SIIT Certified Online Courses Review 2024

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SIIT Courses

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Verdict: SIIT provides different training courses for beginner retouchers and computer specialists. Each particular program is developed to satisfy individual career needs. You will easily master Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, AUTOCAD, Adobe Flex, Framework7 and grasp basic terms. Read this SIIT courses review to learn about other goodies awaiting you. The information is presented in plain language so it is really easy to comprehend.

If you are a shooter who wants to start using Adobe Photoshop, study Python or JAVA Technologies, improve Computer Programming and Software Quality, SIIT courses are exactly for you. On completing the courses, students get an SIIT Certificate of Completion known as Tech Diploma. It is a reputable document that proves your tech skills.

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SIIT Scholars International Institute of Technology is a convenient platform to study from everywhere and anytime. You get access to various online training platforms and e-learning resources. It wants to make technology education and certification accessible for beginners and experts. It is an extremely flexible and convenient way to improve or master Ps skills, IT or Tech.

After passing the exams, you will get a certificate signed by the president of the academic council. It will be sent to you by e-mail. So, you can print the document and use it when applying for projects. If necessary, you can even order a hard copy of the certificate from SIIT. They will send it to your mail address.

SIIT Courses Features

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SIIT courses allow you to study in an extremely convenient way. Everyone can train at their own speed. You can download and watch lectures offline. Thus, you may study at any time and from any place. Finally, an SIIT courses certificate might be helpful when entering a college or university.

High Quality Online Course for Photographers

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SIIT courses also include training for photographers. So, what do Adobe Photoshop course and certification really imply? The company uses effective e-learning technologies. Plus, they follow rational tutoring principles, like extensive research in instructional design, self-learning and information processing.

Students can get theoretical knowledge and learn to effectively implement it in practice. The course consists of various modules:

  • Marquee Tool Selection
  • Selecting and working with Color
  • Smudge, Blur and Sharpen Tools
  • Text Tools
  • Hand Coloring a B&W Photo
  • Resizing and Cropping
  • Filters & Plug-ins
  • Creating an Animation
  • Working with Clipart, etc.

The full course provides everything you need to know when working in Photoshop. You will learn how to work with color, fix images with the Clone Tool, gradients, fills & erasing, how to resize a layer, find out more about filters & plug-ins, photo editing tips, how to outline text, how to crop an image, how to create a flyer, etc.

Variety of Courses

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When exploring the website, I noticed that these guys offer a great variety of courses for different needs. They deliver training programs in the field of Computing, IT, and Industrial Technology. When you complete the course, you get the Diploma Certification.

You can take such courses as Academic Technologies, Computer Programming, Microsoft Technologies, Web Development, SAP Technologies, Digital Marketing, Telecommunications, Python Technologies, JAVA Technologies, Database Management, Software Quality, and more.

SIIT courses rely on the latest software designed to make the training process as effective as possible. The learning program is based on such training principles as extensive research, instructional design, self-learning, and information processing.

People taking SIIT courses acquire all the needed knowledge and skills. The subscription is divided into various courses. Each course is further divided into modules. Each module has a set of learning objectives, a series of interactions to teach specified objectives, and an evaluation system to assess results.

The company offers full online training for all courses. Users can study at their own pace and take exams when they are ready.

Possibility to Choose a Training Format

SIIT courses allow you to choose the format most suitable for you. For example, you can choose an individual or corporate training. The latter is an ideal solution for companies, educational institutions, training centers, tutors, entrepreneurs. If you register for a course, you will get more than 500 PDFs and video tutorials. Of course, there will be a tutor to guide you through the training program.

Unique Industrial Training

Adobe Photoshop certified online courses SIIT courses provide industrial training, so you can acquire technical skills and get industry experience.

In general, everything is really simple. You log in to the portal, choose the course and download an industrial training letter. Then, you send this document to a specific company. This way you see how everything works in reality and participate in the working process.

Industrial training is not obligatory, but it is a great chance to acquire technical skills, job experience, and understand whether you are ready to face the challenges of the chosen profession.

24/7 Unlimited Access

Professional educators and experts from various countries provide students with useful tips and high-quality content. Course materials are available 24 hours a day so you can access them whenever you wish regardless of your location.

What is more, you can access SIIT courses via any device, like desktop, laptop or smart mobile phone.

Even if your Internet access is limited, you can download educational videos and watch them offline when you have such an opportunity.

Self-Paced Interactive Learning

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One of the most important advantages of SIIT courses is that you can study at your own pace. It’s really essential since everyone has their own speed. Such flexibility is crucial when it comes to online educational services. You just have to log in and start training. When you feel you are ready to pass an exam, do it whenever you want.

Besides, you can read and watch the materials as many times as you need. There is a convenient search by a keyword so you will easily find necessary content.

Jobs Finder and Professional CV Guide

Apart from educational services, you can use a Job Finder Portal. Here, you can monitor current job openings and vacancy updates all over the world. So, if an appealing offer appears, you can apply for it with several mouse clicks.

Also, you can create a professional CV on the portal. You can use CV templates and effective tips to achieve impressive results.

Informative Blog

The SIIT blog is constantly updated with the latest news and useful articles about photography, computing, IT, and industrial technology. You will find useful product photography tips, like how to copy layers to another Ps file or implement a successful YouTube marketing strategy, etc.

Besides, you will learn how to add new fonts on Mac or view saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android. These unique articles will help you improve your skills without additional investment. You can also use high end photo retouching services if you don’t have time for training and need professionally enhance your images right now.

SIIT Courses Prices

Depending on the type of scholarship, there are different prices for courses. It can be merit-based, discount-based, student-specific or career-specific, etc. Overall, the price starts at $20. If you want to know an exact cost, send a request on the SIIT website.

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