great VPN speeds on nearby servers
              • Unlimited VPN data
              • Decent security features
              • No native VPN app for Fire TV Stick
              • No Netflix support

              Verdict: Unfortunately, ProtonVPN Free doesn’t have a native app for Fire TV Stick. However, you may work around this problem by side loading the VPN’s APK file or installing it on your router.

              When you are ready with all the installation operations, nothing will restrict your online freedom. You will get unlimited VPN data that is not provided by other similar clients.

              Thanks to DNS leak protection and some other security features, ProtonVPN guarantees your online safety and high level of privacy. The ProtonVPN Firestick free version allows connecting from one device to the servers in three countries.

              There are no logs or restrictions on the amount of traffic, which is the most important thing for many users.

              • protonvpn vpn for firestick interface

                9. TunnelBear

                The fastest VPN service
                • Fast connection speeds
                • Built-in kill switch
                • High security level
                • Connection of more than 5 devices simultaneously
                • No Torrent support

                Verdict: Thanks to its numerous benefits, like multi-login, compatibility with various platforms, etc., TunnelBear may be called one of the best free VPN. It is a tool to hide your Internet activity from public networks. The app is available on the Amazon Firestick store, so you may effortlessly download and install it.

                SinceTunnelBear is a free VPN for Fire TV, there are some disadvantages as well. To begin with, if you use a free version, you may connect only to a limited number of servers. Moreover, your VPN data reaches only 500Mbs.

                You may tweet about TunnelBear and get an extra 1 GB, but it is also limited to 1.5 GB a month. To my mind, it the most significant drawback of this service.

                • tunnelbear vpn for firestick interface

                  10. IPVanish

                  Excellent performing VPN
                  • Great availability
                  • Decent security features
                  • Enough speed to stream 8k video
                  • Over 1200 servers
                  • Lack of optimized servers
                  • Poor client app

                  Verdict: IPVanish is the client showing the best performance when it comes to both short- and long-distance servers. Speaking about nearby servers, IPVanish is five times quicker than other similar clients.

                  As for long-distance connections, we may observe a 15% increase in download speeds. Thanks to the numerous servers all over the world, IPVanish may be called one of the best free VPN for Firestick.

                  Like most VPN providers, IPVanish has a convenient Fire TV application. It is easy to install and use ‒ when you connect the VPN, the app immediately launches. Mind that this client doesn’t support the first-generation Fire Stick, but it has such useful features as automatic IP switching and fast server optimization.

                  When you use the service, IPVanish doesn’t log any traffic or connection data. Finally, I recommend using only an official version and avoid installing IPVanish crack.

                  • ipvanish vpn for firestick interface

                    11. PrivateVPN

                    Great customer support
                    • Safe and secure
                    • User-friendly
                    • User-orientated customer support
                    • Perfect 5/5 servers supported by Netflix
                    • Price

                    Verdict: This VPN provider is different from the ones that we have already described. PrivateVPN is suitable for those who are not 100% sure they need it. In other words, you may test this client free for a week. What is pleasant, they provide their users with all the benefits without any restrictions during the trial period.

                    So, what options does this premium time-limited free VPN for Firestick offer? To begin with, you may connect to over 80 servers all over the world and get unlimited bandwidth for the highest speeds. Moreover, you may connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

                    Finally, security features are also at the best level. I believe that when the trial period is over, you will continue using this client.

                    • privatevpn vpn for firestick interface

                      12. PureVPN

                      Supported on multiple devices
                      • Great security
                      • Various options to select country
                      • Support for multiple devices
                      • User-friendly interface
                      • More expensive than other apps
                      • Weak support of third-party apps

                      Verdict: PureVPN is one of the best free VPN for Firestick that enables you to improve the access to the resources blocked in your region and avoid your personal data breach while using public and unprotected networks.

                      However, mind that you should use only an official version, not the pirated software like PureVPN crack.

                      The peculiarity of this client is that it offers wide geography of servers all over the world. There are more than 450 servers providing access to more than 80,000 IP addresses in more than 100 countries.

                      Moreover, there are some other functions and additions for maximum convenience while you are working online. It will help you get around the control and blocking mechanisms in any country, no matter where you are.

                      The service secures your personal data in such a way that your Internet actions can’t be traced by the government bodies and hacker groups. In fact, you become invisible on the net.

                      • purevpn vpn for firestick interface
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