Saglotech Digital Marketing Agency Review 2024

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Saglotech website design and digital marketing company offers a variety of services for promoting photography brands and helps them become more interesting for the audience and more successful. The agency will create a nice image for your brand and drive traffic to your website. Thanks to their advanced digital marketing services, you can expand your business and increase your profits.

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Saglotech is a web design company in Johannesburg that offers a variety of services for developing online brands. The company’s specialists will create logos, web and graphic design for you, come up with a branding strategy, use the best marketing solutions for your business, and perform search engine optimization.

The team is very attentive to each client’s needs. Before starting working on your project, it will thoroughly study your brand, its position on the market, its competitors, and the best development trends for your business. Using this information, they will come up with strategies and methods to promote your brand.

Responsive Website Design

saglotech web design

The agency creates responsive websites. They make sure these websites are engaging, unique, and easy to use, so that clients can view them from any device.

Photographers’ businesses are mainly promoted via social networks, but websites are the main source of sales. They are essential for converting leads into sales. Besides complex websites, the company creates one-page websites and landing pages.

Creation of Outstanding Logos

saglotech logo branding

A good logo is very important for brand identity and its development. If you are new to photography and want to attract attention to your services, avoid using logo maker apps and contact professionals. They will study your brand and create a logo that ideally represents it.

A logo is also an important part of a rebranding. Designers start with creating a sketch, then digitalize it to create a high-quality image that can be uploaded to different social media. The next step is picking the color, after which, the team shows the results to a client.

Graphic Design for Digital and Printed Purposes

saglotech graphic design creation

Aesthetics plays a huge role in the photography business. Due to this, Saglotech has a team of creative graphic designers who are highly skilled in creating various types of graphic design.

At Saglotech, you can order graphic design for digital platforms. They will create top-quality social media ads, presets covers, infographics for websites and blogs, templates for email newsletters, etc. Besides, the agency works with printed media and develops certificates for photoshoots, banners, flyers, business cards, which can also help you promote your brand.

Professional E-Commerce Design

saglotech e-commerce design

Apart from creating gorgeous visuals, Saglotech also builds online stores. A well-designed e-commerce platform allows selling your services. After checking your portfolio on the website, they can click the link to your store and add some products or services to the shopping cart.

The team also specializes in creating personal accounts for business owners. This way, they can manage orders on all devices. The team uses statistical software to check how many times users clicked on the links to your online store and how often they made an order.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

saglotech search engine optimization

This digital marketing agency also performs search engine optimization and increases the ranking. Using professional software, they can find words and phrases that your potential customers use to find for photography services.

Using the most popular keywords, they develop a promotion strategy and optimization for Google and other search engines. This will help you improve the search engine ranking of your website.

Digital Strategy and Content Writing

saglotech content marketing

Digital strategy development includes advertising, media statements, PR, online brand monitoring, review management, etc. To grow your business, you need to interact with your audience on websites, blogs, social media, and various offline platforms.

Content development is a very important part of any digital strategy. Saglotech website design and digital marketing company will produce photo, video, graphic, and text content, which will show your brand’s identity in the best way. They will make sure your blog, website, or social media profile has up-to-date info. They can also create a content plan for a particular period if you want to add content by yourself.


The prices depend on a particular service for each type of business. There are popular brands that only need additional promotion, while some businesses are new and need multiple services.

Also, the time spent on each project is different and the number of specialists can vary too depending on the range of tasks. The company has an individual approach to all clients. You need to contact it directly to learn more about their pricing policy.