3Ds Max Tutorials for Beginners to Learn in 2022

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Apps and Software

Whether you are a high-level professional or an aspiring 3D designer who has never used a pro-level software before, you can watch 3Ds Max tutorials to master new skills and learn more about the recent versions of this software. They will help you create basic and compound 3D models and scenes as well as use texturing and rendering tools for getting professional results.

Top 20 3Ds Max Tutorials

On this list, you will find the best 3Ds Max tutorials available on YouTube. They will come in handy for 3D designers with different levels of experience. These videos will help you use this program for various purposes, including modeling, animation, surface and material simulation, etc. In some tutorials, you will find tips and tricks that will help you use some designer tools for solving specific tasks.

1. Beginner Crash Course

In this video, the author of the Simulation Lab channel will share his tips on working with 3Ds Max 3D modeling software. This tutorial will help you organize your workflow by learning about the basics of 3D modeling, texturing and surface rendering. You will learn how to use basic tools for solving simple tasks.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 53:21

2. Learn to 3D Model Anything with 3Ds MAX: Beginner Tutorial

The Simulation Lab channel on YouTube was created by Kyle who often uploads useful tutorials about 3D modeling. He created a great Beginner Crash Course for 3Ds Max users. In this tutorial, you will learn more about the interface and functionality of this 3D modeling software for beginners. Kyle tells his subscribers about different options that they can use for creating 3D animations and explains the basics of rigging.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1:20:33

3. Materials and Render Settings

In this part of the course developed by Kyle, aspiring 3D designers will learn more about creating various materials, such as glossy plastic, glass, chrome, emissive, and volumetric materials. Watch it if you don’t know much about designing and applying textures using this rendering software. With 3Ds Max, you can create detailed surfaces using bump and displacement maps. In addition, the author explains how to change the textures with the UVW Map modifier.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 58:04

4. 3Ds Max Tutorial - Beginners Guide 1 – Introduction to Max

On the TopHATTwaffle channel, you will find detailed 3Ds Max beginner tutorials for beginner users. The full course consists of 5 lectures. In this video, the author tells about the main tools available in this software and describes various tasks that you can solve. Then, he reviews the interface and explains how to use design and manipulation tools.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 20:23

5. 3Ds Max Tutorial - Beginners Guide 2 – Creating and Editing Geometry

From this tutorial, you will learn more about creating and editing various shapes. The author shows how to make basic geometric shapes in this character creation software and use them for designing compound 3D objects. After watching this tutorial, you will know what settings you need to use to get the desired result.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 36:20

6. 3Ds Max Tutorial - Beginners Guide 3 – Creating and Editing Splines

This tutorial will be especially useful for aspiring 3D designers who want how to create splines and shapes in 3Ds Max. The author describes the functionality of various tools in detail and explains how you can use them for various tasks. Besides, he tells which elements you can use for creating standard primitives and compound objects.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 18:52

7. 3Ds Max Tutorial - Beginners Guide 4 – Creating a Simple Model Lamp

This 10-minute video will come in handy for those who have already watched a couple of other tutorials for beginners. Just like in his previous videos, the author shows how to create a design of a lamp step by step. He explains which hotkeys and settings he uses.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 10:50

8. 3Ds Max Tutorial - Beginners Guide 5 – UVW Unwrap Modifier

After watching this comprehensive video, you will master the basics of texturing, which will help you make your 3D models more realistic. The author uses the model that he created in another tutorial and paints its surface using UVW materials and painting options available in 3Ds Max. It’s the final part of the series published on the TopHATTwaffle channel that explains the basic modeling options.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 19:24

9. Simple & Effective Guide to Animation Basics in 3Ds Max

In this 3D animation tutorial for beginners, Ava describes the main features of 3Ds Max and tells you how you can use this animation software without prior experience. On an example of an inanimate object, this CG designer shows how to use various features, edit projects using the in-built Curve Editor, adjust speed controls and set editing points.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 11:04

10. Arnold Render in 3Ds Max Introduction Tutorial

Eloi Andaluz Fullà has created this guide for those who want to learn how to use the Arnold renderer in 3Ds Max. Since the video is divided into several parts, you can click on each episode to study a particular topic, such as lights, materials, HDR illumination. After watching this tutorial, you will be able to perform progressive and GPU rendering. Besides, you will learn more about sampling and denoising.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 22:46

