Ahmad Digital Agencies Review 2023

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software

Ahmad Digital Agencies

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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Price: From R1000

Verdict: Ahmad Digital Agencies is a broad selection of in-house services for photographers. You can make use of their expertise in web development, brand establishment, logo creation, social media, and online marketing. The main aspect that separates this agency apart from the competitors is its strategic approach to each project.

They carefully analyze your company or project, research competition, and devise the most efficient methods for reaching a new audience or building upon the existing one. The company works with both yet unknown photographers and renowned professionals.

  • Broad list of in-house services for photographers
  • Experience working with different industries and niches
  • Offer free digital business analysis
  • Reasonably affordable services given the provided quality
  • Google verified agency
  • Need to get a site host and domain elsewhere
ahmad digital agencies interface

Ahmad Digital Agencies help elevate companies and personal brands from their current level to where they strive to be. They can tackle website design, social network management, PPC ad campaigns, video content, graphic design, and much more.

Their experts can also help start a new enterprise or brand from the ground up. They absorb all your ideas and use them as a foundation for your growth strategy. Moreover, you’re going to be working with experienced marketers, designers, and developers, as your project is entrusted to a result-driven team, the only goal of which is to ensure your business is successful.

Their services encompass a broad range of businesses in various fields: the music industry, cosmetic services, healthcare, care sales, etc. Ahmad Digital excels at producing digital marketing campaigns for both small brands and international companies.

Ahmad Digital Agencies – Main Features

ahmad digital agencies logo

Ahmad Digital Agencies was founded in 2018. During this time, the agency managed to take second place among the best digital marketing companies in South Africa and become the leader in their city. This digital marketing agency worked with the following companies: Sai Ngam Thai Spa, Tradewise Global, Rg Motors Bank Repo, Agriseed, Forza Fx SA, S.D Studios, Sibeko Graphics, Sizwe MDaka Occupational Therapist, and Brits Medical Suits.

Creating a Successful Web Design for Photographers

ahmad digital agencies website design example

The agency knows how to listen to the client and adhere to their requirements to create successful web designs. The company’s experts have enough knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to complete a project of any difficulty.

It’s worth noting that all web design projects are done in-house. Ahmad Agencies don’t involve third-party designers, guarantying the result will always be top-class since each project is worked on by verified experts.

ahmad digital agencies website design example

When working on a project, employees use the best web design software and don’t rely on templates, while considering the convenience of the created solution and how relevant it is. A key feature that makes them stand out from competing web design agencies is that they aren’t limited to a single industry. Judging by Ahmad Digital Agencies testimonials, they have experience in servicing over ten different fields, including:

  • Photography
  • Massage and beauty
  • Stock market and foreign exchange
  • Car dealerships
  • Medical institutes/hospitals
  • Customer experience solutions and many more.

Effective Website and eCommerce Solutions

effective website and ecommerce solutions

Their experienced web developers and designers have a broad assortment of skills and rely on the newest technology and software to ensure you can meet your digital sales targets each year. Ahmad Digital Agencies believe that to be commercially successful, an e-commerce website has to offer professional design, intuitive user experience, reliable technology, and built-in web marketing tools.

Their employees start by asking questions regarding your needs, preferences, and goals to ensure the website has both the look and feature set you want. They also ask their clients to give a couple of website examples that they like before devising a design of their own.

The agency creates sites on probably the best website builder for photographers – WordPress. Whether you need a minimalistic, informative site that only contains essential information or a more refined website with expanded functionality – their team can deliver exactly what you want. The agency’s developers also provide the support necessary to make the site look and work equally great across all modern devices and screen sizes.

Usually, it takes them between 3-5 days to finish working on a website, but that number can fluctuate based on the scale and pace of the project.

Full Range of Graphic Design Services

ahmad digital agencies graphic design example

This agency starts working on every project from the ground up while communicating with the client on every step of the process to ensure their brand's vision and values are represented as accurately as possible. They organize a separate meeting to hear out the customer’s needs and graphic design ideas, using them as the main drive behind the creative process.

Their graphic design team has experience in creating a full range of marketing products, including: Album Artwork, Banners, Book Covers, Brochures, Business Card, Envelopes, Flyers, Letterhead, Menus, Posters, Postcards, Presentation Folders, T-Shirts.

