Reason vs Ableton

Are you engaged in music production and looking for the best multitrack recording software that allows using plugins, loops and audio samples? Learn about Reason vs Ableton competition, their main features and choose the best DAW application for your work.

Reason a full rack of 12-packs of musical plugins to choose form which enables you to easily transform your recordings from a simple drum beat right up to an orchestral soundtrack.

Ableton is an advanced digital audio workstation (DAW) developed mainly for Windows and MAC. Unlike many other software sequencing tools, Ableton Live combines creativity with technology.

Final Verdict:

Ableton utilizes a user-friendly editor/librarian system to arrange and edit almost all digital instruments and effects in a variety of formats including MP3, WAV, OST, MIDI, VST, & ASIO.

Ableton is the winner >

Ableton Features:

  • Clean and super-efficient workflow
  • Drone lab
  • Excellent for live DJ/EDM performance
  • Offers a vast array of effects
  • Refreshed user interface

What is Reason?

reason interface

Reason is the newest virtual studio platform with an improved user interface and numerous useful tools. The included software bundle includes Reason Live, the popular virtual instrument; Audio Editor, a simple multi-touch sequencer; Sampler, a powerful digital drum machine; rums, an excellent digital composing tool, and a library of sounds, including vocals and instruments, from the renowned Reason studio.

Reason has a very intuitive interface, which allows you to use it quickly and efficiently while still maintaining complete control over its functions. Some of the main features include a wide range of virtual racks which allow you to instantly start experimenting with sounds and song structures without having to learn any new musical software or hardware.

Reason also incorporates a vast library of instruments and sounds from the world of percussion, lead, keyboards, and guitar. One feature that really makes it stand out is the fact that it integrates directly with other popular music production software like Fruity Loops and Pro Tools.

What is Ableton?

ableton interface

Ableton offers a large library of instruments, sound modules, and plug ins that can be used on Live. A typical setup in Live consists of a number of racks or regions of a virtual rack where different types of instruments, effect plugins, or drum machines are recorded and played back in real time via MIDI. Ableton also provides a large library of sample tracks & compatible instruments.

The main reason people choose to use Ableton Live as their preferred DAW is the unprecedented creative possibilities it provides. One can literally create a masterpiece from nothing but a few simple sounds using its powerful audio effects and MIDI/ASIO sequencer.

Ableton makes it easy to perform together with other musicians from around the world by allowing them to share, collaborate, and collaborate through an interactive forum. It also offers extensive support for audio editors and multi-track recording and editing tools.


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Reason & Ableton Features:

  • Using the Rack as a plugin
  • Scenic sounds good and is easy to use
  • Useful sound set
  • Fast composition workflow
  • SSL-style mix compression and EQ
  • String quartet
  • Editing experience in the arrangement view
  • Labelling by colour in content browser
  • Easy workflow
  • Nested track groups

Reason and Ableton Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Reason offers a powerful set of tools for composing music from scratch.

But Ableton also comes with a multitrack recording capability that works for composition, and more plugins have been created for it to expand on the missing functionality.