Adobe CC Express vs Vimeo: Which Platform to Choose

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software reviews

Comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo was very interesting since both programs offer cool features. However, the former is a multifunctional tool for quick creation of engaging online content in the form of multimedia and social graphics. Vimeo is a comprehensive platform for creating and posting video content for profit. In general, these are web platforms for making certain types of content in a quick way thanks to a huge number of templates and resource libraries.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a powerful yet straightforward web platform for amateur designers, who want to quickly create visually appealing digital content and online assets (from posts to simple web pages). The advantage of the service is access to Creative Cloud asset libraries and sub-programs, as well as to the collaboration features.

Vimeo is a cloud-based creative video platform that can also serve for sharing and managing quality video content. As a distribution channel, Vimeo maintains its own highly customizable built-in video player and allows you to watch live streams or scheduled events. The range of access, analytics, and monetization tools make it a niche competitor to YouTube, but it never gained immense popularity due to high-priced plans.

What Is Adobe Creative Cloud Express

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Adobe CC Express is an updated version of Adobe Spark, designed for work on desktops through a web browser or on portable devices through a mobile app. Using it, you can create popular designs and social content mostly free of charge. The program offers major image and video editing tools from the Adobe suite arranged on a user-friendly interface. Besides, it provides access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts.

The editing space is well organized. The left side of the window is occupied by templates, text tools, Adobe Stock photos, thousands of black and white icons, and backgrounds. On the right, there are pre-made color palettes, design animation tools, various layouts, and design options. You can drag and drop all kinds of elements (text, icons, shapes, photos, music, and design assets) into the composition.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Pros and Cons

    Perfect choice for total newbies. The template library is designed according to Adobe Sensei AI technology and allows operating assets by simply dragging and dropping them. This is fantastic for beginners, who want to create pro-level visual resources and media files without learning all the intricacies of the process. So, if you want to have a smooth start, this is surely a more fitting option in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo battle.

    Pre-made design elements. Creating designs in the program is a breeze thanks to the availability of ready-to-use templates aimed at different websites. Here, you can find templates for Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, flyers, CVs, etc. The number of free and paid templates in every category is impressive, so you can start from the ground up. If needed, you can save your unique template.

    In addition to the main editor, there are many pre-designed resources that you can drag and drop and customize to your liking. In the pack, you will see pre-built graphics including images, icons, backgrounds, textures, overlays, frames, and brushes. These assets are grouped for a streamlined workflow.

    Easy-to-apply effects, filters, textures, and overlays, powered by Adobe Photoshop. Image editing features are fantastic. Using the program, you can adjust transparency, remove needless elements or conceal them, as well as apply varied effects such as blur, color filters, etc.

    It is possible to change contrast, brightness, saturation, highlights, shadows, warmth, and sharpness. Besides, there are top-notch instruments and filters for controlling blur, color, and grayscale. In addition, you will find basic blend modes and masking options. Vimeo, on the other hand, assumes that your video contains no defects that typically appear at the recording stage. So, it mainly contains stickers, texts, and styles for embellishing footage.

    Co-editing and branding management. In the paid version, you can store, manage, and share core multi-brand assets such as logos, hex-coded color palettes, and fonts. Share your ideas by creating, editing, combining and converting PDFs.

    Free version. If you are new to the industry and want to figure out how to create popular designs, using a free trial version is a smart thing to do. Most of the resources are available for free, and if you don't use co-editing features, quick background replacement, and premium templates, the free version will be sufficient for you. Comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo in terms of their free version, it becomes obvious that Adobe product offers more.

    Integration with the Creative Cloud software family. You can effortlessly exchange files between CC Express and Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Acrobat. You can even transfer image libraries and design system assets.

    Limited video editing capabilities. As for preparing videos for publication, the competitor offers more options regarding templates and layouts. Of course, if you need to make a simple animation, apply an effect, trim, crop, resize, convert a clip into GIF/MP4 format or merge videos, Adobe Express will cope with the task. For other manipulations, you need to use a third-party editor or professional service.

    Not as full-featured as a purpose-built app. If you are interested in more profound work with digital content, you have to use other programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Here, some features have been restricted, so the platform is actually a lighter version of Adobe Spark. However, more extensive functionality is available in the iOS app. Anyway, the competitor contains a more extensive package of features and tools, which may be a decisive point for some users.

    Lack of standard keyboard shortcuts. This will surely cause some confusion if you’ve gotten used to common keyboard shortcuts for desktop software and CC apps.

    What Is Vimeo?

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    Vimeo is focused on sharing content so it can satisfy those who prioritize quality over trending random videos on YouTube. Though the range of people using the service isn’t that huge, there are fewer rivals, so you are sure to get noticed. Besides, Vimeo's video player is cleaner than that of YouTube, as there are fewer comments and no random list of recommended videos.

