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By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software reviews

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Decided to download Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack to try this powerful video editing tool for free? Think twice before doing it since downloading the pirated software isn't that hassle-free as it may seem at first glance. Read on to find how to download Sony Vegas Pro 13 legally.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is full-featured video editing software for Windows, designed for professionals or those, who want to produce high-quality HD videos. It has many features similar to such outstanding programs as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Nevertheless, Vegas Pro 13 has a unique workflow that is different from Premiere or Final Cut.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Features:

sony vegas pro 13 interface
Standard timeline interface
Sony Vegas Pro 13 timeline interface complies with the video editing standards. There are several windows for previewing your media and current projects. Also, the program has a special section for managing audio and video tracks.
The best thing about the interface of Vegas Pro 13 is that it is fully customizable. Feel free to open, close, and organize different modules according to your needs. The timeline of this software opens a lot of video editing opportunities that you can hardly find in a Sony Vegas Pro 13 cracked version.
Advanced video editing mode
With advanced video editing mode, you can streamline your video editing process and achieve professional-looking results.
You can see the previous and next frames on the timeline and drag them along using the mouse or keyboard. It is also possible to edit each frame individually during the playback using cyclic video editing.
A variety of export options
Unlike Crack Sony Vegas Pro 13, the licensed software supports any file format and codec for video exporting. Moreover, you will be impressed by the intuitive interface of the export menu of the program, which makes Vegas Pro 13 stand out from similar video editors. It is more convenient compared to Adobe Premiere, which has an overwhelming interface full of unnecessary info.
Multi-camera video editing
You can edit videos recorded on multiple cameras quickly and efficiently. Multi-camera video editing mode lets you toggle between different sources of images as many times as you need.
With Sony Vegas Pro, creating a multiple camera event and combining video materials will be a breeze. However, if you use Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack, you can’t take advantage of this mode to the fullest.

System Requirements

Operation System Windows: from Microsoft Windows 7 (only 64-bit)
Processor 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 2.5 Ghz and 4 Core minimum.
For 4k, 7th Generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 3.0 Ghz and 8 Core minimum
Storage 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
RAM 8 GB RAM minimum (16 GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K)

Windows Sony Vegas Pro 13

Filename: win_sony_vegas_pro_13.exe (download)
Filesize: 5.9 MB

Mac Sony Vegas Pro 13

Filename: mac_sony_vegas_pro_13.exe (download)
Filesize: 4.5 MB

Windows Sony Vegas Pro 13

Filename: 1_sony_vegas_pro_13_tools.exe (download)
Filesize: 3.5 MB

Mac Sony Vegas Pro 13

Filename: 2_sony_vegas_pro_13_tools.exe (download)
Filesize: 2.3 MB

Free Video Editing Software

Filename: free_video_editing_software_tools.exe (download)
Filesize: 29 MB
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