Meditative Mind App Review 2023: Benefits & Features

By Tani Adams 16 days ago, Apps and Software

Meditative Mind App

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  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Pricing: Free to download, monthly subscription - $7.99

Verdict: Meditative Mind app offers a stunning collection of the most relaxing, healing, and sedative music tracks perfect for accompanying your yoga training and getting remedies through sound. The mix of Immersive Healing Frequency Soundscapes, nature tunes, and Mantra Choir creates a positive and balanced atmosphere in your daily activity.

A significant advantage of this app is that you do not need to pay a fortune to download it. The collection contains more than 1000 tracks for premium Users, as well as 70 sounds for free streaming and download. Besides, the library is updated regularly.

  • Straightforward UI
  • Unique music tracks for meditation
  • Chakra healing sounds and chants
  • Allows setting Sleep Timer and Autoloop
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Additional features are paid
meditative mind app interface

Meditative Mind app is a User-friendly tool that is super intuitive – like a real meditation should be. Minimalist design and flexible interface are I like. Besides, its collection comprises multiple tracks for practicing yoga, and you are recommended to purchase Hi-Fi headphones to enjoy the highest possible quality of sound. Although there are no multiple bells and whistles, this is rather an advantage than a drawback.

Meditative Mind App – Main Features

meditative mind app logo

Meditative Mind is created to bring more peace and mindfulness to people's lives through music for meditation, peaceful sleep, etc. Besides, the application offers a variety of chakra healing music, mantra chants, and more to create a more balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

There are more than twenty data centers all around the globe and the system will stream and export the needed tracks from the closest location to you. So speedy and smooth playback, as well as lack of buffering, is what you can expect using the Meditative Mind app.

Clear Interface Suitable for Beginners

meditative mind app music

No matter whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced meditator, this app will enhance your spiritual practice. Having a tool that guides you through the whole meditation, while keeping your progress, is a real lifesaver. Such products help get rid of distractions and simplify the process of acquiring new meditation skills.

The UI of the app is designed for novices in meditation too. In the collection you will find mantras and tracks from various categories like Start Here, Frequency Healing, Mantras, World Music, Chakra Healing, and Nature Music+. After you have chosen one of them, a special player will open with handy Autoloop, Add Favorite, Download, and Timer Off functions.

I was glad to find out that the developers offered Dark Mode as the latest update, providing Users with more convenience when working with the app at night.

Exclusive Meditation Music Tracks

Meditative Mind offers an extensive collection of music. Here you can find tracks to fall asleep without problems anywhere, calming sounds and chants to heal your spirit, as well as ancient Mantras and Chants to create a positive and pleasant aura around you.

Furthermore, the app’s content also includes 432 Hz music with harmonious and lovely tunes that can help reduce stress, lower anxiety level, etc. Besides, it is meant to decrease the heart rate, boost the production of endorphins, and make you relaxed and at peace.

528 Hz music has a positive effect on the mind and body as well. It raises your mood and help you become in tune with who you are. Many music healers admitted that these vibrations were really effective and frequently Used in their practice. Widely regarded as a love melody, 528 Hz music harmonize your inner word, bringing more balance, rhythm, and harmony to your life. Choose these sounds to awaken spirituality and get a perfect state of mind.

The app also provides nature sounds combined with soothing tunes to eliminate stress. The producers work on new tracks at home or in the studio. They do not license music and get it adjusted for various platforms by Aman Rahjput.

Ability to Listen to Music for Meditation on YouTube

Their YouTube channel has already over 4.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views of all videos with soothing tracks. The whole music production process takes place in hoUse and is filled with positive vibes that result in an extensive collection of more than 1400 tracks (soundscapes, mantra chants, chakra healing music) perfect for meditations and other spiritual practices.

Blog about Meditation from Developers

meditative mind blog

What I like most about Meditative Mind app is that its official website contains multiple posts dedicated to psychosomatics, spiritual development, and, most importantly, simple methods to help you achieve your goals. Each article is a set of specific tips for those involved in spiritual growth connected with tracks you can find in the app.

This blog will let you know about the advantages of waking up early, the principles of healthy long sleep, and how to manifest anything you crave for.

Meditative Mind App Prices

The coolest thing about this iOS and Android health app is that you can download it for free. After trying a trial version for 1 week, you can purchase a monthly package, which costs $7.99. Keep in mind that it renews automatically every month, but you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Only first-time subscribers can try trials. In case you need to cancel a subscription, you should do it 24 hours before renewal. Otherwise, you will be charged, after the purchase is approved.


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