    Choosing Vimeo, you will receive video editing tools similar to those of Adobe: text fields, styles, some animation effects. However, the variety of image settings is rather poor. To make the online editor more popular, the team integrated instruments for work with still images. So, it is possible to create slideshows, GIFs, and animations from photos. Vimeo even shows tips and suggestions in some sections.

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      Vimeo: Pros and Cons

      Advanced privacy settings. In the “Privacy” section, you can define who can comment on your clips and where they can be used. The additional parameters include “Video file” for uploading new video versions and the “Extras” panel for adding a license and setting your own URL.

      After editing a video, you can add a title, description, and tags, as well as specify the language and content rating. You can also make your video private, allowing only certain people to access it, or make it public. To hide a video on Vimeo and allow only people with a private link to access it, you must be a premium user.

      Streamlined video uploading. After completing the basic setup, you need to add your video content. The easiest way is to drag a video to the album from the control panel. Vimeo makes it easy to share albums and embed them online with dedicated buttons for each clip.

      You can select a file from your desktop or access a cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Keep in mind that you can import only your personal videos if they comply with standards set by the platform. Notably, Vimeo supports video resolutions up to 8K (with HDR) as well as 360-degree content, which makes it a favorite in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo stand-off for professional videographers.

      Great structuring. You are unlikely to find the latest trending video and viral content on the website. However, all clips shared there are polished and meaningful. The videos are organized into a number of categories, including animation, comedy, experimentation, food, music, storytelling, and travel. Each of these sections is further divided into sub-categories.

      Vimeo albums are embeddable collections of videos that you can share with others. For each album, you can add a name, description, and choose a privacy level. Opening the Customize tab, you can change the layout of an album. Paid members have additional visual representations and can add their own logo. Album pages look elegant and can become a great alternative to YouTube playlists.

      Lots of video marketing tools. Being a premium user, you can create videos with individual branding, integrate third-party marketing software, include player calls to action, lead generation and Google Analytics. Adobe Express offers only a basic scheduler.

      Subscription cost. There are 5 plans to choose from. Single users and small companies have to pay $50/month for analytics and lead generation tools. The full Creative Cloud package costs the same but includes a professional video editor and industry-leading instruments.

      Poorly designed web interface. There are long menu lists with redundant options that are scattered across the working area. The dashboard is dull and ascetic, which is strange considering that it’s a creative-focused platform.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo: Price

      adobe creative cloud express vs vimeo pricing

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express uses the freemium model. You can use it for free, but get more features and content, paying $9.99/month. The subscription includes access to premium features in the Adobe Express application as well as Photoshop Express, Spark Video (iOS) for video slideshows, Spark Page (iOS) for fast web publishing, Premiere Rush, a mobile and desktop app for shooting, editing and sharing videos.

      Besides, you get access to Creative Cloud Libraries, 100GB of online storage, all premium templates, an abundance of stock photos, fonts, and branding tools. If you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud Plan, you can add Express as part of it. The membership starts at $52.99/month.

      Anyone can watch videos on Vimeo, but you need to register if you plan to upload content. The free plan allows you to download up to 500 MB of content per week (up to 5 GB in total) and includes minimum privacy, statistics, and support options. Vimeo Plus, starting at $7/month, allows you to upload 5 GB of content per week (up to 250 GB per year). Besides, it supports video conversion, contains advanced privacy features, user statistics, video settings, and social sharing tools.

      You need the Vimeo Pro, Business, or Premium plan ($20+ / month) if you're going to charge for video downloading through Vimeo On Demand after paying taxes and fees. Though there are full trials, the free version of Adobe Express offers more that the Vimeo counterpart, while the Adobe Premium plan is a real finding for everyone.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Vimeo: Who Wins?

      Most users indicate that Adobe Express is more affordable and straightforward. Considering the power of both platforms and the similarity of video assets, you need to be very attentive while choosing between these programs. Adobe CC Express is mainly aimed at the creation of social graphics (using videos as a basis), and it is only a small part of the CC family. Vimeo excels at preparing a marketing or creative video for publication, posting it on the platform with subsequent monetization, as well as conducting streaming and webinars.

      Whether you want to access a serious video layout package to grow your brand identity or earn money with video content, Vimeo is an efficient competitor to Adobe's standard creative tools. However, given the scalability and price, you can get most of the marketing video functionality (apart from analytics and marketing tools) for a lower price with Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

      Paying an affordable subscription fee, you can extend the capabilities of Adobe CC Express with the Creative Cloud package and get an industry standard without restrictions. Besides, mastering the program is a no-brainer task thanks to numerous Adobe Creative Cloud Express tutorials and guidelines presented on the official website.

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