The Famous Pictures Collection Review 2021

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The Famous Pictures Collection

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Verdict: The Famous Pictures Collection website contains renowned photographs of famous people and pictures from legendary events. What I really like is that each picture is supplemented with a story. In some cases, you’ll find additional, less-known photos from the same event.

The site will appeal to both beginner and experienced photographers looking for inspiration. Bloggers and journalists who need visual support for information also take advantage of this site. Checking the most iconic photos of all times, you can understand how to improve the composition of your shots and come up with interesting ideas.

  • Iconic images for inspiration
  • Photos and stories of how they were created
  • Collection of altered images
  • Best photo ratings
  • Convenient site search
  • The Famous People Collection is in read-only mode
the famous pictures collection interface

The Famous Pictures Collection website offers a rating of the best photographs according to famous magazines and colleges of art. There you can also find top pictures, which are most often requested from The United States National Archives and Records Administration – an independent agency of the American government charged with maintaining historical records.

You can leave a comment for almost every note on the site. To save the article you like, just share it on social networks.

The Famous Pictures Collection – Main Features

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Initially, this project was planned in the form of a book, but after a long search for a publisher, the idea was transformed into a website. The team managed to collect many iconic images of celebrities, hostilities, and more.

Large Selection of Photo Topics

the famous pictures collection topics

The site includes great images from famous photographers on various topics: Pinups, War, Terrorism, JFK, Health and Science, Disasters, Political Scandal, Assassinations, Portraits, Protest and Civil Unrest, Popular Culture, Sports and others.

You will find famous pictures of Marilyn Monroe, cruel moments from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan supported with comments by war photographers, frames of the Bitterroot National Forest fire and aftermath volcanic eruption in Colombia.

Stories to Know More About Famous Shots

stories about photos in the famous pictures collection

Every photo comes with a story. You can choose the image you like, click on it and read detailed information. You will find out where and when the photo was taken, who is depicted, what photographer has captured the moment, and when a picture was first published. You will also find out more about the event and what happened before a particular photo was taken.

Some stories have several options of photos, which are less known to the general public. You can also look at the shooting process, for example, the photos of Marilyn Monroe.

To write such notes, the site editor studied plenty of articles. He looks for comments from photographers, eyewitness memories, and even imitators who tried to copy famous shots.

Altered Images Detailed Analysis

altered images in the famous pictures collection

Another interesting section of The Famous Pictures Collection is Altered Images. These are collected photos that have been changed at the request of famous people. For example, a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, created after his death, or Katie Couric who looks thinner thanks to retouchers.

Along with the “before-after” photo, each short comes with a story to tell readers why it’s been changed.

Most Famous Images Rating

If you already have a creative idea what to do with old pictures or you want to tell about the most famous photographs in your blog, then the rating prepared by the site editor will come in handy. It includes the best photos according to the Associated Press, Maryland Institute College of Art,, The Economist, and Life Magazine. Some of the top videos that have garnered over a billion views on YouTube are described as well.

A Unique Selection of NARA's Most Popular Photos

us public domain images in the famous pictures collection

The United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has a large number of secret government documents. However, some files are available to the public, because they were created by employees of the federal government.

The company constantly receives requests for certain photos that are kept in the archive. Thus, in 2004 Prologue Magazine created an article with the list of the most popular photographs from NARA. You can also find this list on The Famous Pictures Collection website.

Viral Old Videos Collection

In addition to photos, the site also has a section with viral videos. Collected videos have been popular once, and each is accompanied by an overview, similar to photos. You can find out what the idea of the video is, who recorded it, and what happened to the heroes of the video.

Convenient Filters

You can see which note is most viewed and which is the most talked about. There is also information about the oldest photo in the collection.

Quick Site Search

To find the photo you want, enter keywords in the search bar. The site will give you all relevant results in an instant. Besides, the search results will display archives for a specific month and year.


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