Wpwebsitehelp Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 20 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: WPWebsiteHelp is an excellent website maintenance service that assists WordPress site owners. The developers offer a free 3-day trial for testing the functionality of the platform. Turning to the service eliminates the need to perform regular tasks and maintenance on your own, which is a real timesaver.

After registration, you’ll see a convenient dashboard tightly integrated with your profile that allows you to check the progress in real time, and look through the history for reference. It is great that the user can decide whether to order a plan covering several services or a one-off type job.

  • Reasonable prices
  • Fulfill most tasks within 1-2 business days
  • Devote time and resources to safety
  • Images, video, audio, and text customization
  • Integration with the 3rd party services
  • One account only services a single WordPress website
  • Outdated website design
wpwebsitehelp interface

WPWebsiteHelp provides help with WordPress sites by maintaining them taking care of WP core, plugins, themes, etc.

Plus, the service guarantees the security of your page scanning it for viruses and other threats on a regular basis and notifying you if something is detected. Besides, they generate on/off-site backups. The platform also deals with WordPress plugin for blogs, can increase site speed, fix broken links, and solve other problems.

WPWebsiteHelp: Main Features

logo wpwebsitehelp

Partnership with WPWebsiteHelp is an enjoyable and trouble-free experience. First, you need to select the plan that covers all your needs, and then submit your first job request. I recommend providing simple instructions to let the experts know the amount and type of work they need to do.

I was surprised to find out that a user who is not satisfied with the received service within the first 30 days can request a refund and get the money back partly or completely.

Limitless Help from Experts

wpwebsitehelp experts help

WPWebsiteHelp experts can do all the tasks needed to maintain your website photography builder, which you’ve kicked into the long grass due to the lack of time or for other reasons. They can help you increase website speed, upgrade content, and fix broken links or issues with a theme and plugins.

Also, specialists pay much attention to website security, do their best to improve user experience and communication, as well as work with conversions on landing pages and bounce rates. Fixing minor issues and bugs is not a problem for them.

The professionals will get your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and similar actionable or decision-making metrics related to your website. By performing this job, the platform can boost your web page performance getting superior results.

Suggestions and Recommendations to Help Clients

Discuss the results you want to get with your portfolio website builder, and the specialists will suggest to you in what direction it is better to move. Moreover, reviewing your site to receive recommendations on what should be improved is also in the scope of their service.

Assistance with WordPress Setup

wpwebsitehelp installation

If you are looking for a platform that can help you host or move a current website, WPWebsiteHelp hits the bill. They deliver affordable website hosting service, as well as unlimited dedicated/personal WordPress support & help. Plus, they offer a free domain name, which will belong to you after the 1st month of service.

Automatic WordPress Maintenance

wpwebsitehelp report

The team maintains, updates, protects, and backs up your website without getting a reminder from you. The specialists also work with your core and plugins. By monitoring your page on a regular basis, they provide you with a detailed report on how things are going.

The reports will appear in your inbox periodically and you can easily access them from your support control login area. Conveniently, there are also a history and archive of fulfilled jobs anytime.

Cooperation with Both Big and Small Companies

The ability to customize any WordPress solution is one of the strengths of WPWebsiteHelp. No matter whether you own several web pages, have a web development company, or require enterprise-level service, this company can help you in any of these cases.

Adapt to Client’s Needs

wpwebsitehelp dashboard

WPWebsiteHelp doesn't just work on small routine tasks but can help with the Advanced Services, which you can order through the dashboard. The team is easy to contact: you just need to open a ticket or send a letter to the email you will get after checkout. The answer will be prompt.

Quick Completion of Tasks

The WPWebsiteHelp team fulfills small jobs extremely fast (30 min-2 hours). Even if you have a more voluminous task, they will manage to handle it within 1-2 business days.

Flexibility is another advantage of the service. As a rule, WordPress developers and support experts work on weekdays only. But these guys can work on your task on the weekend as well if required. Log in and check several levels of service they can offer you and order the most appropriate one.

Several Contact Options

It is easy to contact the specialists: either using a contact form on the website or via a live chat. If you want to discuss some issues over the phone first, get in touch with the service representatives using one of the ways and arrange this call.

Blog with WordPress Guides

wpwebsitehelp blog

WPWebsiteHelp has a blog that tells about collections of plugins and themes, as well as contains useful tutorials on working with WordPress, for example, explaining how to set up a photo gallery on WordPress. The editors publish around 3-4 articles every month. Besides, here you’ll find a special field for a quick and easy search of the required content.

WPWebsiteHelp Prices

In conclusion, I should remind you that the company offers a 3-day free trial. So, if you want to buy the Premium or Standard monthly plan, it will help you decide whether this purchase is worth its money.

The Standard plan, which includes a limitless number of small tasks, access to a dashboard, and support, costs $67/mo or $643/year.

The Premium plan that offers all goodies from the previous package plus regular maintenance and updates, regular security scans and notifications, regular backups, and frequent plugins, themes, or tools suggestion costs $97/mo or $931/year.

You can also order a single one-off job for $67.


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