Adobe Illustrator Crack 2024 Version (Free Download)

By Ann Young 21 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

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I have been working as a graphic designer for five years, and I know well that using Adobe Illustrator Crack is illegal. If at the beginning of my career, I did not even think about the legality and ethical side of installing pirated copies of programs, now I understand the importance of using official software.

Downloading a cracked version of the Illustrator can harm a computer and is against the law. Other unpleasant consequences include viruses, data loss, fines, etc. The official version provides access to timely updates, high-quality support, and a variety of options to create amazing artwork. 

System Requirements

Component Windows macOS

Operating System

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

macOS v10.15 (Catalina) or later


Multicore Intel processor (with 64-bit support) or AMD Athlon 64 processor

Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support or Apple M1 chip


8 GB (16 GB recommended)

8 GB (16 GB recommended)

Hard Disk Space

Requires 2 GB of hard disk space to be installed; extra free space is demanded for setup (it is impossible to install it on a volume with a case-sensitive file system or on detachable flash storage devices)

Requires 2 GB of hard disk space to be installed; extra free space is demanded for setup (it is impossible to install it on a volume with a case-sensitive file system or on detachable flash storage devices)


1024x768 display (1920x1080 recommended)

1024x768 display (1920x1080 recommended)

Graphics Processor

OpenGL 4.x capability

OpenGL 4.x capability


Connection to the web and registration are required for software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.

Connection to the web and registration are required for software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.

Take into account that the info provided in this article gives general recommendations. There are different situations and project sizes, as well as other aspects that you should consider to get the desired result.

It would be reasonable to visit the developer’s site to learn the most recent info on the system requirements and Illustrator alternatives.

Adobe Illustrator Crack Versions:

Adobe Illustrator 2024 Latest Version for Windows

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Adobe Illustrator 2024 Latest Version for Mac

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Adobe Illustrator 2023 Version for Windows

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Adobe Illustrator 2023 Version for Mac

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Adobe Illustrator 2022 Version for Windows

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Adobe Illustrator 2022 Version for Mac

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Adobe Illustrator Crack Features

adobe illustrator interface

In-panel editing

With the in-panel editing feature, it is possible to adjust illustrations in no time, as you won’t have to jump from one window or tab to another, wasting your time. This accelerates my workflow and makes it easier to stay creative and not get distracted.

Extensive toolkit

The program boasts a wide selection of tools and features that satisfy all my needs as a graphic artist. From Illustrator brushes to shapes-to-text tools, I have all the required options to produce detailed and exquisite illustrations for various purposes.

Allows scaling designs without degrading quality

For some projects, I need bigger images, and it is great that the program allows scaling them without quality loss. No matter what type of illustrations I’m working on, it is possible to scale the designs easily without decreasing the sharpness and clarity level.

Multiple templates

The program comes with a collection of templates that make the design process a breeze. To start the project, I select a template that matches my vision and customize it to my liking to create a character design or a book cover, for example.

Learning curve

The downside of Adobe Illustrator is a steep learning curve, so this is a bad option for novices who are unfamiliar with vector-based designs. At the rise of my career, I needed weeks to figure out how to use the program’s functions effectively. Even now I am not an expert in this software and there is much stuff I need to learn. This slows down my workflow and makes it less productive.

Performance problems

Adobe Illustrator can not handle large files and complex designs without lags and slowdowns. For professionals who produce detailed artwork for books or some type of media, this is a considerable drawback. Although my PC uses a powerful processor and has much RAM, the software fails to run effectively at times.

Why Using Adobe Illustrator Crack Is Bad

illustrator crack disadvantages

Many users don’t see a crucial difference between the Adobe Illustrator cracked and official versions. However, when buying the official Adobe Illustrator, the developer gives you a complete guarantee that the program will work stably. In the case of installing a pirated copy of Adobe Illustrator or another unofficial version, you will have to face many problems. I will describe some of them.

Viruses. The main issue of hacked graphic design software is viruses that are downloaded along with the program you are going to install. The sources that provide you with infected tools aren’t responsible for the viruses you have to deal with. As a result, editing vector graphics will become a very difficult process and time-consuming process.

Upgrade issues. Adobe Illustrator 2022 and 2023 Cracks typically have problems with an Internet connection, so you can forget about updating the software. Besides, Adobe developers often add a lot of new useful features to the official program. Using Illustrator Crack, you deprive yourself of upgrades, such as the adjustable brightness of the interface or the features for creating new vector drawings.

Lack of Adobe support. When using the official version of Adobe Illustrator, you can always get help and answers to any questions concerning the program to optimize its work. However, if you have a hacked tool, you will have to deal with all the problems and bugs yourself.

System failures. Pirates are unlikely to be careful when hacking software. Due to this, the program may come with important codes missing. The graphics editor will function with lags, and errors will appear during the operation.

Law violation. Downloading and installing pirated versions of the software is a law violation. So, I do not recommend using Adobe Illustrator Crack for Mac or Windows to avoid problems with the police.

Free Alternatives

If you are not willing to install Adobe Illustrator or you are looking for free vector graphics software for basic editing operations, then you should check these free Illustrator alternatives.

To get Adobe Illustrator for free without violating the law, you can benefit from the free trial provided by Adobe developers.

You can choose either the single app plan or the Creative Cloud (CC) apps plan. A free trial period lasts 7 days. During this period, you can try all the Illustrator features without any restrictions.


inkscape logo

Inkscape is a decent open-source editor that is aimed at the convenient creation of both artistic and technical illustrations. Inkscape contains a tool for creating templates along with a set of filters.

The latest update of the program has brought mesh gradients, allowing for more complex and realistic shading and coloring of vector graphics, which made the Illustrator vs Inkscape competition even more dramatic.


vectr logo

Vectr is a drawing software that allows users to perform standard vector operations, such as creating and editing geometric shapes, curves, etc. Another effective feature is the ability to share your project simply by sending the URL to your colleagues, letting them view and edit it.

Unlike Illustrator, Vectr has a clean and intuitive UI, so beginners won’t struggle to learn and use it. The workspace is easy to understand, and you won’t have trouble accessing its tools and features.


krita logo

The main task of Krita is to help users design digital paintings and 2D animation. It also offers advanced vector graphics tools for creating sophisticated graphics. Another benefit of this tool is its intuitive and customizable interface, which lets artists organize tools and panels according to their needs. Besides, users won’t have trouble transitioning from this graphic design software to another environment.

Like Illustrator, Krita comes with a vast selection of brush engines and customization features, so it is perfect for creating illustrations with lots of details and concept art. Such versatility also relates to vector brushes, so a clean and scalable line of work is guaranteed.

FREE Bonus Tools

free fonts for illustrator from fixthephoto

To create various logos in Adobe Illustrator, you need to have interesting-looking fonts at your disposal. I have prepared several unique fonts that will help you achieve an eye-catching result.