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Verdict: VFFTECH JSC is a digital marketing company with 9 years of experience. Its main specialization is website design and maintenance, creation of ad campaigns on social media networks, and development of mobile apps. I have written this VFFTECH JSC review for photographers, artists, and bloggers who are interested in the services provided by the company.

The main advantage of the agency is strategic planning and a creative approach to all tasks. VFFTECH JSC uses advertising and marketing strategies for promoting photography services and ensuring rapid business growth.

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As a real professional in a digital marketing business, VFFTECH JSC focuses on the peculiarities of a project and contacts clients every time any question or issue arises. The agency defines the weak and strong points of your photography business before starting to work on a project.

VFFTECH JSC deals with a great number of different projects and unites many talented young people under 35. Thus, the energy and enthusiasm of each employee help cope with the most challenging tasks. The company has many benefits. Thanks to effective advertising and marketing strategies, the agency has proved to be an expert in advertising photographers and helping their business prosper.

VFFTECH JSC Features and Services

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The agency delivers high-quality digital marketing services for photographers and help them launch their online marketing campaign in virtually no time. No matter whether you are an individual photographer or have a big company with many photographers on staff, the agency will manage to design a creative website and logo for you.

Considered as one of the best digital marketing agencies, the company can help you select the right domain name, design, and color scheme of your website. By using original ad campaigns, VFFTECH JSC attracts target audience, while Digital Marketing optimization helps increases the ranking of your website in search engines.

Effective Facebook Marketing Service

vfftech jsc facebook marketing

Specialists use Live Stream broadcasts to raise interaction, update page content on a permanent basis, post videos to attract more customers when selling products or services.

By the way, if you need to edit your clips, you can turn to the FixThePhoto video editing service. Experienced video editors will transform raw footage into amazing videos that will have multiple views.

VFFTECH JSC chooses only the most popular photography marketing templates that include price lists, flyers, Facebook covers, visiting cards, and more. This works great for photographers and retouchers who post their works on Facebook to attract new clients.

Facebook marketing service includes three stages. The first step is customer consulting. At this stage, specialists from the Marketing department study your product or service carefully, collect data about clients and competitors. Thus, they can predict what people will be interested in your services.

Afterward, the company signs a contract with a client. As soon as the detailed photography marketing plan is created, a customer can preview it and add some items. If both parties come to an agreement, they sign a contract, define a deadline and the company gets down to work.

The next stage is project development. The company interacts with customers in a chat group on Zalo to learn preferences and requests. Afterward, specialists design images, generate content, update popular trends, and refresh the info on the page to attract more viewers.

Excellent Digital Marketing Services

vfftech jsc digital marketing

The company provides services for pushing your website to the top positions in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. They also make everything possible to retain a high ranking for a long period of time. This strategy allows you to engage more customers and attract new partners, as well as increase your traffic considerably.

Besides, the company analyzes the way the search engines view a code, links, and graphics of your web page. VFFTECH JSC also researches the performance of competitive websites. Once the initial analysis is completed, the agency develops strategies to improve site rankings and increase qualified traffic considerably.

High-Quality Website Design and Maintenance Services

vfftech jsc website design

VFFTECH JSC is an expert in the application of source code handover, meaning that customers can manage and develop it later. Besides, the company can help its clients with manual source code upgrades.

These experts use the best web design software to achieve the greatest results. They divide a design process into six stages.

1. Choosing Themes for Your Website

At this stage, the company dwells on a suitable interface model that matches the services provided by a client. They use the most elaborated WordPress photography themes.

2. Creating Interface Design

Once a customer is satisfied with the interface, experts characterize every UI function via modules. Afterward, they start designing a website taking into account client’s needs and wishes. They experiment with different graphic design ideas when designing a website interface.

3. Website Programming

Web programming implies writing, markup, and coding. The company uses the most popular languages for web programming (XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl 5, and PHP). At this stage, the technical department tightly cooperate with a client to follow his/her requirements.

4. Inspection & Bugfix

Specialists check if online payment, ordering, and other features work properly. After a thorough examination, the website is handed over to a client.

5. Handling & Instructions

The agency hands over the website admin and hosting accounts to a client. Besides, they provide detailed instructions on how to operate a website in the most efficient way.

6. Warranty & Maintenance

VFFTECH JSC not only creates original web designs but also offers timely support, warranty & maintenance. There is an extended package that is valid for up to 20 years.

Effective Development of Mobile Apps

vfftech jsc mobile app development

Business needs to adapt to the realities of a market. The development of a mobile application for business is not a luxury, but an additional channel of communication, promotion, and sales. VFFTECH JSC can create reliable code, cool interface, beautiful design, using the best graphic design software.

The process of mobile application development is divided into stages such as concept creation, interface design, prototyping, interface design, functional development, testing, connection analytics, publication in the App Store/Google Play. It is important that employees communicate with customers at all stages and take into account all their comments and wishes.

Handy Blog

vfftech jsc blog

The official website contains an informative blog with useful marketing tips and ideas for both large and small companies. Here you will find a lot of useful information on how to grow your business, as well as handy tips for solving common marketing problems. All the information is provided for free.

Responsible Team

Employees meet the deadlines and organize their workflow efficiently. Besides, they keep clients informed about every stage of the project development and take into consideration all customers’ suggestions and requirements. 


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