5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software in 2023

If you often hold meetings with your team trying to come up with new ideas, make sure to use the best free mind mapping software designed to help you find a perfect solution for any problem without shelling out your money.

Such programs have advanced features for concept mapping, useful storyboards, handy publishing and presentation tools, which makes them perfect for teamwork. Besides, you can use them to create flowcharts, floating images, etc. Some options can even replace the best free typing software.

Top 5 Free Mind Mapping Software

  1. Coggle - Easy to use
  2. Freeplane - Multi-language support
  3. GitMind - To generate new ideas
  4. Wisemapping - Great export features
  5. XMind - Extensive clip art library

Each of the programs mentioned here has its unique advantages. What makes them similar is that they have options for saving and editing mind maps. Besides, you can use them to share the maps created by your team or save them to keep working on them later.

If you think that your mind map can be enhanced even further, you can always attach a file to it. The best free mind mapping software allows you to add links, image files and various documents to your maps.

1. Coggle - Our Choice

Easy to use
  • Adding multiple central nodes in a single workspace
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to view the entire version history of the mind map
  • You can message team members
  • None

Verdict: Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mind diagrams. The service helps with note-taking, brainstorming, planning and creating creative schemes, Coggle is able to visualize ideas in a simple and understandable way. You can then share the diagrams with friends or colleagues. The changes made are displayed instantly, regardless of where the interlocutor is.

Among the main features of Coggle, I can note such as real-time collaboration, unlimited public charts and a complete history of changes.

coggle interface

2. Freeplane

Multi-language support
  • Classifying idea boxes with metadata
  • Grouping similar nodes with color containers
  • Presentation area
  • Password protecting the whole map with DES encryption
  • Dated interface

Verdict: Freeplane is a powerful and smart map software for Windows. This is a reworked version of the well-known FreeMind, created by one of the key FreeMind developers. The software is written in Java and supports any platform capable of running current Java versions.

This program provides ease of use with built-in and dialog editors, object-oriented main menu, context menu, multi-language support, spell checker, property bar, drag-and-drop function, hotkeys, options for batch execution, publishing, sharing and selected preferences.

freeplane interface

3. GitMind

To generate new ideas
  • Intuitive with a well-designed toolbar
  • Many keyboard shortcuts
  • Five different layouts
  • Collaborating with other people in real-time
  • Lacks some advanced features

Verdict: This free mind mapping software offers an interactive interface that allows the users to edit the maps as well as the graphics of any object in the software. These features make the user feel that they are in an actual map-making environment.

It also helps the users in creating complex structures like trees, shapes, etc. It is always difficult for anyone to visualize a complicated subject with plain strokes so with this web design software you can easily create a detailed image in form of a diagram or a map. 

gitmind free mind mapping software interface

4. Wisemapping

Great export features
  • Topic creator and editor
  • Team collaboration on mind maps is allowed
  • Export in PDF, SVG, and other image formats
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Can be difficult for beginners

Verdict: Wisemapping is a free online mind map application powered by open source HTML5. This inforgraphic maker can be used directly on the developers' website, or you can download the open source code of the program and install it on your own web server.

Among the main features, I highlight such as the ability to insert a map into the site page in a couple of clicks, there is an import / export in FreeMind. You can also share the map by inviting the user by email.

wisemapping free mind mapping software interface

5. XMind

Extensive clip art library
  • Comes with in-built templates
  • Slide base presentation of the mind map
  • Converting mind map into Gantt Chart
  • Integrates with Office is enabled
  • Export issues
  • Dated interface

Verdict: XMind is a service for generating charts and sharing them with other employees. XMind supports various types of mind maps, tree and logical diagrams, tables. XMind is often used in knowledge management, in meetings, for organizing tasks and keeping track of time.

Diagrams are very flexible in their structure, so you can change almost anything: relationships between parts, markers, labels, notes, links, audio files, images with the option to attach files.

xmind free mind mapping software interface