5 Best Boat Design Software in 2022

Create realistic 2D or 3D models using the best boat design software. Apart from basic models, you may design yachts and ships. Using these applications, you can create outer boat structures, like hulls, masts, decks, etc.

Top 5 Boat Design Software

  1. Fusion 360 - Sketching & modeling
  2. 3DBoatDesign - For pro boat designers
  3. Bearboat SP - To design kayaks
  4. AutoShip - For vessel design
  5. ActCAD - Multithreading capabilities

Programs on my list enable you to generate load plans and design crucial boat parts. These user-friendly solutions allow you to use templates when designing boats. You can easily customize these models as you like.

These programs support such tools as Zoom, Orientation, and Node, which allows you to apply changes to the design. Besides, you can utilize numerous analysis options to check buoyancy, surface area, structural integrity, and volume.

1. Fusion 360 - Our Choice

Sketching & modeling
  • The cloud upload
  • Parametric design features
  • Great online tutorials
  • None

Verdict: Fusion 360 allows you to make changes and modifications to your boat plans in 3D. The boat design software allows you to visaualize your new design on the computer before you get started. It explains the materials and components you will need to purchase to complete the project and gives you a timeline to keep track of your progress.

The biggest complaint about free boat design software is that you cannot touch, feel, or even see the plans that you are creating. This is not an issue when using this 3D printing software. You can print out as many copies of your new plan as you need. You can also download and use the plans again, building your boat over again.

fusion 360 boat design software interface

2. 3DBoatDesign

For pro boat designers
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Increase modeling knuckle lines freedom
  • Reasonable price
  • Lack of tutorials

Verdict: 3DBoatDesign allows you to create, design and manage your boat with ease. The software has an excellent library that contains many useful charts, graphics and statistical data. In addition to providing a straightforward method of creating and managing boats the software allows you to track your fuel costs, maintenance costs, tonnage and much more. You can also use marine navigation software for PC to manage your boat and define your current location.

Not only does this boat design software allows you to make accurate maps and graphs of your boat but it also has a complete library of graphics which can provide inspiration when you're creating your boat design.

3dboatdesign boat design software interface

3. Bearboat SP

To design kayaks
  • Provides important parameters
  • Free software
  • 2D wireframe design
  • Only for Windows

Verdict: Bearboat SP allows you to make changes and modifications to your boat. The graphics and colors are extremely sharp and clear, and the programs allow you to view them on your computer screen in split screen mode. The boats are built with a very modern, clean and flat design that have been carefully thought out and refined for optimal performance. The software includes a large database of boat designs from which you can choose your favorites.

In addition to these features, this boat design software has a handy feature list with all the components, systems and accessories that each boat comes with. It includes an alarm that sounds when your engine is running low, to keep you aware that you are nearing your destination. Other options include a radio scanner that will notify you when another boat is on the horizon or on your tail.

bearboat sp boat design software interface

4. AutoShip

For vessel design
  • Load planning modules
  • Hull design software
  • 4 simultaneous views
  • No Mac version
autoship boat design software logo

Verdict: There are many features offered through AutoShip that will allow you to custom build your own boat. You can choose from a variety of boat styles, sizes and more. You can also choose between different options such as color schemes, deck options, hull options, steering options and much more.

This boat design software allows you to upload your own pictures to have them incorporated into your custom designed boat. You are able to download and save boat models that are already manufactured to your computer so that you are not limited in the options that you have when it comes to building your own custom model.

autoship boat design software interface

5. ActCAD

Multithreading capabilities
  • 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools
  • API customization available
  • Supports DXF and DWG files
  • Limited integrations
actcad boat design software logo

Verdict: ActCAD offers them the tools to create realistic and technologically advanced boat designs in 3D. You can editing the boat plans that you have. Aside from this, you will be able to edit different boat elements that will help you create the perfect design.

In addition to this, you should also take into consideration the warranty that is provided by this free CAD software. This warranty is specifically for one year. You can contact support to help you with any concerns.

actcad boat design software interface