15 Best Real Estate Software in 2020

15 Best Real Estate Software in 2020

Real estate software offers everything an industry expert might need, from the latest video editing utilities to financial tracking systems, and open house management tools.

Having downloaded one or several real estate agency and realtor software, you’ll have no trouble streamlining listings and closings, planning marketing campaigns as well as keeping up the track of all monetary transactions.

Top 15 Best Real Estate Software

  1. Zillow Premier Agent - Lead generation software
  2. CINC - Conversion engine
  3. Propertybase - Salesforce-based CRM
  4. kvCORE - With AI features
  5. BoldLeads - New technology for attracting clients
  6. RealScout - Lead real estate tool
  7. Showing Suite - Best showing real estate software
  8. Rently - For showings of rental properties
  9. NodalView - 3D tour software
  10. Dotloop - Best transaction management software
  11. Amitree Folio - Lightweight transaction management software
  12. Top Producer - Best CRM software
  13. Brokermint - Back-office real estate tools
  14. REIPro - Real estate investment tools
  15. Placester - IDX website builder

If you’re looking for a way to simplify lead management, scheduling, advertisement, and finances, then you should check out theses real estate software featured below.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, having access to the best tools is the only way to optimize your workflow and stay on top of the current trends. Make use of any of these 15 real estate software programs and raise your business to a new level.

1. Zillow Premier Agent – Our Choice

Lead generation software
  • Offers guidance and support
  • Convenient and intuitive UI
  • Opens access to choose Zillow & Trulia listings
  • Includes a site domain name
  • Client support can be hard to reach

Verdict: This software for real estate agents is used for generating leads and advertising properties. Zillow also helps you establish connections with active US property buyers using its network, which is a massive site that gathers about 36 million monthly visits.

The prices start in the $20-60 range for each lead. This software can be recommended to users in search of free client relationship management tools that can be integrated with Zillow and those, who want to create targeted advertisements.

  • zillow premier agent real estate software interface

    2. CINC

    Conversion engine
    • Aesthetically-pleasing and convenient website
    • Allows converting leads
    • Great for keeping track of all your leads and customers
    • Top-notch organization
    • The majority of leads are useless

    Verdict: When potential clients want to find out more about property or what you can offer them, they expect to receive a response instantly, which isn’t always feasible. This realtor software comes with a plethora of features that will help you stay engaged with your prospects on every step of the way so that you never miss a deal.

    This real estate agent software is also useful for generating and reaching out to new leads while cultivating and cashing in on existing ones. CINC was created to help you determine promising leads and finish your deals faster, significantly increasing the return on investment.

    • cinc real estate software interface

      3. Propertybase

      Salesforce-based CRM
      • Advertising and web-design functions
      • Real-time data and statistics
      • Incredibly efficient system supported by Salesforce
      • Simple integration
      • Quite expensive
      • Disappointing customer service

      Verdict: The first thing you need to know about this real estate agents software is that it uses a Salesforce-powered CRM that puts basic CRM functionality to shame.

      You can transfer leads to Propertybase from anywhere and later you can divide them into categories, allocate between drip campaigns, and mix and juggle them as you see fit to match clients with properties with maximum efficiency.

      Other than CRM functionality, Propertybase offers an advanced site builder that can serve as the center of your lead management. Once you have leads coming up on a steady basis, you can employ the adjustable dashboard to divide and nurture leads.

      • propertybase real estate software interface

        4. kvCORE

        With AI features
        • Reasonably priced
        • Synchronized with the major lead sources
        • Terrific customer support
        • Convenient controls and UI
        • Notification issues

        Verdict: kyCore is among the first real estate agency software to offer lead generation and CRM functionality on the digital market. This option is team-oriented, provides high lead generation rates, and a well-designed CRM enhanced with AI functionality such as lead response, messenger tools, and a handy automatic dialer.

