Free Online Photo Resizer

This Online Photo Resizer is based on open source and is created for all users who need to work with image sizes. The Online Image Resizer provides tools for basic image editing: compression, unlimited drawing, adding text, rotation, vector drawing.

FAQ: Online Photo Resizer

How to resize photos without losing quality?
If you open an image in Adobe Photoshop using the Open action and add it to the background, you will lose quality when resizing. In order to preserve the quality of the image, just create a file with the background of the desired size and move the image from the folder directly to the background using the Drag and Drop method.
Do hotkeys work in the Photo Resizer?
Yes, you can use keyboard shortcuts and combinations. If you want to learn more about them, click on More – Keyboard Shortcuts and view the full list of commands.
Can I resize batch photos?
Yes, you can. When you open one image in the Photo Resizer, record the Action. Click Window – Actions – Record (circle), then go to Image – Image Size. Select the desired size and save the image with the value Quality: 10. Now you can use File – Automate – Batch to select the folder on your computer that you want to do the same with.
Will new features be added to this Online Photo Resizer?
Yes, the work on new features is carried out daily and updated immediately. The latest update added is support for smart objects. Also, the performance of the Online Image Resizer in the Firefox browser was improved.

Photo Resizer Online – Video Tricks: