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If you are currently choosing between two options ‒ installation of a licensed Corel X6 version or Corel X6 Keygen, read this post first. It covers all the nuances regarding this issue and describes the risks (program failures, fines, criminal liability) you are exposed to using pirated software.

What Is Keygen Corel X6?

keygen corel x6 serial number

Key generator or Keygen is a small program generating activation/registration/serial numbers to activate/register software or pseudo-real CD-keys. Keygens are very popular among users since they enable to copy the software completely for free and install it on the computer using a pirate keygen.

In some keygens, when the program operates, the background music is heard (sometimes, it is possible to stop that music). In most cases, the music is composed in such a way that it is played in cycles. Today, there are even portals containing melodies of all the possible keygens and other cracks.

Keygen Corel X6: Disadvantages

keygen corel x6 disadvantages

Downloading of Corel DRAW X6 Keygen may cause a lot of problems. First of all, it may damage your OS and destroy important data. What is more, you may be fined or taken to prison. Below, I have described all the risks you may encounter using pirated software.

1. No Updates

Each developer regularly updates the software, introducing new features and eliminating bugs. In such a way, the program is in touch with the current updates and fixes. In case you don’t get the updates, your program will fall behind other applications. When you buy a paid program with a license code, it means that you will get all the updates in the future.

2. Penalty for Piracy

Actually, piracy is the same thing as a theft (for example, in a supermarket) so it will bring the same consequences. In the USA, if you are caught downloading and using a pirated program, you will have to pay a fine of up to $250,000 or will be taken to prison for up to five years. That is why, if you decide to download Corel DRAW X6 Keygen, consider all the pros and cons first.

3. Viruses

When computer burglars hack specific software, like Keygen Corel X6, they modify the source code and introduce certain changes. As a result, when you use the software, you don’t know what harmful operations it is performing at the moment. That is why you should be very careful with pirated software and use the best free antivirus software. Very often, the user gets nothing but malware that damages the OS.

4. No Service Support

Corel has a powerful customer support team and cares about its users. In case any issues arise, they instantly solve them. However, if you choose Corel X6 Keygen, you will not get any help in case of difficulties.

5. Frequent Errors

When computer burglars hack the software, they work on it to change its source code. In such a way, they make the software available for everyone for free. Usually, these “pirate” operations are done by beginner hackers since no specific knowledge or skills are necessary. As a result, hacked programs, like Corel DRAW X6 Keygen, feature a lot of bugs and program failures.

How Can I Use Keygen Corel X6 Legally?

If I have convinced you and you don’t want to get into trouble using Keygen Corel X6, you might try legal ways to get this software for free. Continue reading and choose the most suitable variant.

1. CorelDRAW: Graphics Suite

  • Platforms: Mac / Win
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a so-called go-to plan. It is not as effective as an Adobe one, but it may boast quite professional applications and tools. Moreover, the update provides decent features. It works smoothly both on Mac and Windows so almost every professional may use it without any problems.

2. CorelDRAW: Home & Student Suite

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Trial, money-back guarantee for 30 days or $129.99
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite is designed to work with graphics. This suite is developed for students and home users who do not require advanced features. The program offers a decent tool to create web page layouts, develop various projects, process vector graphics and vector illustrations, edit images and optimize graphics.

Keygen Corel X6 Alternatives

As stated above, Corel X6 Keygen is not the best variant to use. However, there are plenty of decent alternatives that are available for free. In such a way, you will have similar functionality without any payments and law violations.

1. Inkscape

inkscape logo
  • Numerous tools to design illustrations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform
  • Restricted functionality
  • Outdated interface

Inkscape is an advanced free graphics editor that may be a great alternative to Keygen Corel X6. The standard set of functions includes drawing tools, channels to mix layers, graphics filters, etc. Inkscape has a multifunctional tool to edit text. The user may set kerning, text skew, adjust writing along the chosen line.

2. Krita

Krita logo
  • Free and open-source
  • User-friendly
  • Great support for displaying brushes
  • Lacks some photo-editing tools
  • No documentation
  • Working with text is not assmooth

Krita is a free program with an open-source code that exists thanks to voluntary donations of users. Its main functionality is focused on conceptual art, creation of textures and matte works, illustrations and comics. This picture editor offers all the necessary functions that allow you to implement a vector project of any complexity.


gimp logo
  • Possibility to change functionality
  • Numerous features and tools
  • Supports various file types
  • Freezes sometimes
  • Mobile and online versions require enhancement

GIMP is a perfect alternative for those trying to combine CorelDraw and Photoshop but having no finances as for now. The set of tools and functions here is no different and, in some cases, it is even wider and more convenient. This program has everything you get used to when working with similar programs (brushes, lines, geometric shapes, layers, overlay parameters, effects and filters).


Try applying our overlays and textures to boost your productivity in Corel X6 and get cool results.

Light Flare

light flare freebie for keygen corel x6 light flare freebie for keygen corel x6

Apply this overlay and your shot will become more realistic and natural. It is a great effect to add vibrancy and saturation, making the image even more eye-catching.


bokeh freebie for keygen corel x6 bokeh freebie for keygen corel x6

Looking for some effects to highlight the object on the busy background? Then this overlay will definitely help. Apply it to make the viewer concentrate on the main subject and slightly blur the background.


grunge freebie for keygen corel x6

It is a perfect tool to diversify your picture, make it unusual and catchy. Experiment with this grunge texture and you will see that it’s certainly better than simple monophonic backgrounds.

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