        The software comes with several tools that allow you to generate and cultivate leads, manage your client base, and keep track of all your transactions, all serving to improve the productivity and profitability of your enterprise. Recently, kyCore has received several updates that improved its social networking and behavioral automation features.

        • kvcore real estate software interface

          5. BoldLeads

          New technology for attracting clients
          • A/B verified seller landing pages
          • Auto email
          • Stealth voicemails
          • Synchronized with Contactually, Top Producer, Wise Agent
          • High price

          Verdict: Instead of simply receiving a rundown of leads, this real estate software for agents provides A/B verified lead generation landing pages, a built-in CRM, and automatic email and messenger features that allow you to contact new leads without a moment of delay.

          BoldLeads also allows you to send stealth voicemails (which are far more likely to be opened than a regular email), establish follow-up funnels, and synchronize your go-to CRM services such as Contactually or Wise Agent.

          Besides, users can make use of free onboarding, constant training lectures, and the Facebook Mastermind community, accessible only by the users of this software.

          • boldleads real estate software interface

            6. RealScout

            Lead nurturing real estate tool
            • Real estate search tool
            • Collaboration with customers
            • Includes 2 products
            • 400 property sorting filters
            • Plenty of useless leads

            Verdict: This real estate software allows you to nurture leads by thoroughly inspecting your MLS in search of promising listings that match the needs stated by your leads and instantly forwarding them the relevant listings via email.

            The website offers 400 property filters, including such options as waterfront placement, high ceilings, etc. If you’re dealing with a ton of leads, this software will help you steadily grow your enterprise by raising the volume and rate of offers.

            RealScout is priced at a monthly fee of $39 for individual users and teams and offers a unique home search feature with verified MLS data, an infinite number of clients, team-oriented tools for lead sharing, and other functions for lead cultivation.

            You can also pay $499 per month for the broker package and enjoy a broker dashboard, agent management, user statistics, and lead distribution features.

            • realscout real estate software interface

              7. Showing Suite

              Best showing real estate software
              • Terrific price
              • Agent reviews
              • Best software in its class
              • Includes notes
              • Occasional lagging

              Verdict:Whenever you need to schedule an open property, it can be hard to manage contacts, lockbox codes, and notes. Showing Suite is the best software for real estate agents for building and automating showing schedules, buyer agent reviews, as well as adding notes, images, and video clips for all listings.

              The cheapest plan is available for $2.95 a month and allows synchronizing this software with lockbox programs. Additionally, having all the relevant listing data on a single platform saves you a ton of time when putting together reports for sellers.

              showing suite real estate software interface

              8. Rently

              For showings of rental properties
              • Fantastic customer service
              • Intuitive interface
              • Top-notch organization
              • Very expensive

              Verdict: This real estate listing software allows showing rental houses without involving agents. As an agent or property manager, you can allow potential renters to take tours of the properties at their convenience, saving everyone a ton of time and stress.

              You can pick between a traditional lockbox and Rently Blue (that relies on Bluetooth technology) to make use of Rently’s self-showing software.

              rently real estate software interface

              9. NodalView

              3D tour software
              • Doesn’t require any extra equipment
              • No minimum number of shots
              • User doesn't have to design the model
              • HDR images
              • Can only use 5 devices simultaneously

              Verdict: This real estate software enables agents to use their phone or camera for real estate photography and various accessories such as a wide-angle lens to create 3D tours for property showcases. Read some real estate photography tips to get a better idea of how to approach this subject.

              For a couple of hundred dollars and a $59 monthly plan, you can create as many 3D tours as you need. By getting the team plan, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, helping you turn your dreams about high-quality 3D tours for large properties into reality.

              • nodalview real estate software interface

                10. Dotloop

                Best transaction management software
                • Minimalist, user-friendly UI
                • Co-op features
                • Real-time transaction management tools
                • 10 free transactions
                • Expensive

                Verdict: Dotloop is an online platform for increasing real estate performance and optimizing transactions. It allows users to collaborate on every step of a transaction by using tools for form creation, digital signatures and storing.

