Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint: What Software to Choose

Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint: What Software to Choose

If you can't decide between Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint, you should read this review.

With Adobe Spark you can create professional slideshows and presentations using pictures, videos and multimedia content.

PowerPoint allows making simple presentations and small slideshows consisting of various elements in a short time.

What Is Adobe Spark?

adobe spark logo Adobe Spark is powerful software that can not only make slideshow and presentation from your content, but also create social graphics, web pages and video clips. Using it, you get full access to premium templates, Adobe fonts and more. You can also add your own personal branded items to any of your works to make them unique.
It also integrates with three mobile apps: Spark Page, Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video, allowing users to create, edit, and share their stories on any social network. You can perform work of varying complexity and for different purposes, for example, make presentations and videos for business, education, marketing and more.
  • adobe spark interface slide creation process
  • adobe spark interface slide creation process

    Adobe Spark: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon Automatic slide creation. To create a slide in Adobe Spark, you just need to select the desired picture and the text, and then choose the template that suits you. The program will automatically create a slide based one of 40 ready-made templates, which you can edit or resize if necessary.

    icon Use of varied content. When creating a slide, you can use both built-in fonts, add audio and video files. You can also attach voice recordings, which is very convenient for presenting the necessary information, instead of using ordinary text.

    icon Integration with Adobe products. Adobe Spark integrates with three programs – Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. With Spark Post, you can create dynamic stories for social networks, consisting of text, music, photos and pictures. Spark Page helps you create exclusive web pages with unique designs and content. Adobe Spark Video is capable of producing stunning videos and slideshows using various transitions and effects.

    icon Multifunctional tools for presentation. While creating your Adobe Spark presentation, you can choose ready-made slide templates or use the “Start from scratch” function. There is a special slider to change elements, which allows altering their order and arrangement. Using the "Transparency" slider you can change the visibility of any object. Thanks to the Style Wheel tool, you can modify the style of the text simply by spinning it, and you can stop at the style you like.

    icon Support of third-party plug-ins. If needed, you can use not only embedded transitions and fonts, (there are more than 500 of them), but also take advantage of various third-party effects to enhance images. This allows you to perform the necessary transformations in Adobe Spark without moving the finished slide to Photoshop to use brushes and overlays. Such a possibility gives this program additional scores in the Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint battle because the latter can offer nothing of the kind.

    icon Regular subscription fee. The trial period lasts for 7 days, then you need to buy a subscription to use the program. You can purchase it on the official website as part of the Creative Cloud plan.

    icon May be difficult for beginners. The software has a large number of features and tools, so it will be difficult for a beginner to immediately understand the working process. However, after several hours of undistracted work, you will be able to master all the features of this program. Besides, you can watch educational videos, as there are many cool guides on the net.

    What Is PowerPoint?

    powerpoint logo PowerPoint is software for creating and viewing presentations on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms. Presentations created in this program can be viewed on large television screens, or broadcast through a projector. You can create slideshows consisting of various components such as pictures, music and animations.
    While working, you can use ready-made templates for your slides, different fonts for text elements, add various geometric shapes, and more. There are also cool transitions in the library, but you cannot extend it with third-party plug-ins.
    • powerpoint interface using video in a presentation
    • powerpoint interface using video in a presentation

      PowerPoint: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Easy reviewing of works. While checking other works, you can add notes, spell check, translate text, and more. The program allows selecting objects that should be deleted, leave comments, use the built-in dictionary of words, etc.

      icon Support of a variety of elements. While working with slides, you can insert any objects and shapes. You can attach both a picture and various tables and graphs to the slide. It is also possible to insert an object with borders of any geometric shape, for example, text can be inserted into a hexagon or a star. You can also attach video and audio files, hyperlinks and more.

      icon A multitude of designs. When creating a presentation, you can use over 30 different types of designs. They are automatically applied to your slides, and you can see the result straight away. You can also change the design on each slide differently if you want.

      icon Broad selection of transitions. To jazz up your work, you can use slide transitions. PowerPoint is a good Adobe Spark alternative and has its own set of 50 transitions. You can use both simple and complex transitions, and work with transitions that have dynamic content: an orbit, a window, and others.

      icon Professional work with animation. You can use animated elements on your slides while creating a presentation. There are numerous settings available. For example, you can set a timer so that the animation plays a certain time.

      Alternatively, you can set a delay so that the animation starts running after several seconds of the slide show. It is also possible to change the order of animations, choose a special area for them and more.

      icon Limited functionality. PowerPoint has all the necessary features and tools for creating great presentations. But this toolset looks less impressive if we compare Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint since the former offers more.

      icon Inconvenient purchasing mechanism. You cannot buy this software separately but only in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. It also includes various programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and others. Therefore, the use of PowerPoint also implies the joint installation of these programs.

      Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint: Price

      price adobe spark vs powerpoint

      The Adobe Spark license has two different purchase plans – the Team plan for $19.99/month and the Individual plan for $9.99/month. But remember to check all existing Adobe discounts before making a purchase. You can also use Adobe Spark free which isn’t inferior in the number of features and functionality to the licensed programs. The only difference is the technical support. Using the Team plan, you can contact managers 24/7, while the Individual plan implies 12-hour assistance.

      You can purchase PowerPoint in conjunction with a Microsoft 365 subscription, as this software isn’t distributed separately. There are three subscription options: Office 365 Family for $79.99/year, Office 365 Personal for $59.99/year and Office Home and Student for $119.99/year.

      The first two options differ only in the cloud storage space and the third option has significant differences.

      Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint – Who Wins?

      After comparing all the strong and weak points of these programs, we can confidently say that Adobe Spark remains the clear leader in the Adobe Spark vs PowerPoint confrontation. Both these programs help create presentations and slideshows, but PowerPoint lags behind in terms of functionality and toolkit.

      Adobe Spark has extensive functionality and a set of tools not only for creating presentations and slideshows, but also for various posts and pictures on social networks, as well as web pages. You can also create short videos from a wide variety of content.

      PowerPoint comes with functions only for creating and viewing presentations. Anyway, tools are well arranged, developed for a particular task and cope with it perfectly. Therefore, this program is sufficient enough to create a high-quality presentation of 10-15 slides.

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