Workast Project Management Tool For Slack Teams Review 2022

By Kate Gross 21 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Platforms: online / extension / Android / iOS
  • Price: free version or from $ 4.95 / user per month

Verdict: Workast is a project and task management web application for teams of designers who use the popular Slack messaging app. It will help you optimize your workflow, set tasks, create to-do lists, and work on complex projects.

Besides, you won’t even need to leave the Slack chat window to make changes to assignments. Workast developers created a stand-alone web application with user settings, task details, to-do lists, and a toolbar. Workast can now be accessed without Slack.

  • Integrates with Slack and Google
  • Perfect for teams of photographers and designers
  • Unique identifiers for tasks
  • 50 + different search combinations in reports
  • Templates for frequent tasks and processes
  • Few cloud storage and calendar options
  • Limited low-level plans
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You can use Workast with your favorite work apps. It is versatile, can be fully customized according to your needs, and has most of the common task management features. With it, users can see their tasks quickly and monitor them from a single place.

Workast Review – Main Features

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If you use Slack for interacting with other team members or managing tasks, Workast is a must-have application that will increase your productivity. Read on to learn more about the main features of the app and its integration with Slack.

Make Creative Agency Teamwork A Breeze

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Managers, designers, photographers, retouchers can use the Workast project management tool to monitor tasks, successfully execute orders, and create website designs or images on time. To improve your team's performance and quickly manage projects, make sure to create a Workast account.

You can solve all the tasks in one workspace. Create a project, event, department, or team and determine who can join the Space. For each client, you can create their own space, which can be connected to the corresponding Slack channel if they wish so.

After that, you need to set deadlines for each stage. Each task must be completed on time, you can tell a designated member of the group when the job should be done. If any new tasks arise, you can create and assign them to other team members.

Simplify Teamwork to Suit Your Style

workast review space

You can easily track the completion of each task by using a list, a board, or a calendar. Users can see the most important today's tasks, deadlines, and meetings on the homepage.

When working on client projects, such as photo sets, you can create a template and import it to the client space. A template can be reused for multiple spaces.

As Workast tracks all the processes, you can create a progress report to see all the tasks that have been completed in the last few days or over the past month. You can see exactly what tasks you need to complete to proceed to the next stage.

Transparency and Seamless Integration with Slack

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Slack is considered to be one of the best instant messaging software. You can use this platform for communicating and collaborating with team members regardless of their location. Although there are many tutorials on how to use Slack for task management, it often difficult to use for this purpose.

Trello and other Trello alternatives have similar issues. Although Basecamp is great for communication, task management, and planning, it is not suitable for sharing information between project managers, designers, photographers and other types of communication inside the company.

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Workast was designed for seamless integration with Slack. You do not need to create a separate account to use it. If your team already uses Slack, they will master Workast easily. With it, you can view your to-do list and set deadlines, share list items with teammates and assign tasks without leaving the chat.

You can implement real-time task updates from within Slack without opening a new tab or leaving the current conversation. The Workast project management tool makes it easier to manage tasks. Each team member has access to a task list, Kanban board, and calendar.

With Workast, Slack conversations can be used as to-do lists, so teams don't need to waste time setting up projects or boards.

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You can manage projects in Slack channels providing every team member with a certain task. Customize your workflow by adding deadlines, comments, attachments, subtasks, assigning team members, and adding tags. Besides, you can save tasks, notes, meeting agendas, and attachments.

All these actions trigger notifications that are sent to team members. All Workast tasks can be synchronized with Google Calendar. Your team members will get reminders about assignments and meetings.

Multiple Internal and External Integrations

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According to the developers, the app Workast will be integrated with Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Stride, and other services. They aim to provide users of other team applications with a simple and fast task management solution.

Anyone can use Workast’s API for free to integrate it with their products. If you want to add task management to your app, you can access Workast’s documentation for free.

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Some enthusiasts tried to integrate Workast with Trello and managed to import tasks from one of the best online collaboration software in less than few minutes. Currently, Workast integrates with GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, and Zapier. Besides being used as a platform extension, it can be used for working with other extensions as well.

Workast Prices

The developers offer a free limited Essential plan, which allows you to create a team of five users. After creating an account, you will get access to free trial versions and mobile apps.

The prices start at $ 4.95 / user per month. There are 2 multi-level plans: Standard and Pro (which includes some advanced features like time accounting, templates, subtasks, etc). The developers also offer a corporate subscription plan, the cost of which can be discussed per request.

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