MJ Design Center Company Review in 2024

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

MJ Design Center

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Price: Individual

Verdict: MJ Design Center is a well-established agency that provides a variety of services, including branding and web design services. Besides, it creates animated videos for various purposes. The company can also develop a unique logo or create your brand’s signature style.

This agency will be of great help to photographers, designers, artists and animators who need to create a unique portfolio or blog. Thanks to it, they will be able to reach out to their target audience, tell their potential clients about their services and show examples of their works.

  • Unique branding
  • Creates a unique design based on your business model
  • Builds complex websites
  • Launches effective online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Individual approach to logo and graphics creation
  • No price list on the website
mj design center interface

While the company has a headquarters in Stockholm, it implements projects all across the globe. Whether you need to create a photography blog, website or e-commerce store with a unique lineup of products, feel free to contact MJ Design Center.

Besides, they can create branded products. As the result, you will get a modern design with a custom design and great search engine optimization features, which will allow you to improve your brand’s recognition and attract new clients.

MJ Design Center – Main Features

mj design center logo

MJ Design Center creates unique animated logos and explainer videos that will help you drive traffic to your photography blog. The experts that work in an agency will help you promote your website by using ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google.

mj design center branding

MJ Design Center provides a variety of branding services aimed at promoting your photography blog or portfolio. The company develops a complex strategy, works on blog positioning, creates a signature style and logo, re-brands already existing websites. The number of tasks depends on a client’s needs. Sometimes, it might suffice to audit a website and fix some issues with an already existing photo brand.

The MJ Design Center professionals will tell you how they will develop your brand and give you a price quote. At the end of each stage, they will discuss the results with you. You can decide for yourself whether you need to fully immerse yourself in a project. For instance, a client can entrust all the tasks to professionals, while reserving the right to make the key decisions.

When developing a brand style for a photography blog, MJ Design Center makes sure that a logo, trademark, corporate colors and fonts match your brand’s image. They use the best graphic design software and have a creative approach to solving various tasks. Besides, they check whether all the graphics elements look well on various devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Personalized Web Design

mj design center web design

MJ Design Center creates unique and effective designs for photographer’s or designer’s portfolios. They use the best web design software to build a website that is convenient to use. Besides, they take into account your target audience and the area you specialize in. The company creates a design based on a brief. A multi-page website usually has one homepage and several inside ones.

The number of inside pages depends on the functionality of a website. When creating a design, the developers make it responsive so that the website could be viewed from a laptop, tablet, or phone. The company can also create pages with custom resolution depending on your needs.

When re-designing a photography blog, the developers can keep its original structure or create a new one from scratch. Everything depends on your needs and the reasons why you want to re-design your website. The MJ Design Center professional will create a site layout, optimize the code and create a new architecture to drive traffic and ensure that your website will take top positions in search engine rankings.

Animated Decisions for a Successful Portfolio

mj design center animation design

The company provides animation solutions that will help you improve your portfolio. Thanks to an animated logo, your portfolio will look more modern and unique.

Besides, the MJ Design Center animators will create unique explanatory videos that will help you tell the visitors of your website about the services that you are offering and share some details about the process of photo shooting. They use the best 3D animation software to create 2D/3D videos, which will allow you to explain how you take photos in various styles. First, the agency writes a script, then, they create a video and add voice-overs.

Handy Free Tools Provided by MJ Design Center

If you are a beginner designer, make sure to visit the official website of MJ Design Center where you will find an informative blog and free learning tools. You can subscribe to their newsletter and use their collection of free templates and design tutorials that will help you become a better designer.

On the Freebies page, you will find a lot of free tools that will come in handy in your work. The agency will notify you via email when new items will be available for download.

MJ Design Center Prices

On the MJ Design Center’s website, you won’t find a price list for their web development, SMM marketing, and design development services. The company has an individual approach to every customer. To learn about their prices, you can click on the callback button on the website or fill out an online form.

You need to indicate when it will be convenient for you to receive a call. Besides, you can ask them to contact you immediately. In this case, the team will call you in half an hour. If you are interested in their services, you can discuss prices and deadlines. Their experts can also provide you with resources that will help you develop your business.

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