VSCO vs Lightroom

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Software Reviews

If you can’t choose between VSCO vs Lightroom for your photo editing, you must read on the following article in which I’ve compared these two programs.

VSCO, or vStor Cam is a camera application that allows you to upload or edit photos and make them available on social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Apart from this, you can make basic editing and resizing of your images as well as apply standard effects.

Lightroom is a professional editing software allowing to change the background, enhance colors, or remove red eye. For those who are fond of retouching, there is an extensive set of retouching tools. It will also allow you to add filters to your photographs, make collages or even create immersive pictures with all that brushes.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Lightroom offers more advanced features, compared to VSCO when it comes to color corrections. VSCO does not allow you to edit your images after they are taken. The process of editing takes time, thus delaying the creation of your final result. As color correction is considered to be one of the most important things in photo editing, obviously the winner is Lightroom, as it offers more convenient and advanced color correction options.

Lightroom is the winner >

Lightroom Features:

  • Non-destructive editing
  • RAW image support
  • In-deep color correction
  • Settings for color enhancement
  • Pro-level presets

What is VSCO?

vsco interface

With the help of VSCO you can make a photo with your camera, upload it to a social networking website like Facebook, select a lens effect, resize the image to fit on your display, and then upload the photo to one of the social nets. It is also available to upload the photo as an animated GIF and see a preview of your picture on the page or in a gallery.

This application also offers basic editing tools like cropping, rotation, removing background and red eye, enhancing contrast and sharpening the image. It also has standard text editing tools like text replacement, formatting, and reformatting. Apart from the basic toolset, the software comes with more advanced features like text retouching, implementing effects and resizing in multiple dimensions.

What is Lightroom?

lightroom interface

Lightroom is a top-notch photo editing software which has advanced features for all kinds of image processing, retouching, manipulation and creation of pictures. One of the distinctive features of it is a selection of different filters. This option allows you to apply various effects or color themes on any photo you may edit.

Also, the advanced photo-editing tool allows you to insert text or objects in your photos. This feature can also be used to add text in the background, if you have any. Due to Lightroom’s non-destructive editing process which enables to produce professional looking photos with minimum effort, you won’t be afraid to permanently spoil the original photo.


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VSCO & Lightroom Features:

  • Allows video processing
  • Presets
  • VSCO community
  • Standard rditing options
  • Convenient resizing
  • Multiple file formats
  • High quality of outputs
  • Advanced retouching tools
  • Collection of pen and brushes
  • Highly customizable

VSCO and Lightroom Price:

STARTING PRICE $19.99/year $9.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

In fact, Lightroom is a universal software for performing creative photo processing. With it, you can crop, rotate a photo or individual objects, combine two pictures into one, improve colors, remove noise, red-eye and other imperfections, etc. And all this is available with a very simple interface and many tutorials on the Internet.

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