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Free Sand Texture Images

"Would you like to download top-quality sand textures for Photoshop completely for free? The FixThePhoto team has taken care of it and created a wonderful collection of sand textures that will help you achieve professional-looking pictures, illustrations, and all kinds of designs. All the necessary information and photo examples about these textures that you might want to know before downloading. Using these sand textures, you can add a special atmosphere to your artworks and make them look warm and natural. The result won’t leave anyone indifferent."

free grass overlays scratches


Free Sand Textures

sand texture free

Sand Texture #1 "Outburst"

Use this sand texture to create an interesting background and add warm and soft colors to your images. You will be impressed with the result!
sand texture png download

Sand Texture Png #2 "Explosion"

If you want to create a natural background for your designs, this sand texture PNG file is exactly what you need. Your artworks will look stunning with it!
sand texture background png

Sand Texture Background #3 "Scattered"

With this sand texture background, you can improve your images and give them a romantic look. It will perfectly suit pictures taken outdoors.
free sand texture images

White Sand Texture #4 "Centered"

Apply this free sand texture to images that look too plain. With this texture, you will add gentle tones to them and make them look awesome!
sand texture free set

Sand Texture Free #5 "Splash"

If you want to have a textured background in your image but are afraid that something with many details can spoil it, this sand texture free is ideal for you.
cartoon sand texture picture

Cartoon Sand Texture #6 "Calm"

Are you looking for an interesting and unusual background for your photos or designs? Use this cartoon sand texture and you will achieve an awesome result!

photoshop sand texture bundle

Photoshop Sand Texture #7 "Powdery"

This Photoshop sand texture will add an atmosphere of summer and warmth to your images or designs. Apply it and you will not regret!
sand texture hd collection

Sand Texture Hd #8 "Crisp"

With this sand texture HD file you can turn your boring images into masterpieces. It will add a stylish and modern look to them. Definitely worth trying!
sand texture photoshop get free

Sand Texture Photoshop #9 "Pastel"

This sand texture Photoshop file will add a nice effect to your artworks and make them trendy. Use it for posters, flyers, postcards, invitation cards, etc.
free sand textures free

Wet Sand Textures #10 "Dunes"

This is one of the most original free sand textures in this collection and if you are interested in unique backgrounds, this tool is a must-have.
sand beach texture download

Sand Beach Texture #11 "Velvety"

Have you ever tried to use a sand beach texture as a background? If no, we highly recommend doing it and this texture can be a wonderful option!
sand textures png

Sand Textures #12 "Wave-like"

This is another great variant of sand textures offered in this bundle. Use it for pictures or different designs to add a romantic look to them.

sandy texture images

Sandy Png Textures #13 "Sunkissed"

Using this sandy texture, you can attract your viewers’ attention and get many new clients. Make your designs truly unforgettable!
sand texture set

PS Sand Texture #14 "Pale"

Apply this sand texture and you will have a chance to create gorgeous designs! Check it and you will see amazing results.
photoshop sand texture

Photoshop Sand Texture #15 "Creamy"

If you are searching for a good sand effect for your design, try this Photoshop sand texture. It’s very smooth, soft and atmospheric.

beach sand textures bundle

Beach Sand Textures #16 "Contrast"

The FixThePhoto team has created amazing beach sand textures that can help you enhance your artworks and make them look qualitative and professional.
sand effect photoshop collection

Sand Effect Photoshop #17 "Golden Brown"

Create interesting designs and photos using this sand effect Photoshop filter. Add it to your collection of image editing tools and you will always be on top!
dark sand texture get free

Dark Sand Texture #18 "Pearl"

A dark sand texture is perfect for dull images that need some volume and a special atmosphere. Use it for any type of illustrations and design.
black sand texture free

Black Sand Texture #19 "Crystal Clear"

A black sand texture is very beautiful and can turn your image into a work of art! Amazing results are guaranteed!
beach sand texture download

Beach Sand Texture #20 "With a Glow"

If you’ve never worked with sand textures, it’s time to change it and add something new to your works. See how this beach sand texture can transform your images.
seamless sand textures png

Seamless Sand Textures #21 "Cracked"

Do you want to give a calm look to your images? These seamless sand textures will help you with that. They will make your designs stand out!

tileable sand texture images

Tileable Sand Texture #22 "In the Desert"

