The Virtual Marketing Directors Review: Your Reliable Partner

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Softwares Reviews

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The Virtual Marketing Directors

  • Rank
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: From $6,000 for the site

Verdict: The Virtual Marketing Directors services come in handy when you want to get an amazing visual story and a defined image for your brand. They create websites that attract visitors with beautiful design and competent text, as well as skillfully build sales funnels. Although the price may seem high, the quality of services and results are worth it.

I like their approach to the client, close communication, and as well as deep immersion in the process during the website development. Their services will be useful to owners of online stores, health networks, accounting firms, real estate companies, and other businesses. They have completed projects for various industries, so they are not limited to a specific niche.

  • Wide choice of marketing services
  • Their clients can get over 4x the return in revenue
  • Create automated sales funnels
  • Provide efficient tools to drive organic traffic to the website
  • Take care of users’ comfort
  • Their prices are rather high
the virtual marketing directors interface

The Virtual Marketing Directors rely on a new, up-to-date marketing system which is different from the old marketing approach. The company provides efficient, easy-to-use, and lightweight websites for businesses of various industries. Their marketing solutions allow you to improve your ROI at the lowest possible cost.

The Virtual Marketing Directors — Main Features

the virtual marketing directors logo

The Virtual Marketing Directors create brand messaging, develop websites and sales funnels as well as help optimize the existing websites. In 2024, they were included in the Top 30 best web developers by Expertise.

Web Design and Development to Connect with Your Audience

the virtual marketing directors web development

The main thing I want to note is that this web design company creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites. If you don't have enough content, they will offer stock photos to suit your style and theme. Moreover, the site will look professional and it will be convenient to use on any device.

Our collaboration started with a call. First, I found out from the managers all the information I was interested in. Then they asked me questions to come up with the most effective solutions for my business. Based on the information received and their years of experience, the team has developed a fast website filled with relevant eye-catching content.

Before launching a website, these guys conduct a thorough audit and testing of their product. Moreover, you can count on continued support in the future.

Brand Messaging to Make a Good Impression

the virtual marketing directors storybrand

According to the agency's experts, the StoryBrand Marketing Framework solutions are an effective way to quadruple profits. Over 4,000 companies use storybrand to grow their business. The StoryBrand method helps to find out which brand messages are of interest to the target audience. The company has been successfully using a StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2018.

The Virtual Marketing Directors know how to become more visible in the market and beat the competitors. Their experts explained to me how to establish close communication with potential customers using the Storybrand Marketing Framework. Now I can benefit from quality marketing, messaging, and public collateral through this system.

I love that a Certified StoryBrand Guide and your developed BrandScript allow you to reach your audience and convey your message through any media.

Helps to Develop the Automated Sales Funnel

This digital marketing agency offers Automated Sales Funnels for a variety of businesses. They think over the content that will be relevant for your audience in social networks, in search engines, on thematic sites, and will lead to your site. The team helps create a lead generator and follow-up emails to encourage a potential customer to buy.

The guys create content that inspires confidence and helps your audience to remember your brand. You can order developing campaign-specific lead generators, conversion-focused landing pages, automated email sequences, lead-nurturing campaigns, and more.

Website Optimization Team

The Virtual Marketing Directors company has experienced professionals and copywriters who can handle website optimization with ease. They study your current SERP rankings and analyze the market and your competitors to increase your authority. They use proven SEO programs that not only help bring sites to the top positions but also help users find answers to questions.

One of the advantages of an agency is that they don't just create a certain product for you, they explain what it is for and how it works. For example, they optimize your website and clarify the specifics of Google's work, why you should use the suggested content, and more. A dedicated manager will tell you all aspects of your search presence so you can use this knowledge in the future.

A regular report helps you understand the performance of certain keywords and their impact on your organic traffic. The company also offers detailed training videos so you can understand what the team does and why.

Own Improved Working Methodology

As I wrote at the beginning of The Virtual Marketing Directors review, they work according to their Modern Marketing System. It lies in the approach to work. Experts provide custom-made, easy-to-use and engaging websites. They customize your marketing with lead generators, workflows, and email automation. Plus, they make sure the whole system is well-optimized to make your traffic grow.

The Modern Marketing System allows you to build a systematized narrative messaging for all your campaigns, optimize your strategy depending on the current environment, apply any advertising campaign to your automatic sales funnel and integrate your CRM and website with Zapier. According to agency staff, companies that use this system have a significant boost of traffic to their website, higher conversions, and increased revenue.

Blog with Digital Marketing Tips

the virtual marketing directors blog

The company's website has a learning hub that contains optimization guides and instructions, as well as useful articles and a podcast. In the blog, you will find collections of web design and development agencies and tools, tips on analytics and link building, and more. All articles are divided into categories, and podcasts are additionally tagged.

The Weekly Web Tips Podcast is a terrific source of tips, tricks, and other useful information to get your website optimized. You can improve your website by following their weekly tips. Here you will find everything from creating content to improving your page speed and design improvements.

The Virtual Marketing Directors Prices

The Virtual Marketing Directors website has examples of project prices, but the final price may vary. The cost of their projects depends on the total size of the website, the content created, and other features and integrations.

For example, the prices for a small business project are: 5-page website - $6,000, sales funnel - $5,000, Digital Marketing strategy - $1,000/month.

Website development involves creating a website in accordance with the specifics of your brand, target audience and needs. The automated sales funnel will provide a constant influx of customers. Monthly blog posts and guest posts on other high traffic blogs are included in the optimization strategy. It will improve your domain authority with Google.


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