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Verdict: SmashingLogo company creates instant customizable user branding results and is famous for its online logo constructor called SmashingLogo. It is amazing how an intelligent system makes multiple logos according to the parameters you set.

The functionality of SmashingLogo is impressive. There are a lot of options for independent work. Besides, the settings have been recently updated, extended, and enhanced. Keep in mind that the more incoming data you give the system, the more interesting results it will provide.

  • Free generator without registration
  • Technically unique logo
  • Simple tools and instructions
  • Logos are stored for 14 days
  • You can replace a logo within 30 days
  • Logos are in a browser where you created them
  • A text value required
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SmashingLogo logo design agency is aimed at start-up entrepreneurs, who are not experienced in the branding industry. The company wants to help them create logos representing their brand, so they don’t need to look for a designer or freelancer.

Thus, they can gain recognition in a fast way. SmashingLogo may become a good starting point for inexperienced designers, offering a variety of options that don’t require fine-tuning.

SmashingLogo Review: Online Tool

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SmashingLogo was launched in 2015, and since then the company has been actively developing the product. There appear regular updates on the website: thousands of built-in categorized icons, attributes, and keywords. Besides, there are virtual assistants helping users choose a proper style. They also extended the range of post-processing tools.

The major task of this online tool is a quick automated generation of a logo, based on the set parameters with preview in high-res formats. Basic logo post-processing is also available. We tested the tool with various parameters, and we have to admit that some logos were amazing considering the cost.

Simple Interface with AutoFill

smashinglogo review logo maker

The program has a very simple interface. Some fields have an AutoFill function, so you should know what to enter and the system will offer you some options. Before creating a logo, you can check a detailed guide. You can choose from 13 languages, which is great for local branding. Even some of the best logo maker apps offer fewer languages.

To use LogoMaker, enter the title of your company, and if it has slogans, you should enter them too. Then add some industry keywords and brand attributes to specify the task. Optionally you can select a color, logo icon and font if you have special preferences.

smashinglogo review virtual designer

A new feature of the virtual assistant helps specify the style of your logo: it may be an inscription in calligraphy style, a mixture of fonts, or a kind of an emblem. If you haven’t thought about the style, choose the first assistant, as it doesn’t focus on something specific. Try various options and assistants, and you will understand how to “make” the system give you what you need.

100 Options at a Time!

smashinglogo review logos

When the preparation is complete, press Generate button. You will see 4 logos in the Logos tab. The majority of users aren’t satisfied with this result, so there is the preview option, so you can check all the variants. Imagine, the program offers about a hundred different options to select from, while even the most generous freelancer prepares just a couple of logos. The number of logos you can preview in a tab is limited to 100.

In this tab, you can mark favorites, preview your logo, and make some corrections. All the generated options are stored here for 2 weeks, which is very convenient. You can also share them (in a preview mode), for instance with your friends or co-owners to discuss or make the final decision.

smashinglogo review branding

The feature of preview and demonstration deserves a special note in the SmashingLogo review. The developers did their best to provide you with multiple options to place your logo on brand products, printed materials, outdoor advertising, cut-scenes, and social networks, taking into account attributes and color schemes. Such logos are great for creating branded production, helping reveal if there scaling issues and if a logo is appropriate for a specific advertising type.

If You Aren’t Satisfied with the Result

smashinglogo review editing

You can make adjustments at any stage before buying a logo. Logo editing features aren’t as advanced as some free logo makers offer, but you can adjust the settings you entered before generation. It is possible to change the color scheme, using a color circle and Pantone colors. There are instruments to work with fonts and icons. The most attractive feature is the History panel to undo some corrections.

If you don’t like the result, but lack skills to do better, don’t hesitate to contact SmashingLogo. The most experienced designers of SmashingLogo logo design agency will help you. If your project doesn’t require serious corrections, they will make alterations without charging extra. Otherwise, you will have to pay per hour.

SmashingLogo Prices

smashinglogo review pricing

Currently, you can choose from three packages. Light Package costs $ 45 and includes basic features: you get medium-resolution files and transparent PNG files, which may be used on your website or blog. The Business Package for $ 65 is the most popular option. It includes high-resolution files for printing, vector PDF, EPS files, and PNG files.

If you opt for Business Package, you can use created logos for websites, blogs, accounts on social networks, and various products. If you want to animate your logo, you need to pay extra. The most expensive is the Premium Package. It costs $ 85 and includes all the features mentioned above, plus animation, and recommendations on colors, and fonts.

All packages include colors and you can change them as you want. Purchasing a logo in the Business or Premium Packages, you get a license, which confirms that you can change the title and slogan, or use another mockup without extra fees. The best thing is that you can get a great discount on demand.

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