Help in Supporting Your Website

You can hire Ahmad Agencies employees to help support your site or you can take that task upon yourself with some minor changes. Note that their ongoing support services are provided for a fixed hourly rate.

In-Depth Website Content Management Guidance

The agency’s team helps customers manage their site and learn how to properly post and organize its content. You’ll be granted unrestricted access to the backend of your WP website once the project is complete.

While more drastic changes like installing new plugins, changing the structure of the site and introducing new functionality require the help of a professional developer, going through the agency’s tutorage will teach you how to do minor text updates, change and upload images, post new products and services, and perform other similar tasks by yourself.

The agency offers hourly tutorials that are designed to help inexperienced users study how to navigate the backend of a website while making necessary minor adjustments without any further guidance.

Add Individuality to Your Brand

ahmad digital agencies logo design example

Ahmad Agencies professionals rely on their creativity, ability to produce consistent results, and determination to produce unique logos from scratch. They start any graphic design project by performing analysis, visualization, and approbation.

The company creates logos by employing advanced graphic design software, while using the way you describe your brand and how it’s seen by the audience as a reference point. Additionally, their experts account for the company’s tone and goals.

The agency’s approach to creating a logo can be broken down into these stages:

  • Learning the client’s brand.
  • Researching its industry, history, and competition,
  • Brainstorming potential design approaches.
  • Sketching and visualizing ideas on paper.
  • Creating initial logo drafts.
  • Showing them to the client.
  • Revising and adjusting the logo according to the client’s feedback.
  • Color options and variations.
  • Second stage of revisions and adjustments.
  • Delivering the final images.
ahmad digital agencies logo design example

You’ll be presented with a finalized AI/Vector file, as well as JPG and PNG versions of your logo. Using these files, you can add the logo to any stationery or brand products you have, including business cards, brochures, site headers, presentation materials, and much more.

As a result, you’ll receive multiple logo options that you can have further improved upon request. The number of revision cycles depends on your chosen pricing plan. If you want more changes or variations than the agreed-upon number of revisions, you’ll be charged an hourly rate of $120.

The duration of the project generally depends on the feedback speed. On average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete all stages of the described creation process.

Differentiate Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

The social network management and advertising services provided by the agency help deal with the difficulties of social media for photographers, allowing you to focus on aspects within your area of expertise. Their marketers develop a reliable strategy that will ensure your brand keeps growing until it reaches the point it deserves. Ahmad Agencies experts will constantly support social media activity while establishing new connections and increasing your audience.

They help grow your business with marketing campaigns and paid ads, driving organic traffic to your channels and engaging an audience that will boost your ROI. Their specialists also develop a content plan, conduct profile audits to improve them, integrate social networks with your website, and communicate with the audience in the comments and personal messages.

Additional Services for Photographers

The range of services provided by the agency also includes photoshoots and video production. The company employs professional photographers and videographers that will help bring your idea to life. Additionally, you can outsource photography editing services. The agency’s employees work with customers from around the globe, while communicating via email, prescheduled calls, and Zoom.

Ahmad Digital Agencies Prices

The agency works with companies of all budgets, which is why they offer different service packages.

Website design and development prices start at R2500 per webpage. If you need a website with up to 8 pages that are adapted to mobile devices, with individually selected photos and videos, then you’ll need to pay R10 000. If you don’t just need a website, but also want to develop a company style or marketing materials, then this service will cost you R13 000 or more.

Graphic Design Services cost between R1000-5000. The exact price depends on what materials you need to design.

E-Commerce Services also include multiple packages, the cost of which depends on the number of products and starts at R15 000.

Logo Design prices vary from R1000 for 3 initial logo drafts and 2 revision cycles and go up to R3500 for 10 initial drafts and 3 revision cycles.

Social Media Marketing package includes account management, the creation and publishing of 3 posts a week, and website integration while costing R5000 a month. If you want to entrust their experts with two accounts and increase the number of posts to 5 a week, while also experimenting with various ad campaigns, then you’ll have to pay R10 000. The prices for an unlimited number of managed accounts and posts start at R20 000 a month.

Pricing information listed in this Ahmad Digital Agencies review may not be 100% precise since companies come with different needs and the exact cost is negotiated with the client before the start of the project. To learn the exact price, can contact their manager through their website form or email.


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