SocialBu, Social Media Management Tool Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

SocialBu Tool

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Verdict: SocialBu tool is an efficient social media scheduling and management tool. It is easy to use and helps you save time while effectively using your social networks. The tool is loved by many social media users as it makes their tasks hassle-free.

This management platform includes automation and scheduling options. It allows you to centrally interact with your SMM team, followers, and content, regardless of the number of profiles or accounts you have. SocialBu easily integrates with various social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, as well as monitoring tools. 

  • Manage major social networks from one place
  • Planning and publishing stories are easy
  • Commands regarding approval and rights
  • Simple Automation Builder
  • Affordable, user friendly
  • Responsive developers and CS
  • Does not offer in-depth analytics
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Using SocialBu, you can effectively improve your online presence using social networks and increase your following. Besides, this tool will help you improve your engagement rate. It was created for those who need to promote their products and services online while increasing the online visibility of their brands. It can be used even by beginners who have never used such tools before.

You can schedule and publish content in several accounts on different social networks, create automation rules for repetitive actions, and generate tweets, posts, and Instagram captions using AI similar to the best content creation apps.

SocialBu Tool: Key Features

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SocialBu is a well-known social media scheduling and management tool. It was launched in 2019. At that time social networks lacked a convenient solution that offered full centralized management and automation to make them easier and more efficient for users. And all these problems were solved by SocialBu.

SocialBu aims at helping small and medium social media marketing companies automate channel scheduling and monitoring. However, if you are actively running and promoting at least one social channel on your own, SocialBu is a great instrument for improving your social media presence and maximizing your results.

All-In-One Social Media Management Solution

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Most users take some kind of repetitive steps on social networks every day: a morning welcome post, daily stories, etc. Even though the set of actions may be different, they have one thing in common – wasting time on material correspondence/search/posting. What if you have several active profiles on different social resources, trying to maintain them professionally?

SocialBu offers bundled solutions with accelerators for actions like publishing, responding to feedback, analytics, customer support, and content creation. Features include approval workflow management, custom queues, bulk import, preview, tag suggestion, keyword monitoring, collaboration, and more. Let’s take a look at the most useful options.

Scheduling and Publishing Made Easy!

socialbu tool scheduling

Scheduling and publishing social media posts and stories is an effortless task with SocialBu. The scheduling process is super easy and user-friendly. You don’t need any technical skills to schedule posts through SocialBu. You can bulk schedule your social media posts as well. SocialBu also lets you recycle your top posts.

SocialBu includes such features as customer approval workflow, automatic posting and scheduling of Instagram stories without notification (handy extras like automatic first comment or reply on Twitter), video posting, and carousel, and auto-posting from RSS feed. People note that alternatives have 3 – 4 times higher prices for only these features or lack them at all.

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You can find a handy content calendar for all social networks at once. The developers also kept the teams in mind, delivering options to pre-plan content in the accounts of the best social media for photographers, save publish in drafts for review and approval, and individually configure the account for multiple brands. If your brand has hot offers, the function of setting a lifetime publication with its subsequent auto-deletion comes in handy.

Create Unique Written Content with the AI Content Generator

socialbu tool generator

SocialBu has recently launched its incredible AI content generator. This tool helps you create uniques written content for your social media within a few minutes. You can create social media post captions, tweets, or respond to comments in a unique way with the AI content generator.

Respond to All Your Conversations in One Place with SocialBu’s Unified Inbox

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The respond feature set offers a centralized mailbox that allows you to monitor comments, reviews, replies, and chats on various social networks and respond to them immediately. All messages from users' social media accounts are available in the app, letting you reply without switching between multiple apps or accounts.

If you manage multiple brands, you can create a separate mailbox for each brand so you don't accidentally reply "wrong". You can also leave notes for a team, assign communication responsibilities, and add team members for accounts without a password.

Easy Team Collaboration and Management

With SocialBu you can manage and collaborate on your social media like a perfect team. You don't even need to share any passwords with your team members, which is another awesome thing. Plus, you can manage as many accounts and as many brands as you want from one place.

With the post-approval feature, you can easily review content before it gets published. This helps you make sure that the content you are posting is error-free. You can also know who is responding to a conversation and handle your conversations with high efficiency and professionalism. Team collaboration is indeed made effortless, all thanks to this incredible tool.

Truly Automate Your Social Media

socialbu tool automation

With SocialBu you can truly automate your social media tasks with ease. You can automate different social media scenarios with SocialBu. This can be an intelligent auto-replies, alerting an external service about a new post, or alerting a user if a post contains a certain keyword.

Plus, you can Integrate and Automate Using Webhooks. SocialBu offers two-way webhooks for your social media events and actions. Integrate SocialBu with other systems that you use with ease.

socialbu tool rules

When talking about automating, most competitors mean day-to-day scheduling of posts. SocialBu offers real automation with dynamic rules, the fulfillment of conditions in case of certain situations, e.g., when a message arrives at a specific user account. Such cases also include new comments, new subscribers, RSS feed updates, webhook, etc.

With SocialBu, you can automate every social media scenario, such as publishing content when a new blog post is ready, sending an automatic response to comments, notifying an external service about a new post, notifying a specific user if a comment or post has a specific keyword, etc. You can combine various scenarios for repetitive tasks.

Up Your Social Media Game with Social Media Monitoring

socialbu tool monitoring

You can easily monitor all the latest trending keywords and hashtags on social media with the help of this feature. With SocialBu, you will always have the latest updates about anything that is a social media favorite at the moment. This will help you in creating your content accordingly. And it will ultimately help you gain more followers.

Make Better Decisions Based on Real-Time Data

socialbu tool analytics

With the help of the analytics part of SocialBu, you can get useful information about a brand, customer opinion, product information, and competitor analysis. The SocialBu tool also tracks the number of likes and other indicators of engagement by type of repost or subscriber growth. It helps you analyze a directional dialogue plan or market trends insights.

Basic chart-like reports offered by the SocialBu analytics module help you analyze effectiveness on social networks. Managers can use them to monitor brand performance across channels, the success of creating visual content for social media, get information about individual messages, and generate reports using the data view. While users ask to improve the analytical part of the tool, developers work on their implementation.

Supported Networks

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SocialBu Tool Prices

The SocialBu tool is close to being the best social media management instrument available. With the support for multiple Instagram accounts and bulk publishing of posts and stories, its price starts from $8/month, including bonus automation features, custom queues, keyword, and hashtag tracking.

Besides, it offers a fair free version for Facebook and Twitter. Users get support by email, community, and knowledge base, adding phone and live chat on platinum plans. Based on customer reviews, users get feedback on key questions about configuration or functionality within a day.

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