Use the tileable sand texture from FixThePhoto and add a fresh look to your images. With such backgrounds, they’ll look vibrant and relaxing at the same time.
textures of sand set

Textures of Sand #23 "Crust"

Would you like to produce outstanding images that look realistic and catchy? Use these textures of sand designed by FixThePhoto and impress your clients!
sand wall texture picture

Sand Wall Texture #24 "Wavy"

If you don’t know how to diversify your designs, why not try this sand wall texture for Photoshop? It will make your works pop within several seconds.
desert texture bundle

Desert Texture #25 "Nude"

With this desert texture, you can save a lot of time on image editing and achieve wonderful results in several mouse clicks.
seamless sand texture collection

Seamless Sand Texture #26 "In Detail"

Need a soft and smooth background for your designs? With this seamless sand texture, you will get what you want in no time! You are sure to like it!
sand texture tile get free

Sand Texture Tile #27 "Latte"

Check out this sand texture tile from the FixThePhoto’s collection and you will be delighted with what you achieve. Best quality and look are guaranteed!
seamless beach sand texture free

Beach Sand Texture #28 "Paths"

Thinking of adding a sand effect to your background? Use this seamless beach sand texture. It will make your image bright, contrasted and detailed.
desert sand texture download

Desert Sand Texture #29 "Porcelain"

The desert sand texture is a great tool to have in your collection as it will add a special look to your designs and provide top quality.
white sand textures png

White Sand Textures #30 "Honey"

These white sand textures are perfect if you want to keep an image clear and light but still have a slightly detailed background. Don’t miss it!

high resolution sand texture images

High Res Sand Texture #31 "Grunget"

With this high resolution sand texture, you won’t have to worry about quality. It will help you add depth and dimension to your designs.
sand background texture set

Sand Textures #32 "Old"

Trying to find a perfect solution for an atmospheric work with an artistic touch? Try using this sand background texture to create an outstanding design.
fine sand texture picture

Dark Sand Texture #33 "Wet"

If you aim at originality, this fine sand texture is an obvious choice. It will make a great impression on clients and make every picture look unique.
wet sand texture bundle

Wet Sand Texture #34 "Black Soil"

The wet sand texture is a must-go for the designers who want to bring about memories of splendid days spent in a tropical paradise.
white sand texture collection

White Sand Texture #35 "Dramatic"

This white sand texture will add a stylish feel to your photo or collage. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised with the result!
sand texture get free

Sand Texture #36 "Abstract"

With the help of this exquisite sand texture wallpaper, you will easily turn any photo into an incredible masterwork. Bring to life all your creative ideas!

sand dune texture free

Sand Dune Texture #37 "Dripping"

To add more realism to your picture, try using this sand dune texture that will help you accomplish your goal in no time.
wavy sand texture download

Wavy Sand Texture #38 "Ruined Building"

Want to portray the ever-changing beauty of nature? Take inspiration from this wavy sand texture to create a true masterpiece.
sand dunes texture png

Sand Dunes Texture #39 "Black and White"

This sand dunes texture will be quite handy if you opt for creating an image with a classy background. It will add rich depth to the images.
sand texture walls images

Sand Texture Walls #40 "Underwater"

If you strive to produce a memorable art piece, take a look at these sand texture walls that can be used as an enhancing visual component for any work.
texture of sand set

Texture Of Sand #41 "Sepia"

By using this trendy texture of sand, you will find it easy to experiment with visual ideas and find fresh ways for your artistic expression.
red sand texture picture

Red Sand Texture #42 "Rusty"

Want to produce an eye-catching work of art using vibrant colors? Choose this sophisticated red sand texture that will make your design instantly noticeable.
sand effect texture bundle

Sand Effect Texture #43 "Distorted"

By adding this sand effect texture, you will find it easy to momentarily change the overall look of your designs.
hq sand texture collection

PS Sand Texture #44 "Underground"

For the designers who prefer working with high-resolution images only, this HQ sand texture will be a real find. It will make your designs look spectacular.
hi-res sand texture get free

Hi-Res Sand Texture #45 "Mysterious"

There is no better way to produce a stunning picture than by using this hi-res sand texture. It will contribute to a distinctive look of your creation.
sand texture set free

Sand Texture Set #46 "Worn Gray"

Even the images that do not look particularly inspiring will be elevated to a new level with the help of this sand texture set. Just try and see it.
sand png textures download

