5 Best CAD Programs For Kids in 2023

If your child wants to design 3D printable parts, you need to use the best CAD program for kids. With such tools, your child will master virtual thinking, geometry, and 3D printing.

Whether you need to teach your own children or the whole class, these intuitive solutions will greatly help you out. They are suitable for kids from 4 to 13 years old.

Top 5 CAD Programs For Kids

  1. Tinkercad - Best for kids
  2. Solidworks Apps for Kids - Web-based collection of apps
  3. LeoCAD - LEGO bricks
  4. 3D Slash - Integrates with cloud storage
  5. Leopoly - 3D and VR solutions

Choosing the best CAD program for kids, check whether it is easy to use. Such software should feature a user-friendly interface and provide simple tutorials. To design their best ideas, kids should be able to quickly learn all the basic features of the software.

1. Tinkercad - Our Choice

Best for kids
  • Tones of 3d models
  • Customizable shapes
  • Compatible with 3d printing
  • None

Verdict: This CAD program for kids allows them to make their own 3D images using the various features. You can use the Computer Abrasive material which is included with Tinkercad along with the easy to follow templates. The templates have pre-drilled cutouts in different sizes which are useful for constructing various household items such as chairs, tables, cabinet, etc.

This free CAD software helps your children develop their creativity and enhance their knowledge. Tinkercad offers a number of exciting tools and one of them is the Kids Picasso feature. This feature helps your kids to sketch their favorite cartoon characters.

tinkercad cad programs for kids interface

2. Solidworks Apps for Kids

Web-based collection of apps
  • Easy modules
  • 3D printing options
  • Simple sharing
  • Don't work offline

Verdict: Solidworks Apps for Kids is specially designed to teach the kids about the fundamentals of drawing, cutting, and gluing. The main feature of this software is its ability to help the users in creating 3D models.

Other features of Solidworks include high resolution image drawers, support for both desktop and mobile platforms, drag and drop feature for convenient working, infinite clipping path, unlimited background colors, and many others. It uses the cloud computing technology to store all the designs and the documents that are needed for the various projects that they will be working on.

solidworks apps for kids cad programs for kids interface

3. LeoCAD

LEGO bricks
  • For all platforms
  • Open-source
  • Over 6000 different pieces
  • Bugs

Verdict: LeoCAD allows your children to learn more about modeling. The program uses flashcards to make learning easier for your young ones. LeoCAD allows kids to create different projects, landscapes and other models that they can place in their rooms.

With this CAD program for kids, you can customize the learning modules according to your child's needs and choice. The kids can create their own 3D projects and learn how to make simple designs. By playing with the interface, your child can add details and colors to make their project look like a professional model.

leocad cad programs for kids interface

4. 3D Slash

Integrates with cloud storage
  • A set of tutorials
  • Many file export options
  • Connected to Google Drive
  • Isn’t totally free
3d slash cad programs for kids logo
3D Slash

Verdict: 3D Slash enables kids to create a wide range of different kinds of designs with the use of specialized tools and features. This CAD program for kids offers the ability to add textured walls and textures to the project.

This 3D printing software has a few recommendations on the screen for you to read in order to make sure that your child is operating the program appropriately. Your child can be learning how to draw and complete their own drawings, as well as adding different kinds of texturing and other features to the image that they have drawn on the computer screen.

3d slash cad programs for kids interface

5. Leopoly

3D and VR solutions
  • Great model library
  • For 3D printing
  • Supports STL and OBJ
  • Registration needed
leopoly cad programs for kids logo

Verdict: With Leopoly, kids can create realistic 3D models and then print them also in 3D. This CAD program for kids includes awesome model library. If you want to save your project, you can choose between STL and OBJ files.

This 3D modeling software helps kids to enhance their skills in drawing and projection. Through its VR solution, the modeling can be experienced virtually.

leopoly cad programs for kids interface