11. How to Create a Donut – 3Ds Max Tutorial

Since 3Ds Max is a professional software, it might be difficult to use for those who have never built three-dimensional models and scenes. This is why many aspiring 3D designers want to learn how to create basic objects. This 3Ds Max tutorial for beginners was created by the author of the LogicGear channel. Watch it to find out how to create a model of a donut without using advanced scripts and plugins.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 15:00

12. 3Ds Max 2022 Modeling Tutorial: Way Quicker Than Before

In this video, the designer who created the Arch Viz Artist YouTube channel explains how to model interiors in the recent version of the software, 3Ds Max 2022. She demonstrates how you can use this update to optimize your workflow and what makes it different from other 3D sculpting software available on the market. You will learn how to create a 3D model in every version of the software.

Level: Middle
Duration: 7:23

13. Walkthrough Animation in 3Ds Max - Camera Walkthrough Tutorial

This tutorial was shot by the author of the Arch Viz Artist channel to help 3D designers create walkthrough animations. It will be especially useful for those who need to visualize a walking tour. The author explains how to imitate walking through an urban area. At each stage, the designer explains how to use this or that tool in detail and which effect she is going to achieve by applying it.

Level: Middle
Duration: 13:26

14. How to Model an Interior Scene in 3Ds Max

The HM Studio channel was created for aspiring interior designers who want to learn how to create basic interiors in 3Ds Max. Whether you need to design an interior or get new advanced skills, this tutorial is a great solution.

The author of this channel is a professional designer Hadi. He provides viewers with a step-by-step tutorial covering all the stages of the interior design process. Hadi will take you through all the steps that you need to take to use every feature. This tutorial is suitable for anyone who has some prior experience of working in this CAD software.

Level: Middle
Duration: 26:21

15. 3Ds Max - Modern Architecture Rendering

The expert from the VizAcademy explains how to use the tools available in 3Ds Max for architecture rendering. He describes how to use the available CAD options, basic shapes, and pro-level techniques. In this video, the author goes through many topics and teaches how to create advanced visuals.

Level: Middle
Duration: 1:57:55

16. Fluids 3Ds Max Tutorial

Eloi Andaluz Fullà has shot this video tutorial to demonstrate how to create Bifrost-based fluid simulations. After watching this video, you will master the basics of creating realistic splashes, waterfalls, and other similar effects without using any third-party plugins and add-ons. For instance, you can use these tips to create a model of a glass filled with a liquid. If you want to find a step-by-step guide, this 3Ds Max modelling tutorial is a perfect choice.

Level: Middle
Duration: 35:46

17. 10 Autodesk 3Ds Max Tips in 5 Minutes for 3D Artists - Speed Up Your Workflow

Hubert Knoblauch is an experienced 3D designer who decided to create this 3Ds Max tutorial to share his expert advice. Here, he goes into the nitty-gritty of using the tools available in this software to help you get pro-level results. This video will be especially useful for those who have already used this program or other professional mechanical engineering software.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 3:38

18. 5 Tips How to Speed Up Your 3Ds Max Workflow

Ava created the Arch Viz Artist channel to share educational videos with designers who need to optimize their workflow and learn how to edit visualizations more effectively. This video will come in handy for specialists with different levels of skills, however, it will be the most useful for experienced designers who have already mastered 3Ds Max features. The tutorial will help you solve possible issues with the program, automate your workflow with the help of shortcuts and quads, adjust library settings, etc.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 7:06

19. 3Ds Max Tips & Tricks

This 3Ds Max modelling tutorial focuses on the specifics of working with compound objects and elements, which makes it immensely useful for professional designers. The author explains how to create various shapes and three-dimensional objects using alternative modeling techniques.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 18:50

20. 3Ds Max - Advanced Details

In this video tutorial, Arrimus 3D tells users about the ins and outs of creating highly detailed 3D objects. He shares the basics of editing such objects and explains various techniques that help experienced users solve minor issues. Using this information, designers can significantly improve their skills and learn how to create professional 3D modeling projects.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 19:16