9 Best Apps to Make Pictures Smaller

By Tani Adams 15 days ago, Software Reviews

9 Best Apps to Make Pictures Smaller in 2023

Set the correct aspect ratio and image size with the help of apps to make pictures smaller. You will avoid automatic AI cropping and awful quality decrease when posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or sending photos via email.

9 Best Apps to Make Pictures Smaller

  1. Image Size - 15+ preset cropping formats iOS
  2. CropSize Photo Resizer – Metadata editing Android
  3. Photo Compress – Preview mode iOS
  4. Desqueeze – Batch editing iOS
  5. Photo and Picture Resizer – Doesn’t affect quality Android
  6. Resize Me - Saving EXIF and GPS data Android
  7. Pixlr Express - Supports JPEF and TIFF iOS|Android
  8. Image Easy Resizer – Manual size adjustments in pixels Android
  9. Reduce Photo Size – Convenient resizing bar Android

Pick premade formats for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yik Yak or set the proportions manually in pixels, centimeters or inches.

Edit an entire wedding album with a single tap on the screen by editing and saving WXIF and GPS data using the following apps to make pictures smaller.

1. Image Size – Our Choice

15+ cropping formats
  • Simple interface
  • Accurate size info in pixels and cm
  • 15+ premade cropping formats
  • Color correction settings
  • No flaws found

Verdict: Image Size is an intuitive app that allows changing the size of a picture with a single screen tap.

You can enter the exact value in inches, centimeters, millimeters or pixels. After that, the app will automatically change the size. You can also pick from 15 formats for different types of portrait and landscape photos: 4:3, 2:3, 8.5:11, 5.5:8.5, 11:17, 16:9, and several others.

Once you’ve adjusted the size, you can visit other sections of the app to apply a filter, fix the focus, or perform basic color correction.

image size app to pictures smaller interface

2. CropSize Photo Resizer

Batch editing
  • Batch editing mode
  • Metadata editing
  • Doesn’t lose quality
  • Free version has ads

Verdict: CropSize Photo Resizer is a cross-platform app for changing the size of high-quality images.

Its most useful function is batch editing. You don’t have to perform the same manipulations on each photo in a wedding album to post them on Instagram. Instead, you can just set the proportions and desired quality one time and can apply those settings to 100+ images.

You can also use other features, such as image filters, rotation, mirroring and even metadata editing.

cropsize photo resizer app to pictures smaller intreface

3. Photo Compress

Cropping in preview mode
  • Preview mode
  • Can edit and save EXIF data
  • Batch editing
  • Outdated UI

Verdict: Photo Compress is another intuitive app for adjusting the size of JPEG.

The app is supplied with batch editing functionality, several built-in formats, the ability to set a precise size in pixels, and allows you to correct and save EXIF data.

Its most interesting feature is the preview mode that can be very useful for batch editing. You can view the proportions of the original photo with a single tap.

photo compress app to pictures smaller intreface

4. Desqueeze

3 resizing methods
  • 3 size editing methods
  • Supports TIFF, JPEG, PNG
  • Batch editing
  • Only for iOS

Verdict: With the help of Desqueeze, you can easily change the size of photos and videos in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, M4V, MOV and MP4 formats.

Among the offered settings, you’ll find premade formats, manual pixel parameter input and batch editing.

Its unique feature is the 3 separate methods of changing the size of the images. You can fit the selected ratio, crop the ratio, or stretch the image. If you want to change the image to its natural size, try the “determine the orientation” option.

desqueeze app to pictures smaller intreface

5. Photo and Picture Resizer

Premade sizes for social networks
  • Doesn't affect the quality
  • Premade settings for social networks
  • Precise size settings
  • Only for Android

Verdict: Photo and Picture Resizer allows you to resize image without losing quality.

This app was developed for supporting aspect ratios by offering a list of resolutions based on the camera and manual settings. You can change the aspect ratio, rotate and mirror your photos.

Also, it is possible to pick one of the premade settings and resize photographs before posting them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, etc.

photo and picture resizer app to pictures smaller intreface

6. Resize Me

Add your own watermark
  • Can save EXIF and GPS data
  • Allows applying a watermark
  • Premade sizes for social media sites
  • Only JPG

Verdict: Set the size of a photo or an entire album without damaging its quality with a single click by using this app to make pictures smaller.

Apply classic aspect ratio presets for social networks, rotate and set your pictures as wallpapers. Save EXIF tags and GPS data for a single file or several photographs simultaneously.

The unique feature of this app is the ability to add your watermark with customizable opacity and colors to the photo before saving it.

resize me app to pictures smaller intreface

7. Pixlr Express

10+ finished premade sizes
  • 10+ finished premade sizes
  • 600+ effects
  • 10+ preinstalled sizes
  • Cluttered with excess functions

Verdict: Pixlr is a terrific utility for resizing, rotating, mirroring, cropping and editing photographs.

The app offers JPEG and TIFF image support. It allows you to adjust the size automatically by using the 10+ pre-installed aspect ratios or entering your own dimensions.

The app is notable for the availability of over 600 special effects and filters along with a set of semi-automated correction settings for your images.

pixlr express app to pictures smaller intreface

8. Image Easy Resizer

Built-in camera
  • Batch editing
  • Built-in camera
  • Manual size adjustments in pixels
  • Dated interface

Verdict: Image Easy Resizer is the simplest app to make photos smaller as it doesn’t have any extra features.

You can upload a photo from your library or take one using the built-in camera. After choosing the image, you can use one of three functions: rotate, crop or resize. You can also pick a built-in aspect ratio or set it manually. Such limited functionality is great since nothing is distracting you from your task.

It should be noted that you can either edit photos one by one or perform batch editing to save time.

image easy resizer app to pictures smaller intreface

9. Reduce Photo Size

App with a size preview bar
  • Convenient size bar
  • Basic manual proportion settings
  • Only essential functionality
  • Photos can’t be saved in your library

Verdict: Reduce Photo Size is an outdated but still very efficient app to make pictures smaller.

You can rotate and crop the images or set manual proportions. The biggest convenience of this app is that the left section of the screen that shows the size and quality of the image you’re working on in real-time.

The only drawback of the app is that you have to post the picture straight on social media, without the ability to save it on your phone.

reduce photo size app to pictures smaller intreface