Canva Pro Crack

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Canva Pro Crack isn’t released officially. Moreover, it isn’t a secure product. This is a pirated version of popular design software, which can harm your computer when you use it.

Canva Pro Crack is an illegal version of the program that Canva developers don't even know about. Therefore, you can’t be sure what is inside. The original Canva Pro is an upgraded version of Canva that you can use to create any type of design, from postcards and business cards to books and billboards.

Canva Pro Features

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A Professional Brand Kit

With Canva Pro, you can considerably improve your brand’s visual identity. You can customize your projects by adjusting a color palette, uploading fonts and other design elements. Thus, you can make your designs unique.

Over 75 Million Images, Audios, and Videos

The software comes with an extensive database of images, objects, graphics, audio tracks, and videos. With Canva Pro, you don’t need to purchase any content and subscribe to stock photo sites.

Over 420 000 Templates and Fonts

You get access to over 420,000 professionally designed templates. Along with the templates, you can use any of 3000+ fonts. Moreover, each user can avail of 100GB of cloud storage.

Possibility to Work with Photos and Animation

With Canva Pro, you can easily enhance photos, perform color correction, remove backgrounds, crop images, add patterns and frames to pictures. Animator Pro integrated into Canva Pro allows you to create spectacular animations in GIF and MP4 formats.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 or later
RAM: 512 MB (1GB recommended)
Disk space: 75 MB
CPU: 2 GHz
Display: 1024×768

Windows Canva

Filename: Canva Setup 1.25.0.exe (download)
Filesize: 110.9 MB

macOS Canva

Filename: Canva-1.25.0.dmg (download)
Filesize: 82.6 MB

Why Using Canva Pro Crack Is a Bad Idea?

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Canva Pro Crack is very similar to the official software. Besides, it's completely free, allures many users. However, experienced PC users still discourage pirated software for obvious reasons.

1. Viruses

In most cases, pirated software comes with viruses that can compromise your privacy, or use a computer to mine cryptocurrencies, which is currently very popular among hackers. This results in unpleasant consequences for both personal users and commercial enterprises. Unfortunately, antivirus software can’t kill all viruses. Also, malware can cause occasional system crashes.

2. No Updates

If you use licensed software, you will constantly receive updates. Developers agree that there is no perfect code, and even the most popular programs have bugs that need to be fixed. Each update minimizes weak spots. If you have pirated software, forget about updates and the latest program features. Besides, you have to deal with all the bugs and errors.

3. Fines

Unlicensed software is illegal. If you use it, you can get criminal liability and a large fine. Your equipment will be confiscated during the investigation, which completely “paralyzes” your work.

4. Tech Support

If you have problems with a licensed program, you can easily contact developers or want or fixes with the next update. In case you face issues with the pirated program, you can’t address tech support or report about the incorrect operation of the software.

5. Stability

Based on the Harrison Group Research, the performance of pirated software is 56% lower compared to licensed programs. This happens because those who “break” the program usually cut out a part of a code or complement it with questionable patches.

What Is a Legal Alternative to Canva Pro Crack?

Those who create design projects professionally will never download Crack Canva Pro. Instead, you can go to the official website of the developer and find the most suitable plan.

1. Free Version

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  • Platforms: Mac, Windows, Browser
  • Price: Free
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You can use Canva completely for free, with no limitations or watermarks. This is the full version of the program without any pitfalls. You will get access to 250,000+ free templates, numerous free images and graphics, and 5GB of cloud storage.

2. Trial Pro Plan

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  • Platforms: Mac, Windows, Browser
  • Price: 14 days trial
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Yes, it is possible to use the Pro version for free, but only for 14 days. You can make the most out of all features of this version along with all tools and templates.

Free Canva Pro Crack Alternatives

If you want to create design projects, but the standard version doesn’t work for you, we still recommend staying away from Canva Pro Crack. It is a better idea to choose between dozens of free alternatives.

1. Adobe Spark

adobe spark canva pro crack alternative
  • Online and mobile versions
  • User-friendly program
  • Numerous free graphic objects
  • The free version has a watermark
  • Limited duration of videos (only 30 seconds)

Adobe Spark offers an impressive package of features, which makes it a perfect alternative to Canva. It is a part of the Adobe suite, but unlike most of their software, you don't have to spend hours learning all the tools. You can avail of a free plan or affordable premium packages.

2. DesignBold

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  • Drag-and-drop functionality with keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatic backup
  • Pin system to mark all your favorite resources for future reference
  • Downloaded images are distorted
  • Sometimes pixels cannot sync with a printer, which negatively affects the results

The free version has over 10,000 layouts and options for sharing your projects. However, you can upload only five files per month. Nevertheless, DesignBold is a perfect choice if you are going to use it for graphic design or occasional social presentations.

3. Crello

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  • User-friendly program with many objects and images
  • If you buy images, you can use them multiple times
  • No way to store brand elements
  • Few new images; the program requires upgrading

Crello has an interface similar to Canva. Due to a quick-search bar, you can easily find thousands of templates and predefined sizes for specific designs like Facebook posts. Crello offers a free plan like Canva, but you're limited to five design downloads per month. You can add objects, set color palettes using the customization kit. Also, it is possible to drag and drop items such as objects and text boxes anywhere in the design module.

4. Snappa

snappa canva pro crack alternative
  • User-oriented
  • Free templates
  • Reasonable prices
  • Neatly organized cases
  • A free plan is limited

Snappa works well for creating graphics for social media, blogs, and profile pages. Templates are useful for getting a perfect size, while millions of free high-resolution photos help speed up the design process.

5. Visme

visme canva pro crack alternative
  • A rich array of templates
  • Universal and effective tools
  • Intuitive
  • High-priced
  • Cheaper plans have many limitations
  • Doesn't provide an option for guest collaboration

Visme is slightly more expensive than other Canva alternatives, but that's because it is intended for creating complex designs like infographics and marketing materials. It's perfect for creating charts and widgets to share across your business, and for collaborating with your entire team using collaboration tools.

Canva Pro Crack Download

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If you don’t want to use Canva Pro Crack and decided to switch to the official safe version, then you can use a trial version to test the program. Also, it is possible to get a free version of Canva, which incorporates a lot of design options that should be enough for basic use.