Sand Png Textures #47 "Natural Black"

To help others see your pictures in a new way, put these sand PNG textures to good use. They will make the pictures more unique and distinctive.
sand texture images png

Sand Texture Images #48 "Dirty Rock"

Using these stunning sand texture images, you will be able to create images that inspire a flight of fancy and capture imagination. Be creative!

sand overlay textures images

Sand Overlay Textures #49 "Brown Flat"

To make your works visually compelling, try experimenting with elegant sand overlay textures. They will add a touch of originality to any picture.
download sand textures set

Sand Textures #50 "Blue Tint"

Hurry up and download sand textures if you want to impress everyone with your creative digital art. They will be highly useful for artists and designers alike.
free sand textures picture

Free Sand Textures #51 "Heavy"

Even free sand textures can be aesthetically pleasing if designers put their passion into work. Turn to your imagination to demonstrate your skills.
sand texture pictures bundle

Sand Texture Pictures #52 "Deep Grey"

With these sand texture pictures will acquire an air of mesmerizing softness about them. Get ready to be astonished by an impressive result!
sand effect textures collection

Sand Effect Textures #53 "Abstract"

Nothing will give your pictures a more prominent look than these sand effect textures that are very easy to use. Give your creativity free rein!
sand textures png get free

Sand Textures Png #54 "Rough"

By adding these sand textures PNG files, you will be able to enrich your work with intricate details. It will take only a few moments to enhance a design!
photoshop texture free

Photoshop Texture #55 "Smooth Grey"

This perfect Photoshop texture will be of use to those who know how to apply their creative abilities and produce delightfully modern designs.
shiny sand textures download

Photoshop Textures #56 "Simple Minimalistic"

Being both artsy and contemporary, these shiny sand textures will add a new dimension to your works and instantly transform their look.
sand hd textures png

Sand hd Textures #57 "Red"

No picture will be perfect without these sand HD textures. They are easy to apply to photographs and will give them a new life!
sand seamless textures images

Seamless Textures #58 "Natural Cut"

Any project will benefit from these sand seamless textures. They bring about a feeling of contentment and remind about the splendid beauty of the world.
sandy textures set

Sandy Textures #59 "Uneven"

If you are working on a design for a travel-themed website or wish to enhance your photos, these sandy textures will help you create a vivid background.
free textures picture

Free Textures #60 "Charcoal"

To make your pictures vibrant, don’t hesitate to use these free textures. They will perfectly complement your photos, adding a new level of quality.

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Do you want more Free Photoshop Textures? Check out what we have.

black texture

Black Textures #61

Impress your clients with a beautiful design – offer them a solution with stylish black textures. They will never cease to be edgy and timeless.
scratchy textures

Free Scratch Overlays #62

If you enjoy a wide range of vintage effects, make sure to apply these scratch overlay textures to your photos. The photos will acquire a peculiar aged look.
rain texture

Free Rain Overlays #63

To convey a melancholic feeling, designers are welcome to use these rain overlay textures that allow them to quickly change the mood of every picture.
marble overlay

Free Grass Textures #64

If you wish to add a hue of green, this grass texture is a perfect fit. Thanks to its rich emerald color, it will become a worthy addition to any work.
gold overlay images

Free Gold Textures #65

These luminous gold textures are the most effective tool if you aim at adding a shiny background to your work. A gorgeous outcome in a few simple steps!
marble texture

Stone Marble Textures #66

This beautiful marble texture is a rare find for the designers who know how to make wonders with stone-imitating backgrounds.
concrete textures

Free Concrete Textures #67

This concrete texture will come in handy once you need to use a highly detailed realistic background. It will greatly complement urban-themed designs.
cool textures

Free Cool Textures #68

All true works of perfection are created by those who dare to risk. By using this cool texture, you might implement the most extravagant solutions.
water texture

Water Texture #69

Owing to its pleasing colors, this water texture fills a viewer with a sense of calm. It reminds us of the mighty powers and eternal beauty of nature.
glitter texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

By applying this shiny glitter texture, you can give your work a party feel. Brighten up your photos by adding the explosions of color!
grunge texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

The surest way to stay original is to use this grunge texture. It will be helpful for designers who know how to work with urban themes.
old paper texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Despite their seeming simplicity, these paper textures require an inventive approach. To use them to the full extent, let your imagination run free!