Free Montage Maker Online

Online Photo Montage Maker will help you make and edit your image montages just the way you like and free of charge! Use different photo montage templates or create your own ones. This Montage Maker can realize all ideas in several simple clicks.

FAQ: Image Montage Maker

How to make a photo montage?
There is no basic guide for making photo montages since the tools you need to use depend on your idea. For the simplest montage, you need to add one image to another and use Eraser (E) to remove the visible transition from the top layer.
Will this Montage Maker save my project if I turn off my computer?
Unfortunately, you won't be able to restore the session if you haven’t saved the file as PSD beforehand.
This is my first time working with the Montage Maker, where can I find guides?
Below, we have placed the main guides that you need to get started. If you don’t want to spend time studying them but still have to make a creative montage, you can approach our photo manipulation service. Fixthephoto professionals will make photo montages quickly and at an affordable price.
Can I upload PSD files here?
Yes, you can. If you started to make the montage in another image editor and saved it as PSD, you can easily open it with access to all the layers.

Photo Montage Maker Online – Video Tricks: