4 Methods to Change Highlight Color in Adobe Acrobat

By Tata Rossi 5 days ago, Apps and Software

Are you a student or a beginner trying to facilitate your work with PDF files? Want to learn how to change highlight color in Adobe Acrobat for your future projects? Then this article covering 4 main methods for altering highlight color will come in handy.

Method 1. Change Highlight Color For Rendered Text

Using Adobe Acrobat, it's important to understand how to quickly and easily change the highlight color in order to focus readers’ attention on the important information, such as comments from an interview or important facts in your thesis.

select the desired text to change highlight color

Step 1. Select the needed text in your PDF file and click on the "Highlight" icon in the drop-down menu.

go to properties section to change highlight color

Step 2. Right-click on the selected text and in the menu that appears choose "Properties". There will appear the "Highlight Properties" window; make sure the "Appearance" tab is ticked. 

find a suitable color and apply settings to change highlight color

Step 3. Choose the color and opacity. You can also set the default color by checking the box next to "Make Properties Default".

Step 4. Click “OK”. That’s it.

Method 2. Change Highlight Color In Real Time

change highlight color using hotkeys

Step 1. Open the "Highlighter Tool Properties" menu using the "Ctrl + E" hotkey combination;

(This panel remains on until you close it; you can also move it to any convenient place).

select from color picker to change highlight color

Step 2. Choose the needed color.

adjust the opacity of the color to change the highlight color

Step 3. Adjust opacity from 5 available presets.

change highlight color in adobe acrobat

Step 4. Done. The color you’ve chosen becomes the default Acrobat highlight color, even if you quit and restart the program.

Method 3. Change Highlight Color Into Comment Mode

go to section to change highlight color

Step 1. To change Adobe Reader highlight color in the comment mode, open the additional toolbar by going to "View" → "Tools" → "Comment" → "Open".

select the desired color in the palette to change highlight color

Step 2. Find the "Color" tool in the panel that has opened.

Step 3. Select color and adjust the opacity with the slider.

Step 4. Done; any selected color is applied automatically until you switch to another variant.

Method 4. Change Highlight Color: iOS Versions

change highlight color for mobile version

Step 1. Select the desired text by holding and adjusting.

Step 2. Choose "Highlight" in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Any color you choose replaces the current color and also becomes the default color for future selections.


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