Picasa vs Lightroom

By Ann Young 13 days ago, Software Reviews

Are you wondering which software Picasa vs Lightroom is better for photo editing and management? So continue reading, and you’ll choose the most appropriate variant for your personal needs.

Picasa is a free online photo album which was developed from 2020 by Google company and is growing in popularity each day. If you need a basic photo editing tool to fix your photos, upload them, or add some extra effects and fun to your pictures, then you will be fine with this online photo viewer and editor.

Lightroom is an advanced photo editing software which gives ability to create professional looking photos that will be a one of a kind. The program allows you to add text, change color and size of your photographs. Also you can format your photos, create unique editing effects to enhance your images and organize photo albums.

Final Verdict:

Of course, if to compare these two programs, then the choice in favor of Lightroom is obvious, because it is an advanced digital photography software with great potential in the form of functions for editing, retouching, working with the background, text and individual elements on the photo, as well as advanced options for image manipulation and management.

Lightroom is the winner >

Lightroom Features:

  • Non-destructive processing
  • RAW files editing
  • Automatic correction tools
  • Customizable brushes
  • Ability to create and save presets

What is Picasa?

picasa interface

Google Picasa can upload photos directly from your computer or mobile device through the photo editing tools available. Once your uploaded photo is ready, you can then edit it with Picasa's processing tools. You can adjust colors, change the background of the image, add text, resize and crop and even add effects such as sepia, black and white etc.

Another great thing about using Picasa as a means of sharing photos is that it is compatible with many types of browsers. If you're using an older browser, you will find that it is very difficult to view photos in a Picasa Web Album. In order to make this possible, you should use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

What is Lightroom?

lightroom interface

The most popular feature in Lightroom is its ability to "merge" multiple photos into a single one. You can also make adjustments to your photos, such as using hue-shifting, or adjust the colors and contrast. There are many options available for editing your photos in Lightroom, which include retouching, painting, crop, and color manipulation. Some of the most popular photo effects include blurring, adding text, cropping, and retouching.

In Lightroom you can also add images to a photo library. Such libraries allow you to easily share and browse your photo collection with others. With a photo library, you can create a personalized album that only you can see. It is also available to add a digital map, place labels on each photo, and display multiple pictures in a grid.


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Picasa & Lightroom Features:

  • Photo organization tools
  • Various ways of sharing
  • Basic editing features
  • Resizing
  • Collage creation
  • Cataloging options
  • Color grading tools
  • Camera and lens correction
  • Background retouching
  • Removal of unnecessary objects

Picasa and Lightroom Price:

STARTING PRICE $5.00/year $9.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Lightroom has become a popular and essential image editing software for many users. It's easy to use, powerful, versatile, and includes a large number of powerful photo effects. It lets you adjust the colors and overall appearance of the image before you actually upload it to the computer as well as add creative effects and apply ready-to-use presets.