Affiliate Booster Review: the Benefits of the Wordpress Gutenberg Plugin

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software

Affiliate Booster

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Verdict: Affiliate Booster simplifies the creation of marketing websites and increases CTR, due to its ready-made, customizable blocks on various topics. You can add pre-designed blocks with a product description, its pros and cons, rating, comments, etc., to your WordPress theme or website with one mouse click.

The best part is that all blocks are easily customizable thanks to the built-in Gutenberg editor. You can adjust the color palette to match the overall theme, change the font, position, add text, and more. Well-thought-out editing features make this plugin extremely easy to use, even if you are a beginner.

  • 28+ ready-to-use designs
  • Great editing features
  • Blocks optimizable for different devices
  • Responsive service
  • Increases CTR
  • Integration with WordPress themes
  • Blocks are mainly designed for marketing
affiliate booster interface

One of the key benefits of Affiliate Booster blocks is that you don't need WordPress coding skills to use them. What's more, they are fully compatible with all devices and automatically optimize the size for your customers, so they can conveniently interact with your site using their laptop, tablet, or phone.

Affiliate Booster: Main Features

affiliate booster logo

Affiliate Booster optimizes and simplifies the process of creating marketing websites, offering ready-made blocks. Thus, you can conveniently interact with your clients, which leads to increased CTR.

Over 28 Pre-Made Blocks for Improved Interaction

affiliate booster full list blocks

Using the Affiliate Booster plugin, you get access to 28+ pre-made, premium block designs, including a single product description block, comparison block, notification block, pros and cons block, ratings and features block, coupons and notifications block, popular product block and others.

The most pleasing thing is that you don’t have to be a coding expert to create these blocks, as they are designed in the default Gutenberg editor, so you DO NOT need to install any heavy page builders or study full lessons how to set up a photo gallery on your WordPress site to have a professional-looking design.

Convenient Operation and Fully Customizable Blocks

affiliate booster customizable blocks

These blocks are easy to drag and drop and place anywhere on your website. Thus, you can easily create any design you want. You can customize the overall background color, adjust margin padding, button colors, choose the right fonts for buttons and product descriptions, position text in the right way, and add your own icons.

What's more, you can customize the blocks in a modern, built-in Gutenberg editor, without paying extra for Elementor or downloading third-party free graphic design software

Block Optimization for Any Device

affiliate booster block optimization for any device

Since in the modern world, most marketing operations, on the part of the client, are performed from a smartphone or tablet, Affiliate Booster developers took care of optimizing the blocks for any device. Now, by embedding them in your site, you can be sure that the blocks will be automatically optimized for the display size of the iPhone 5s, iPad Air 5 2022, or any other device.

Design optimization directly affects Google algorithms and will allow you to increase sales in the long run. Some studies have shown that Affiliate Booster improves the shopping experience for your website visitors and ratchets up the number of clicks on Amazon, which positively affects your CTR and ultimately sales.

Plugin Integration with WordPress Themes

affiliate booster integration with wordpress themes

One of the key features of the Affiliate Booster plugin is that its blocks are designed to work directly with WordPress themes. Right on the main menu of the WordPress editor, you launch the plugin and drag and drop the needed blocks. Here, you can edit them to suit your demands.

Useful Guides for Beginners

If you've just created your own website but can’t figure out how to use blocks or install the Affiliate Booster plugin, you can check out the tutorials for beginners. In the knowledge base section, the developers collected the most useful guides with FAQ and included detailed instructions in a text version, underpinning the info with screenshots and videos.

For example, you can learn how to customize widget options, create one-page layouts, make advanced typography adjustments, use dynamic blocks, customize call-to-action blocks, and more.

Affiliate Booster Prices

Depending on the number of websites where you want to place custom premium blocks, the price varies. If you want to get an annual license for yourself and improve the performance of your personal site or speed up the setup and design of blocks in the sales section, then you can purchase the "Single Site" plan for $29.95/year.

You will get the same features as in the most expensive plan, namely: notification blocks, call-to-action blocks, star rating blocks, comparison blocks, product advantages and disadvantages blocks, button blocks, progress bar, list item blocks, and 15+ other blocks.

If you have a large branch network, you should choose the "25 Sites" plan for $36.75/year or the "50 Sites" plan for $44.25/year. You will get the same set of blocks with identical customization options, however, by buying any of these plans, you can use these blocks on multiple WordPress sites.

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