SellerApp Ecommerce Analytics Software Review 2023


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Verdict: SellerApp is a software for analyzing e-commerce that helps Amazon sellers optimize and increase sales. It offers various features for evaluating product sales, tracking competitors, selecting keywords, optimizing listings, analyzing competitors.

This software provides you with useful data for keeping products in demand and helps you find new ideas to boost product sales. This software will be useful for entrepreneurs, photographers, designers, artists.

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With SellerApp, Amazon sellers can measure and analyze data across all stages of the purchase cycle. They can also use this information to promote relevant digital ads in real-time. It allows them to perform conversion optimization, launch new products, increase customer flow, and boost their revenue.

SellerApp Main Features

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SellerApp Amazon ACoS calculator analyzes data at every stage of the sales funnel to generate meaningful insights for digital advertising. This leads to product discoveries, market insights, optimized conversions, and more positive and long-term revenue impacts.

HTML Code Converter for Styling Product Descriptions

The Amazon Product Description Editor allows you to convert text to HTML to create product descriptions. You can use any SEO service for photographers to create a unique description and convert it with the help of SellerApp. No HTML knowledge is required.

In addition to converting text, the Amazon Product Description Editor enables you to create easy-to-read product lists, add Amazon-approved tags and save them in supported formats. SellerApp has all the basic tools for working with texts.

If you are interested in Amazon product photography, make sure to read the platform’s rules. Every product sold on Amazon must meet its listing standards.

Amazon Keyword List Optimization

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Duplicate Keyword Remover allows you to increase product awareness on Amazon and provides you with the most suitable keywords. By using high-performing keywords, you can increase your profits and sales.

With Amazon keyword finder, you can combine keyword lists from different sources. Plus, it is very easy to use. You just need to enter keywords and hit the clear button. Then, you need to insert the optimized keyword list into the Amazon product details page. To get the most accurate results, type at least two words in the search bar. To choose the best keyword, take into account the search volume and CPC bidding.

The app has a convenient settings panel, where you can delete common or individual words, analyze the frequency of words, add commas with or without space, select a lowercase, etc.

Easy Sales Control

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Amazon Profit provides accurate sales and inventory management information. If you use the best freelance services for business, you can still use the app to evaluate your ROI. The app is fully integrated with Amazon and allows you to access your stats automatically.

You can easily sort your products by order, ad price, date of creation, income. There is no need to browse spreadsheets. All information about sales and profits is automatically calculated and stored in one place.

The Amazon Profit Dashboard makes it easy to predict future sales. It provides users with insights from sales trends, all metrics, and data. The panel gives you access to various charts, KPI widgets, table columns, and pivot tables. It also allows you to see your real profits, from the highest level to the SKU level.

Sales Increase with Amazon PPC Ads

amazon ppc agency sellerapp

The Amazon PPC agency by SellerApp can boost your sales with advertising that is fully optimized for your business. The agency guarantees that your sales will increase by 3 times while ACoS will be reduced to 40% within two months. They also can increase your profits by 1.6 times. You just need to fill out the form on the website and indicate your contacts, information about your store, and the level of annual income.

The agency will analyze which of your lists need improvement. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, the agency explores your campaigns and conducts a thorough analysis to find areas for improvement. You will receive a specific action plan indicating the goals and objectives that need to be achieved each month.

The agency managers will carefully monitor the effectiveness of your ads. After collecting data from your search query reports, your Amazon PPC ads will be optimized for better performance and conversions.


sellerapp price

SellerApp has several subscription options to choose from. Amazon sellers can use three options. The Pro-Lite plan for $99/mo allows you to track 50 products. Besides, you can use a free trial. The Professional plan costs $199/mo. It comes with a free trial option and helps you track 100 products. The price of the Enterprise plan is calculated individually. To get more information, you should contact the sales department.

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If you need Keyword Optimization + Listing Creation, you have to pay $350/Parent ASIN. These features are available for Amazon marketplaces in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and India.

The plan offers an in-depth analysis of the market and competitors. Amazon PPC is a professionally managed services plan available for Amazon marketplaces in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and India. Its price starts at $699/month.


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