MindTastik Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free or from $5.99/mo

VerdictWith the help of MindTastik I am able to relax and sleep better. It is a simple manner to make your mood better, control stress levels, etc. Besides, this application assists to visualize, monitor and achieve your goals.

This health app for Android and iOS provides over 1000 various guided meditations that let you select your path towards a better mental condition. These meditations and mindfulness strategies were offered by the world’s renowned professionals and coaches.

  • Offers an intuitive interface
  • Guided music tracks for different situations
  • Supports all levels of meditation
  • Extensive guided meditations collection
  • Over 10 diverse applications for every situation
  • Free version has bounded functionality
  • Available in just one language — English
mindtastik interface

MindTastik offers a user-friendly and flawless interface that features simple navigation for customers. This application is equipped with features that enable users to track their mood alterations and try breathing exercises. It delivers well-guided meditations for your mental health, relationships, work, sports, stress management, etc.

MindTastik: Main Features

logo mindtastik

MindTastik involves the functions that help you make your mood better, cope with stress levels, improve your night sleep, etc. This meditation application was involved in clinical research about procrastination.

In addition, MindTastik is featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, DigitalTrends, and enables you to transform your life by altering your subconscious negative thinking patterns with guided meditation, affirmations, and sleep sounds.

User-Friendly Interface of Application

As soon as you install it on your gadget, it will offer a few meditations that you can try.

Press ‘All Meditations’ to monitor all the meditations available on this app. You may even click ‘Filter’ to sort out the list of suggested meditations taking into account various situations. After you have selected the filtered options, you may further filter the meditations depending on the time range.

mindtastik how to start

You may opt for playing any meditation depending on your selection. If you are willing to listen to the meditation, I’d advise you to prepare earbuds for sleeping. Clicking on the ‘+’ icon you will be able to include the meditation to your playlist and press the ‘tick’ icon to remove it from the playlist.

You are even able to share the meditation to diverse applications by clicking on the below-marked icon, related to the ‘+’ or ‘tick’ icon.

Additional Functions for Comfortable Meditations

mindtastik features

I also like the way the application includes meditation timer, and similarly, the features of any calendar app. Thus, you may customize everyday exercise notifications. Moreover, you can apply mood and progress trackers to monitor your condition.

Over 1000 Guided Meditations

mindtastik guided meditations

What really singles out MindTastik from other meditation and fitness apps is its concentration on the in-depth exercises customized to each user’s requirements. Furthermore, users may access mindfulness tasks that assist them to totally implement the experience of meditation into their everyday lives.

Therefore, in case you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, work stress, or any other mental health issue, MindTastik can help you encounter the instruments and support you require to improve your overall well-being. The library contains even meditations for those willing to lose weight.

Tracks Designed by Experts

MindTastik Team provides you with access to the music library to enjoy on the go while performing daily routine without having their phone as an audio device or some third-party music management software. The library includes tracks to fall asleep rapidly, sleep sounds. Affirmations and soundscapes.

Experts in mindfulness and hypnosis develop all guided tracks, compiled in the app. All the experts in collaboration with the app developers are experienced in the mind wellness sphere. In addition, they are especially committed to offering practical content easily reflected into everyday life to every user.

Suitable for All Levels of Meditation

mindtastik meditation time

This application is perfect for all meditation levels, from beginners to experts. Everything it requires - 10 minutes daily. Furthermore, if you require some additional motivation, you may even give a try to their meditation courses which range from 5-60 minutes depending on time of day or your mood.

Over 10 Applications Connected with Meditation and Hypnosis

mindtastik other apps

The developers’ portfolio includes not only MindTastik. They have also created an app for those willing to give up smoking and afraid of flights. Among others there are also applications for sleep and a dairy for keeping track of feelings.

MindTastik Prices

MindTastik app is available for free. Once you select to unblock the app's content by buying the subscription, be prepared to pay from $5.99 per month & $59.99 per year. In addition, they offer a timeless subscription for $109.99, with unlimited access to MindTastik courses forever.

The options available in the free plan include involvement with the after-course to-do list, new content on a weekly basis, ads free and offline access.


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