TheCanvasPrints Photo Canvas Printing Review 2023


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Verdict: TheCanvasPrints is a well-established company that provides a range or printing services. It can print photos, artworks, or other pictures on canvas. The company works with clients with different budgets and creates high-quality prints while taking into account all clients’ requests.

By contacting this company, you are guaranteed to get top-quality pictures printed on the best canvas materials. It provides great customer service at affordable prices. You can place an order and ask them to print images on canvases of different sizes.

  • In-built app for creating canvas designs
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • A choice of wall decorations
  • A variety of home & lifestyle decorations
  • Free delivery in the UK
  • Impressive canvas quality
  • No pro-level editing tools
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Whether you want to decorate your house or create a memorable gift for your loved ones, you can print your favorite photos and images on canvas. Such prints will complement your interior and grab the attention of your guests.

TheCanvasPrints uses only high-quality materials, including fine art matte canvases with cotton and polyester. Thanks to it, its prints remain virtually unchanged for a long time. You can contact this company if you want to get museum-quality prints. Besides, the company offers a lifetime guarantee on all its prints.

TheCanvasPrints – Main Features

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Thanks to professional printing services and high-quality materials, TheCanvasPrints remains the best company in its niche. It guarantees the top image quality and allows you to order 280/300/320 GSM prints.

The company also offers different versions of premium-quality pine frames. Besides, it uses more than 30 non-standard canvas sizes. You can order a print with single or multiple panels as well as ask the team to create various collages. In addition, the company prints images on aprons, pillows, cutting boards, blankets, and hot water bottles.

In-Built App for Canvas Customization

thecanvasprints app for canvas customization

When ordering printing services, it might be difficult to quickly place an order and discuss everything with consultants. However, TheCanvasPrints does everything possible to ensure that you won’t have any questions. You can quickly place your order with the help of the special app.

Using it, you can select the type of canvas and indicate whether you want to print one or several images on a single canvas or several images on multiple canvases. In addition, you can select a border, size and color effects.

While this service doesn’t have a lot of handy features available in professional photo printing software, it still will help you to understand what your print will look like.

Advanced Collage Printing Settings

thecanvasprints collage printing settings

You can also use the in-built canvas editor for creating collages. It allows you to select the type of frame and the size of the canvas. Then, you will see 11 collage templates. Most of them are quite traditional but there are several more creative templates as well.

The service allows you to upload a batch of images. Then, you can use the auto-fill feature or drag and drop your images to add them to a template. You can also use a solid-color background or upload an image to use it as a backdrop.

Several Canvas Wrapping Options

There are several ways of stretching a printed canvas around the frame:

Mirror Wrap - your photo will be visible from the front and mirrored onto the sides of the frame.

Gallery Wrap - a picture will be wrapped around the front and the sides of the frame.

Solid Color Wrap - a photo will be seen from the front, and the sides will be filled with any color of your choice.

If you have any unique packaging requirements, you may contact TheCanvasPrints directly to learn more about all the options available.

Editor for Preparing Images for Printing

thecanvasprints prepare images for printing

The Canvas Print comes with an integrated editor that will help you prepare your image for printing before you upload it to the canvas editor. While it has a limited set of tools, you can still add some effects to your photos. You can adjust textures, add filters, overlay images, add the background, and perform other tasks.

In-Built Image Resolution Checker

thecanvasprints image resolution checker

If you have never ordered such services and don’t know how to select the right size, use this integrated image checker to select the best size for your print.

TheCanvasPrints Prices

On the official website, you will find a list of sizes and prices for each type of canvas. Since this service allows you to order prints on different types, you can order such canvases:

  • Single Canvas (from $16 to $160). The price for a single canvas depends on its shape and size. The most expensive square canvas will cost you $75 while the cheapest Panoramic canvas prints cost about $160.
  • Photo Splits and Wall Displays (from $85 to $220). Both these types of canvases cost approximately the same. However, the price increases depending on the number of prints and their sizes.
  • Home & Lifestyle (from $5 to $32). It includes a lot of services. Some of them are quite cheap, for instance, cup mats, while others are more expensive, for example, warm blankets with prints.

TheCanvasPrints stands out among competitors for the quality of printing and affordable prices. You can select any type of canvas for your budget and needs.

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