                The platform also has a real-time transaction management system that includes task templates, automated requirement verification, and accounting tools.

                Dotloop offers a free option that covers the tracking of 10 transactions. The premium version of this realtor software is available for $29 per month and includes unlimited transactions, VIP-phone, and email support.

                • dotloop real estate software interface

                  11. Amitree Folio

                  Lightweight transaction management software
                  • Terrific functionality
                  • Built into Gmail
                  • Suitable for agents
                  • Pleasant interface
                  • Constant changes

                  Verdict: Amitree is the best software for real estate agents, who feel overwhelmed by their email inboxes. It uses an AI-powered system to dissect the content of an email, identify it, and sort it into a relevant category, adapting to the workflows of your business.

                  Instead of a random pile of emails, you'll receive an organized communication system.

                  While such software is useful for any kind of business owners, real estate agents know better than anybody else how difficult it is to keep all the legal documents, transaction notifications, lead information, and colleague correspondence in check.

                  • amitree folio real estate software interface

                    12. Top Producer

                    Best CRM software
                    • Collects leads
                    • Streamlines follow-up
                    • Collaboration functionality
                    • Can be integrated with MLS
                    • Slightly dated UI

                    Verdict: This long-existing real estate software has been a dominant force on the market for ages now. However, while new CRM products started appearing, offering the same or even better functionality, Top Producer retained its outdated UI that resembled Windows 2000 program instead of a state-of-the-art tool for real estate agents.

                    Thankfully, the developers made the effort necessary to revamp their CRM software, getting rid of the pixelated UI and replacing it with a modern, clean, and stylish interface that offers all the tools you need to grow your business.

                    • top producer real estate software interface

                      13. Brokermint

                      Back-office real estate tools
                      • Operation management tools
                      • Convenient & intuitive navigation
                      • Useful tracking of sales associates' production
                      • Pipeline transaction analytics
                      • Lackluster printed reports option
                      • Lacks a mobile version

                      Verdict:Brokermint is a web tool for managing the real estate with functions for tracking transactions and commissions and MLS integration. This real estate broker software is available in 3 packages from $79 to $179 per month.

                      In addition to the available management features, you can integrate Brokermint with QuickBooks. Besides, the corporate plan includes tools for agent adaptation and built-in CRM, as well as features for managing several offices.

                      • brokemint  real estate software interface

                        14. REIPro

                        Real estate investment tools
                        • Simplified, minimalist design
                        • 30-day free trial is a pleasant surprise
                        • Terrific lead generation capabilities
                        • Simple direct mailing
                        • Possible errors
                        • Monthly fee

                        Verdict: This real estate agency software is designed for generating leads and managing customer relationships. It automates lead acquisition, cultivation, and conversion.

                        Additionally, REIPro offers a deal analyzer, fast property look-up as well as workflow and follow-up features.

                        You can use the provided CRM and lead generation functions to track promising properties as well as keep track of every aspect of a deal. REIPRO is priced at $97 a month for the Standard Plan, $129 for Standard+, and $197 for the Team Plan. You can also pay for either the quarterly or the annual package.

                        • reipro  real estate software interface

                          15. Placester

                          IDX website builder
                          • Adjustable website templates
                          • Dynamic map search
                          • Email marketing features
                          • Agent management functionality
                          • Terrible client support

                          Verdict: Placester is real estate software for website building and marketing. It offers IDX listings, blogging functionality, a refined property search system, customizable templates, and an infinite number of websites and pages.

                          Paid subscriptions start at a monthly fee of $99 for NAR members and it’s the optimal choice for agents that plan to expand their network.

                          Instead of purchasing all the listed above features from separate software providers, you can simply get Placester and enjoy sleek website creation, IDX integration, CRM, and drip email marketing.

                          • placester real estate software interface
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